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College couple make a movie, with a sinister twist.

I really don't care. If you want we'll find every orphan Were in the country, adopt them, and bring them home. I don't care if we don't have cubs of our own." He kissed her forehead tenderly as he saw the tears forming in her eyes. He pulled her into his chest and wrapped his arms around her.

Jordan had given his congratulations to his new Alphas and was on his way to find Logan when he spotted Rebecca and Trey. He approached slowly, not wanting to appear too forward. He waited until they both noticed him standing nearby before he spoke. "Rebecca, Trey, I'm so sorry for all that happened to you and Danielle and Troy. I had no idea. If I had, I never would have agreed to your presence here."

He waited calmly for whatever may happen. Trey would be well within his rights to kill him where he stood. He had endangered his mate. She and Danielle could have become captive mates of an insane Dire Wolf. He stood with his head down, his arms at his sides, ready for the killing blow to come.

The compound had been noisy with congratulations to the Alphas, laughter, cries of joy. But all stopped when they saw their doctor standing before the panther and her mate. Axel and Anneke walked hand in hand to within a few feet of them.

"Trey, you were guests here and your trust was betrayed. The Doctor didn't mean for it to happen. But Anneke and I will abide by your decision." Axel hoped Trey would spare Dr. Majors. But an Alpha couldn't be swayed by friendship.

Rebecca laid a hand on Trey's arm and smiled up at him. He smiled back and turned to the Doctor. "Maybe it was fate that brought us here Dr. Majors. Logan trusts you. Anneke and Axel trust you. We don't blame you for what happened. And in the end, it was all for the best."

Trey saw the doctor's shoulders relax. A smile slowly appeared on his face. "Thank you so much. I would like to still do some tests on your mate if you'd allow me. There may still be something we can do. It's not like this is an exact science. I don't know of any human females who were turned after having their tubes tied. We really were guessing that the best course of action would be to do surgery before the change. Just because of the healing rate of Weres. But we could be wrong." He saw the hopeful look on Rebecca's face. "I don't want to get your hopes up prematurely, but let's take a look anyway. What do you think?" He looked back and forth between the mates.

"It's up to you Rebecca. If you want to see what the tests say, I'm all for it. If you don't, I'm all for it." He didn't want to influence her at all. This was her decision.

"I want to have the tests Doctor." She paled as she said it but she meant it. She wanted to know if there was ever going to be a possibility of having cubs of her own. Her panther still didn't seem very concerned. Of course the panther half of her didn't understand the whole surgery thing. She was excited at the prospect there was still a chance for them. She looked lovingly at Trey who was now busy talking to the new Alphas.

Carr was looking at the relaxing wolves around the compound. "So I guess you've greeted your entire pack now." Those in their human forms were joking and laughing. It was obvious they hadn't done any joking in years.

"Not yet, two more will be here in a moment, then they are all here." Axel looked off towards the tree line and saw the cautious black wolves approaching them slowly. Both looked as if they'd been beaten down physically and emotionally. Axel and Anneke shifted in unison and met the new arrivals in the middle of the compound.

Carr and Alistair watched with interest as the two new Alphas stood quietly and waited for the timid wolves to approach them.

"They are acting like they've been mated Alphas for years.

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