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Homeless, but her gift changed him forever.

She stood in front of him in a red bra and red thong. She then took the bra off. Smiled at him and dove into the pool. He then stripped down to his boxers and dove in the pool.

Jason realized the light was on. He turned it off and rolled his chair to the window for a better view. He stepped out of his pants and sat down and slid his cock out of his boxers. He started to stroke it as he watched them.

They embraced and started kissing madly. After a few minutes she went underwater. She came up with his boxers and swung them above her head and on to the pool deck. He then sat on the side of the pool. She came up and started stroking his cock. She leaned forward and took his whole cock in her mouth and down her throat. As she sucked the boyfriends cock Jason noticed he was getting real turned on. He stroked his cock hard and fast imagining it was Sophia.

Suddenly she stopped sucking his cock and got out of the pool. She had him sit in one of the reclining lawn chairs. She smiled as she took off her thong. She then walked over and mounted her boyfriend. She lowered herself onto his massive cock and guided it in. Sophia's back arched and she screamed as his massive cock entered her tight pussy. She slowly grinded her hips on him. After five minutes she rode his cock harder and faster. He was getting ready to cum so she got off and on her knees. After a few strokes with her hand he shot cum all over her face.

As she was cleaning her face some lights shined on the house and she realized her parents were home. They quickly got dressed. She picked up her panties and his boxers but no more time to put them on. So they threw the boxers and thong over the fence and into my yard. They met the parents out front and she said goodbye to her boyfriend as her parents went in.

Jason went outside and noticed the boxers and thong in the pool. He fished them out and tossed the boxers in the trash but held on the thong. He heard a noise near the side gate and went to check it out. Jason opened it and found Sophia standing there.

She smiled and said she lost something over the fence and asked if she could look for it. She was bending over looking for it in the bushes. He could see her pussy peeking out as she leaned forward and her dress slid up. He walked up to her and stood right behind her. She turned her head around and smiled as Jason held her red thong in front of her. She grabs the thong as he then grabs her hips. She smiled and asked if he enjoyed watching her earlier. Jason said yes. She said then you know that I still need to get off.

She then led him to the table and she hiked up her dress so her but was exposed. She also slid down the top so he could touch her breast. She leaned forward on the table and exposed her pussy and told Jason to fuck her hard and deep now. Jason was still in his boxers. He slipped them off and then lined up his 8 inch cock to her pussy. He rammed it in hard and fucked her with hard and deep strokes. She moaned and screamed as her body was taken over in pleasure and had an orgasm and cummed everywhere.

Her pussy tightened around his cock as she orgasmed and he shot a bunch of cum inside of her. She laid there a second and then got up and grab a towel and cleaned all the cum up that was running out of her pussy. She then fixed her dress and kissed him goodnight and went home.

Jason put his boxers back on and went to bed. He was having trouble sleeping. He could not stop thinking about what just happen. He could still smell her sweet pussy juices and remembered how soft her skin was to touch. He could still here her moans as clear as day.

His thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. He answered and it was Sophia. She explained that she got his number for information. She told Jason how her parents had just stopped to grab some clothes for the trip and to make sure her boyfriend went home. They were now gone for the weekend and her sister was sleeping at a friends. She invited him over and so they hung up and off he went.

He walked up and ran the doorb

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