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The stage is set, but which one would stray first?

As we continued to kiss he rubbed me to a huge orgasm. I came harder than most times. After a quick shower together we fell right to sleep.

That night led to slightly wilder fantasies. On another memorable night Jim and I were watching TV. During a commercial I produced a silky pair of full-cut panties and asked Jim if he would like to try them on. He blushed but he did as I had suggested. They were a bit tight. As we watched the rest of the show I gently ran my fingers over the silky fabric covering his rock hard cock. There was no doubt about his enjoyment. In the bedroom I got naked and laid back, spreading my legs. He started to take off the panties but I stopped him. I pulled aside the crotch and freed his hard cock. Holding his cock and stroking it lightly, I told him that if he wanted to fuck me he would have to agree to lick me clean as soon as he came. Jim didn't hesitate. He slid right into my wet pussy and started fucking me deeply. He didn't last long having been teased for an hour or so and he made good on his promise, licking my wet clit just the way I like it. I can't remember cumming so hard. And the kiss that followed was kinky-hot.

After catching our breath I told Jim how wonderful he was and how much I enjoyed what we had just done. Then I noticed that he was still wearing my panties and that his cock was getting hard again. I couldn't let this go so down I went. Sucking and massaging his balls. After a few minutes I laid back again and we did it again just like before. But this time he lasted longer while I came and came and came. In a whisper I asked him if he liked fucking my cum filled cunt. His reaction was to start cumming again, and his pulsing cock set me off for yet another orgasm. After that we just fell asleep in a heap. It was the hottest sex we had had in years.

At this point we were back to full stream. It was sex at least once a day and several times on the weekends when we weren't busy with kids or relatives.

One of my little fantasies for Jim was I would invent a horny girlfriend and help Jim imagine having both of us in bed with him. He really loved these stories. It was nothing I thought we would ever do but I admit the idea did not turn me off either. That got me thinking about two men and me. I knew Jim was not bi and that the idea of that sort of 3-way wouldn't be a turn on for him. But I did try one naughty fantasy that he really liked.

It involved me going shopping at the mall on a hot summer day. I told Jim I was wearing a sexy bra and a tank top along with a pair of tight shorts. And that the bra was thin enough that my nipples pocked out a little and the top left little to the imagination. Not something I would do in real life at the mall but it got him going. I told him that the clerk in the shoe store couldn't keep his eyes off my breasts and that my nipples were very hard. The clerk's hard-on became obvious and his hands wondered a bit on my legs. He was very turned on and so was I. He asked me if I'd like to meet him at his car in the parking lot. Embarrassed, I told him I was married and would not fuck him, but that I might be able to help him relieve his tension. In his car he was all over me. He opened his pants and pushed up my top and bra. I took him in my mouth while he played with my big breasts and hard nipples. It didn't take long before he squirted. I sucked down every drop like a naughty slut.

At the point where I called my self a naughty slut, Jim erupted in my pussy which sent me over the edge as well. Jim clearly liked the idea of me being a 'naughty slut'. I liked it too. It seemed like I could tell the same story over and over and he would always be rock hard and we would always cum together at the end. Over time the story progressed to me fucking the clerk and coming home with fresh cum in my pussy and panties. Jim absolutely loved the stories and started to encourage me to tell them more often.

Then things changed.

Jim's cousin came visit.

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