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I meet a couple for what blossoms into a wonderful relations.

He deftly unhooked my black lace bra and tossed it aside. A spark went straight to my clit as he did this. This was better than my fantasy at the dance.

Armand explored my neck, my shoulders with his mouth as he slid his hands underneath me to my breasts. His fingers expertly teased my nipples. My body ached to be closer to him, to be entangled with him until I didn't know where my body ended and his began. But I noticed Armand remained fully-clothed. He was obviously in no hurry.

He unzipped my jeans and I raised my hips so he could tug them off. My panties quickly followed. At last he pulled his own tee-shirt over his head. The sight of his lean chest, shoulders, and arms made me gasp. I had never seen such a beautiful man. I reached for him, but he pushed me back down on the bed. He resumed teasing me. His amazing fingers danced over me. I never knew there were so many ways to be touched. It felt like tickling feathers over my butt, like velvet being smoothed across my ribcage...his fingers everywhere as my pussy grew wetter and wetter. Armand was the only thing in the world I wanted. At last he took hold of my thighs and moved them apart, producing another sudden jolt of arousal. I grew crazy with the excitement of knowing he would soon be touching between my legs.

The women's magazines always give us the advice that we should tell guys what we want, how we want to be touched. This was one man who could teach me a few things about how to touch myself. Though I pleasure myself often and come multiple times, he was giving me sensations unlike any I'd felt before. He never fell into a routine, but changed from heavy pressure to light tickling, circles to side-to-side, stroking, gentle pinching ... it seemed the variety would never stop. My body writhed with pleasure under his touch and my hips rose to meet his hand. As I lifted my ass higher, he reached underneath me with his other hand to play with my boobs. Just when I thought I couldn't stand any more, he stopped and stood up next to the bed. I heard the sound of him unzipping his jeans. He reached down and clutched my hand. The quickness of his movement sent another wave of searing desire sweeping over me. He drew my hand toward him and placed it on his cock. I closed my fingers around it . What a cock it was! Magnificently huge, in both girth and length.

I started to move my hand on it, but Armand grabbed my hand and placed it back on the bed. The way he took control of me caused me to be even more aroused. Until now, I would have thought I was as turned on as I could be. I was wrong. I had never wanted a man the way I wanted Armand. His tongue began at my clit with tantalizing laps, then he moved to my pussy. He licked away the honey from the lips. Then he pressed his tongue inside me. I shivered with pleasure as he licked away all the wetness. My ass rose involuntarily to allow his tongue to probe farther inside me. I was nearly on my hands and knees. The tension in my clit increased and I knew I was coming. As the throbbing began, Armand pushed my butt down on the bed. He lay on top of me, and I felt that huge cock entering my pussy. He began thrusting, slowly at first. As his tempo increased, my passion rose again, but now something new was happening to me. The weight of his body on top of me and the way his cock filled my pussy made me want him to take me, to possess me. I felt surrender to him, as if by surrendering I could have something more. It was simply the most exquisite form of pleasure I have ever felt. My body melted into his. I cried out. The orgasm started in my clit, but spread throughout my pussy, and from there into the rest of my body. Throbbing. Powerful. Complete.

Armand rolled off of me and lay down next to me, leaned over to kiss me, and said, "You liked that, huh?" I could only smile and nod.

I drew close to him, my face buried against his chest.

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