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Couple reunited after long separation come together,

" I think they death stared each other.

We left the convention hall and returned to Sharon's townhouse, and I took another shower while she lay on the bed. When I got into bed Sharon was sound asleep, and from the way she'd been acting I knew better than to bother her. I fell asleep with a massive erection , and woke up with another, but to no avail.

I hurried to work, and several days passed until I found Julie's card. I'd thought a lot about that, but wasn't really sure about what to do. I fingered the card I'd retrieved from my locker. It had both a home and work phone number, and both were underlined. I took the card to the firefighter's private phone booth, and called her home. No answer. Then I tried the work number.

"Amber Fashions, Karen North speaking."

I hesitated, then said,

"Hey Karen it's Jack, the firefighter from the fashion show, how are you?"

"Ok," she replied, "but Julie has been pissed at you for not calling though."

"Well I've just been busy, but this is the last day of the shift, and I have 4 days off starting at 5:30 tonight" I explained, "so I thought I'd call and see what she was up to."

"She's in the window setting up a display," Karen said, "I'll get her."

A minute or so passed and Julie came on the phone, a little breathless.

"Hi Jack, where have you been?" she asked, "I've been a bad girl, thinking lots of bad things, and need you to straighten me out."

I think the other guys could hear me gulp.

"You know what happens to bad girls don't you?" she asked.

"They go to their rooms?" I teased.

"Yes she said, and then their daddy comes in to the room and takes off her panties and spanks her", she said. "Spanks her hard enough her ass is red, and keeps on until she starts to cry and begs him to stop, but he doesn't stop right away, she has to beg."

"Really," I said, "and what have you done to make you think you are bad?" I asked her.

"I think about having dirty sex with firefighters, letting them do things, anything..and I let people see my tits, and pussy, I'm just a slut, so I need punishment."

"Well I don't know" I said, "what do we do next?"

"Do you have a car?" she asked.

"Sure I replied, I just bought a new one."

"Come and pick us up at the store at 6 and don't be late."

I agreed, and realized I had a hard-on. The next few hours seemed to take forever. I took a chance and jumped in the shower in my quarters just before shift change, even though we might get a run and I'd have to go sopping wet. We had to wear our uniforms to and from work, and if I was going to be on-time I couldn't go home and change.

Arriving at the store, I put my uniform cap on, if you were seen without it was a half day's pay penalty. The lights in the store were out, and I saw Karen standing in the doorway. She opened the door for me, and as I came in Karen said,

"Julie's with the mannequins, I'm going to the office just wait here."

I stood in the light coming in through the plate glass windows. The in the window the mannequins had some plastic type bag over them which said 'Spring Sale'. Along the wall were a dozen more with nothing on. I looked around and thought I saw something move. One of them had red high heels, and I noticed it was the only one with nipples. Then I saw a grin, and realized it was Julie, naked except for high heels. She was standing next to the window, anyone who looked carefully could have seen her. She looked so hot, narrow waist, ample hips, legs, red fingers laid against the white of her skin. It was obvious she was cold or turned on because her nipples were rock hard. She tried not to smile, and couldn't do it. Her dark hair framed her face and the smirk was sexy.

"I'm a bad girl she said, and I won't suck your cock and even if most women find that uniform sexy I don't, what do you think about that?"

She stood stalk still, nervously glancing at people passing in the street. If you looked hard enough I suppose you might see her but if she moved it would be a dead give away.

"You might just get spanked", I replied, realizing I was getting hoarse and tu

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