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The tale of Aaron firethief continues.

Barney barked at the foot of the swinging barrier and she was shocked to see the UPS man there. Smiling he asked if she was Olivia. Replying yes, she realized that her hair was tossed and she reeked of lust, her cheeks gave way to red hot clouds. Snickering to herself she thought, "He most likely thinks that I was in the middle of some fast fucking! Well just about would be more like it!" Laughing out loud she signed for the unexpected package, suspicion building with each glint of the laughing eyes of the driver. She said thank you and closed the door. The return address read Pleasure Seekers. Who the hell were they? She had not ordered anything on line for a while. It was obvious that the driver knew who this company was with each smile he gave her and the wink as his hand held onto hers for a tad too long gripping his pen. Well let's find out just what is in this box! Walking back to the bathroom she tore open the packaging leaving paper like a bread crumb trail to her calling bath.

With the tub now brimming she slowly reached through sultry mists to cease the flow of liquid Zen. The air was filled with exotic flower scents driving away the gray and creating a humid jungle setting. Candles a blaze and lights off she stared at the simple black box. Resembling a man's tool box, she trembled unlatching the catches. A gasp filled her lungs as she stared at the gleaming aluminum tools; pretty pink, four units set in black velvet. Within a small note with her name on it edged in pink dye. She unfolded the tender paper and read. "Darling, it has been far too long since I tasted the salt of your skin. I know your drive is deep and the lust runs havoc within your soul. I feel responsible for the need building and me not being able to release you from your desires. I hope this new friend will help. All my love, Matthew." A deep laugh flew from her throat and she doubled over with pleasure as she reached for the high tech vibrator.

Excitement building as she sunk into the brewing stew of flowers and lust juices, she reached for the Le Tigre and turned it on. The first thing she noticed was how silent it was, no roar to filter into her mind and stop her fantasies from flowing. Candle light glinted off of the ridges and the tremors were unbelievable strong! This was more than an everyday dildo, this was a rocket launcher of orgasms! She turned off the toy and let herself sink into the new reality.

Olivia's mind was a playground. Matthew called her his kaleidoscope always something new and intriguing to view. Layers and fractals of mystic release, his favorite the fantasies she could play off with only a slight clue of where he needed to go. Now she would use that keen mind of hers to take her to the robust layers of yearning that relief was deeming more important than eating. Surrounded now with simple luxuries the last thing she saw was the gray clouds highlighted with white light from the picture window next to the tub.

Slowly, Olivia's fingers traced her curves and slopes. Well known hills of a woman in her prime. Her finger tips lingered on her neck, stroking the water droplets that raced towards the pool of her breasts, the forefinger tracing the outside of her lips, slowly suckling in and out. A relief in the release as her mind finally takes her to the meadow and Matthew.

They lay on a large cotton sheet of pure white Egyptian cloth.

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