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Stranger has an unusual cure for the Earl's daughter.

"Well, then prove it. Take your dress off fold it nicely and place it on the chair behind you. Then come back over here and stand before me arms on top of your head."

Jill just stood there for a second, wondering if Jane was serious. She had been a submissive slave to an older woman last summer. Of course no one knew about it, and her parents never caught on to it despite the 3-4 times a week she would deliver pizza to the same house as her last stop for the night. Of course she had met Miss Sue delivering pizza when Miss Sue made her husband and cuckold answer the door nude. They had thought it was going to be Bobby the usual delivery guy. Little did they know he quit unexpectedly two nights before. But she soon became a submissive to Miss Sue and would play with her and her slave husband.

Though the idea of playing with another girl her own age was curious to her, she never expected for it to happen. Most of the girls in school and from around town thought she was weird but mostly just because she had always been a shy and quiet girl.

"Why are you hesitating? Guess you weren't serious. Cops it is!" Jane said interrupting Jill's flashback of thoughts.

"No...Please... I am serious look!" Said Jane practically ripping the dress from her body, folding it and placing it on the chair behind her then sprinting over to Jane where she quickly stopped and placed her hands on her head.

Jane just stood there looking her over. "From this point on for the rest of the summer you will be my slave, you will do what I say when I say it. If you hesitate even the slightest bit the deal is off, and I call your parents and the cops. Understand?"


"Good, Rule number #1 you will always address me as Ma'am or Mrs. J. You will only speak when spoken to. So, how long have you been watching me?"

"A few hours Ma'am"

"Wow, so you came back after delivering the pizza and have been out here watching me and Marcus and all that we were doing? How did you get off work so early?"

"My parents own the pizza place so it's easy to leave early. I told them I got invited to a weekend sleepover. Also, yes I was watching what I could see from down here of what the two of you were doing Ma'am."

"Well, a weekend sleepover that is good to know, so I can take my time with you for the moment. So, where you playing with yourself watching me swim and then rub my pussy?"

"No, Ma'am."

Jane stood there looking her over trying to read her face. Then she stepped forward moving closer to Jill reaching down and running her hand along her pussy lips. This caused the girl to jump slightly but hold her position, she wasn't expecting her knew Mistress to touch her so soon. As Jane pulled her hand away and held it up it was covered it wetness.

"You're a liar, and will be punished now for lying and for your earlier hesitation. Now does this turn you on being my slave?"

"Yes, Ma'am!"

Jane held out her hand. "Good lick it clean."

Jill stepped forward took a hold of her by the wrist and began to lick and suck on Jane's fingers getting all of her pussy juices off. This only increased her turn on level and she could now feel her juices beginning to run down her leg. As she continued to suck each finger into her mouth slowly to clean it off, Jill reached forward with her other hand and began to pinch and pull on her left nipple. Tugging it hard causing her perky little tits to form a cone shape as Jill moaned around the finger in her mouth. The nipple torture continued as Jill switched back and forth between them as Jill cleaned her hand. She licked every finger on Jane's hand watching as she pulled away to inspect it, before crossing her arms over her chest.

"That was a good job, now I want you to jump in the pool and go swim up over by those steps."

Jill nodding in agreement as she walked over to the deep end to jump in Jane went back over to resume her position on the steps.

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