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She takes him out for a pleasant afternoon.


"Fuck you." Tess said smiling to herself.

"That would do also." Gina said.

"Fine, it's a date." Tess said.

"You mean for me or the ballerina? I'm confused." Gina said.

"Both." Tess said and ended the call.

Tess's outcall with Ellen Cooper went as always. Ellen was a thirty eight year old partner at Blaire, Barns, Jackson, Hintz and Cooper. A prestigious area law firm. Tess pleasured her and she pleasured Tess and Ellen dressed, left ten one-hundred dollar bills on the table and before she left, leaned over the edge of the bed and planted a final soft kiss on Tess's swollen bud. Tess was always expected to remain nude and lay quietly on the bed until Ellen had departed.

Tess showered and used a bit of flavored oil over her labia and a bit more inside her vagina just in case her new client might lean the same direction as Ellen.

She stopped for a quick lunch, brushed her teeth once more in the restaurant bathroom and called Gina. "I put the address in the GPS up it just shows a dot on the middle of nowhere."

"Yea, she said they were off of the grid but there will be an enormous stone entrance with a fountain. She said you couldn't miss it."

"I think that's what they said to the Donner party." Tess said.

"Call if you get lost." Gina said. "And enjoy."

"What makes you think I'll have a signal?" Tess asked.

"Then I suggest you drive till you get one." Gina giggled.

"I should fire you." Tess said.

"You wouldn't." Gina said.

"No, but I should." Tess grinned. She loved their banter.

"Make sure you park well off of the highway now. I wouldn't want you getting run over." Gina advised.

"What are you talking about now?" Tess asked.

"Well, I figure after this little meeting you might want to pull over and take a nap. Maybe spent a few minutes getting yourself off." Gina said. "And this is where you tell me. Fuck you. I know." She hung up before Tess could do it.

The entrance was in deed un-missable, if that was a word. Huge described it. Outrageous or gaudy or gross or ridiculous may have also been appropriate. Once onto the ranch however, the relentless extraction of our subterranean aquifer was showing results. A mile of green pastures and fruit trees lined the drive. Nearer the house there was even a large putting green. "Fuck." Tess mumbled.

Tess exited her car to be greeted by a young beautiful girl, tall and slender and obviously the dancer. Her hair was in a ponytail and she wore spandex shorts and a matching sports bra. She literally looked delicious.

She smiled at Tess as she hurried to the side of the car. She immediately offered her hand. "Anna." She said in very broken English.


"Please you come, please?" She pointed to the house. Inside, it was truly a magnificent structure although Tess could not imagine living in it. It was more a museum than a home. Filled with stuffed heads and full mounts and every possible Indian artifact, she tried to take it all in.

The girl said. "You wish some things, drinks?"

Tess shook her head.

She seemed a little nervous. "Then we maybe." She hesitated searching for the right words. She shrugged and gave up. "Up." She then said and pointed to the staircase that wrapped half way around the room.

"You wish to go upstairs?" Tess said.

"Please." She said but then hesitated. "No." She said. "Not me." Then she added. "We." She smiled as though she had accomplished a real task.

"Yes." Tess said "We should both go." She insisted on following Tess as they climbed the stairs. Tess thought she might be afraid that she would turn and try to escape leaving her all alone again.

At the top, the girl took her hand and led her down the hall. "Married seis, seis," she though. "Six." She exclaimed. "Meses." She added.

"You have been married six months?" Tess offered.

The girl grinned. "Long time." She said.

In the master bedroom, Tess smiled at her. She took the girls hand and pulled her close. "Very." She said. "I understand and I promise you we are going to take care of that little problem today."

"Take care.

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