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The Ultimate Mother and Son Road Trip - Part 2.

You gonna come over tonight?"

Jordan shoved the cart into the cart return space and climbed up into the truck. "If I'm not getting laid, then yes." Bobby just shook his head. "Tell Selina I love her."

"Will do," Bobby yelled over the rumbling of the truck's engine.

* * *

Once the groceries were put up, Jordan collapsed onto the couch with a can of soda in one hand and the cordless phone in the other. He hit number two on speed dial and took a drink.

"Hello?" a sleepy male voice answered.

"Come over. I've got wine and an empty bed."

"What time is it?"

Jordan looked at the digital clock sitting on top of the television. "Nine. I know it's early, but I..." He trailed off for a moment, falling silent as he closed his eyes. He hated this part. He hated admitting that he needed anything.

"Nuff said. I'll be there in about twenty minutes, man."

Jordan hung up the phone and leaned his head back against the couch with a sigh. It was one aspect of his kind that not many were aware of: the need for warmth, in whatever form they could get it. It was why winter was always so difficult, why elves remained physically close to one another during those harsh, cold months. It was why Jordan bit back his pride every time he picked up the phone to call Matt. Matt was the only friend Jordan had who knew it went far beyond simple sex. The heat generated would sustain Jordan for a full month, so long as he didn't take to standing outside in the middle of the night, which wasn't likely. Besides, Jordan had to admit; the sex was pretty damn good.

Before he realized twenty minutes had passed, Jordan heard a knock on the front door. He set his empty can on the coffee table and got up. As soon as he opened the door, he found himself pressed against the wall, Matt's mouth descending on his before the door could even close.

Jordan groaned and slid his arms around Matt's neck, pulling him closer as Matt's tongue slid between his lips, teasing him with promises of blissful warmth. Jordan spread his legs as Matt's knee wedged between them, pressing hard against his crotch. If there was one thing Jordan loved about Matt, it was the man's blatant moves. Matt never wanted to wait until they got to the bedroom. They had known each other for nearly six years, and since moving into his apartment, Jordan surmised that he been fucked on nearly every feasible surface Matt could find.

Unlike Jordan's thin but strong frame, Matt was muscular, built like any football player would be. Jordan loved to run his fingers over those biceps, over those thighs. He delighted in the way the muscles moved beneath Matt's smooth, tanned skin when Matt had him pinned to the bed. Elves weren't built like that. Elves were graceful and thin, but just as fit. Jordan loved nothing more than to trace each muscle with his tongue as Matt writhed beneath him.

"I want," Matt whispered gruffly as he kissed his way to Jordan's neck, "to watch you come. I want to see you with your legs spread wide open and your cock in your fist."

Jordan shuddered. Dear gods, but this man had a way with words. A lack of commitment sucked, but the sex with Matt was enough to make up for it for now. Jordan pushed those thoughts away, however, and concentrated on the muscled thigh pressed tight against his denim-covered cock. Matt's breath caressed his skin, drawing another shiver out of him. He clung tightly to Matt's shoulders as his body took matters into its own hands.

"Oh, yeah," Matt groaned as Jordan began rubbing up and down his thigh. "Fuck, you're sexy when you're horny."

Jordan's head fell back against the wall and a soft whimper escaped him as Matt pressed harder. Sweet shocks of pleasure and pain shot through Jordan's body and he bit at his lower lip as the movements of his hips sped up. Gods, he had never been this fucking desperate. Not desperate enough to dry-hump Matt's leg in the living room, at least.

"Fuck me, please.

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