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The castaways go hunting and encounter the unexpected

Min Li and I sometimes seem to share a sixth sense because it was at this point that I returned. I could tell what point the conversation was at and I knew the perfect thing to demonstrate.

"Min Li, come. I need to relieve myself." I ordered.

With a squeal of delight, Min Li instantly hopped off the bed, and dropped to her knees in front of me. She unzipped my jeans and took my penis in her mouth. As Lynn watched us with her mouth open in amazement, I let go and Min Li, in her usual style, swallowed every drop while looking lovingly up at me. As soon as I am finished, she zipped me up and I pulled her toward me and gave her a deep kiss, tasting my salty pee on her mouth. Then I turned her back to the bed and Lynn. She grabbed Lynn's hair, and pulled her to herself, kissing her aggressively. Lynn struggled at first, but soon surrendered, throwing her arms around Min Li and passionately kissing her back.

When Min Li finally broke the kiss, Lynn was left breathless, and panting. It was obvious she was a bit off balance following the night of passion and the physical and emotional surrender she experienced. Following that, all the information she received about what it might mean to join our household hasd further unsettled her. However, she was not put off, just a bit overwhelmed.

We talked to her about some of the kinds of training she would have to undergo, some very intense, before she would be able to enjoy many of the pleasures Min Li and I sometimes took for granted. She asked if it might involve pain or other forms of treatment and is told that yes, there would be lots of pain and sometimes orgasm denial for several weeks at a time.

"Sir, may I give you my decision now." She asked, after thinking for a moment.

"If you feel ready, yes you may." I inform her.

A bit breathlessly, she replied, "I know that it will involve pain. I know that you will train me by denying me, sometimes for long periods. I know that you will be training me to do things that right now I find a bit revolting. However, Sir, I wish to become a part of this household, with you and Min Li, if you will have me. I also wish to start my training as soon as possible if you would allow it."

I put my hand on her pussy and it was soaking wet.

"I will draw up the agreement and we will get started. As soon as possible"

Chapter Twenty-One

I sent Min Li and Lynn off to the girl's bedrooms so I could get some rest. I told them they were free to sleep, talk or play at will. I heard them giggling a bit from the other end of the house and my guess was that there was mostly talk and play occurring. Both girls were so intelligent and both had such strong libido's that given the freedom, I was confident they would continue to find enjoyment in one another throughout the rest of the night. This was one of the reasons that a second concubine was needed. I fell asleep contented, knowing it had been a very successful evening.

I woke the next morning to the feeling of soft tongues licking my toes. Min Li was teasing the toes on my right foot and Lynn was on the left. I stretched slightly and smiled down at them. Very slowly, they worked their way over every inch of my feet, working in tandem, as if they were a mirror image of each other. When they had completely bathed my feet, they began working upward, never losing the synchronicity of their motion.

I closed my eyes and lay back.

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