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I get my anal cherry busted.

I know, because I accidentally caught them in a touchy, feely lover's embrace. It became a regular occurrence, Jimmy coming over, he and Tara slipping to a quiet rendezvous, the rest of us playing pool.

One Saturday night the expected happened, Tara and Jimmy slipped away, leaving the rest of us laughing and teasing and, after a bit, drinking. Kelly Ann was hitting the liquor cabinet early that night, especially after Tara disappeared with Jimmy for their full contact love-wrestling bout. Don, Tom and I were not hesitant to fill her glass whenever it was less than half full.

Soon, she was slurring words, laughing at inane jokes and becoming friendlier as the night went on. Nobody was complaining. Heck, she was not only pleasing to look at as well as fun to be with. Unlike a lot of pretty girls, she actually liked being with us geeks. We played game after game of nine ball and drank drink after drink, and soon Kelly Ann was slurring her words and wobbling around the table.

Being the gentlemen we were we shut her off from any more liquor...until she'd give each of us a kiss. I know it was corny, but, hey, it worked. Soon the soused girl was swapping spit with three horny guys before we'd refill her glass. Kisses graduated to little feels as she'd earn shots, and soon those shots were taken by the guys as well...from a shot glass conveniently placed between Kelly's ample breasts.

We were all laughing and having a great time when Kelly wondered out loud what Tara and Jimmy were up to.

"Bet they're making out," guessed Tom.

"Maybe even more than that," chimed in Don.

Kelly listened and nodded her head, taking another long draw of her adult beverage of choice this evening, Grey Goose Vodka and cranberry juice.

Seconds later the guys were stopped in their tracks by the trembling voice of the young woman. "I bet she has his cock out," slurred Kelly Ann with certainty.

She looked at us, one by one, then lowered her head and shocked us with a low-voiced statement: "I bet he has a big one."

We just all stared at the girl. None of us knew what to say to that statement.

Then she shocked us once again. "You know, I've never even seen a real cock, I mean, other than a young boys while giving a bath while babysitting. But Tara, um, she's so lucky! She said she might go a little farther tonight."

Three heads and six eyes gazed at Kelly Ann, each of us with a boner bouncing in our underwear as a deafening silence took over the room. We didn't know whether to slither upstairs and voyeur on my sister, or continue to let Kelly Ann babble on in her drunken state.

Tom broke the quiet, taking matters into his own hands. "I'd be happy to show you mine, Kelly Ann."

"Look at this, Kelly Ann," added Don, unzipping his jeans.

He was joking, of course, but when Kelly Ann said "go on" he went for it.

Soon both of my friends were displaying their erect dicks to the wide-eyed woman. Her eyes were riveted on the male flesh. It was a surrealistic session. A quiet came over the room.

"Can I touch?" she demurely asked in a whisper.

Neither boy quarreled with her request, nor Kelly Ann Peters, right before my eyes, reached out and wrapped her fingers around Tom and Don's pulsating dicks. She slowly began to stroke them, almost as if in a trance. She ran each hand along the cocks, feeling all over the pulsating male flesh. Her fingers sort of stroked the boys, and every so often she'd wrap her hands around the dicks and merely held she might at the grocery store when inspecting vegetables or fruit.

Somehow I got the idea to grab my video camera, which just happened to be sitting on the far side of the room.

"This is pretty as a picture," I said, turning on the red light and zooming in on the action.

Kelly Ann was oblivious to it all, stroking the boys slowly, savoring the male meat. My actions apparently eluded each of my friends.

"They are so hard, yet so s-s-soft," slurred the girl, marveling about the boys' dicks.

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