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Sometimes you don't know what you like, until you're told.

"What do you think honey?" she asked as she turned around to show me her back.

I was damn near speechless. "Wow! Where did you find such a sexy outfit?"

"That is for me to know and for you to find out lover." Kathy smiled as we started to exchange kisses. "I hope when we get home you will think about buying me things this this from time to time."

"I promise that I will buy you outfits like that often." I told her as I tweaked her exposed nipples.

"Don't you want to wait for my mother?" Kathy asked while her fingers traced the growing bulge in my pants and wiggled her body against mine.

I continued to ogle Kathy's body lecherously. I though aloud about the kind of outfit if any her mother would wear when she finally arrived in my room. "The way I feel right now kiddo I may not last until your mother gets here." I croaked while my cousin laughed at my predicament.

"Oh honey," she said as she took my hand in her own. "I wouldn't worry about the kind of clothing she might wear after all I don't see us staying dressed all that long in the first place." A mischievous grin played across my cousin's lips.

"You know, one of the things I like about this place," I said to Kathy as I pulled on her nipples. "Is the swim up bar, you never have far to go if you want something to drink."

"And I thought that it was seeing me again for the first time in a long time." Kathy moaned softly as she pulled me hard against her undulating body.

"Seeing you again was more important to me than you know honey." I told her while we exchanged kisses.

"I see you two couldn't keep your hands to yourselves until I arrived." My Aunt Stacy was wearing a long flowing robe that when opened revealed that she too was wearing something very sexy.

"Oh wow! Aunt Stacy!" I gasped when she revealed that she was wearing a red deep plunge corset with garters and thong panties.

"I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get the chance to wear this old thing again." Stacy mused as she moved to where her daughter and I stood. "And I can see that my very naughty daughter had the same idea."

"I guess it's true then," Kathy said throatily. "The apple didn't fall all that far from the tree."

I was mildly surprised when Stacy kissed her daughter full on the lips cupping one of Kathy's breasts while she did so instead of kissing me first but I sure as hell wasn't about to complain, not when I had two beautiful women in my room who were about to share themselves with me.

"I can see that it didn't take long to get your cousin's motor started did it?" Stacy said to her daughter just as she moved into my arms to kiss me while she held my scrotum in her hands.

"It never does." Kathy chuckled softly while watching her mother play with my penis. "That is one of the things I love about Bart, he is such an easy turn on."

"There is no need to be shy Kathy why don't you come here and help me with Bart." My aunt said lustily to her daughter. "There is more than enough room for the two of us you know." As her daughter approached us Stacy said, "We already know how cousin Bart feels about us," she said while pointing at my erection. "I think it only fair that we should do something to help him out don't you?"

I noticed that my cousin hesitated as she approached me after all this wasn't the beach where we came upon her mother by surprise this was my room and she must have felt a little bit out of sorts. "Sure mom." Was all she said as she stood next to her mother looking very sexy and desirable in her open tip bra and panties.

What happened next shouldn't have surprised me but it did. Stacy reached out, pulled her daughter's face to hers, and kissed her while she cupped one of Kathy's breasts in her hand. "You really do have nice breasts honey." Stacy told her daughter while she deftly removed Kathy's bra before bringing her lips to one of her breasts. "And you put some of my special perfume on them I see." Stacy said while she kissed both of her daughter's breasts.

"Yesss!" Kathy hissed excitedly.

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