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You and your mates walk into the bar.


The day finally came and I got there early to make sure and find her place and a parking spot. She had a condo on 23rd, it was #207. I was nervous so I decided to take a walk around the block and use the bathroom at a coffee shop. Leaving the coffee shop and walking along Overton street I noticed a beautiful woman with a little white dog on a leash.

She was wearing a long tan coat and I remember her white stockings with black high heels. The way she walked reminded me of one of those runway models in fashion shows.

I caught her eye and she smiled saying "Hello" and in an instant I recognized that voice. It was all I could do not to stare and keep walking, I thought my legs were going to give out.

Fifteen minutes later I knocked on the door of #207 and guess who answered? Yep! Only now she wasn't wearing the long coat and she still had on the high heels.

I didn't know it at the time, but I was face to face with a "White Tigress"

She was wearing a short skirt and a tank type top that didn't cover her tummy. I couldn't help but notice her large breasts, but her face is what I remember the most. Her lips were perfect and her eyes were steel gray. She has a long face with high cheek bones. I was so nervous that I didn't know what to say.

Not sure how I got there but soon we were sitting on her couch sharing a glass of water. She looked at my hands and said she could tell I was a working man.

She wanted to know what brought me to her and how she could best please. I told her the story of asking my wife for oral sex and my wife's response.

After listening to my story, she smiled and said something like "Well today is your lucky day Mister" She slipped to the floor and was now on her knees facing me.

She slowly rubbed her hands up and down my legs and each time she would get closer to my crotch. She worked her way up to my zipper and slowly pulled it down.

By this time my dick was as hard as a rock (it's hard right now writing this too) She worked her hand inside my pants and started rubbing me and squeezing me with two fingers. Then she said in that Oh so sexy voice "take off your belt and let that monster out" My hands were shaking but I got it done!

Now my cock was free and she pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles. She then did something that surprised me a bit.

She started tugging on my balls and she told me how much she liked to see them nice and tight. (I later found out that she has a testicle fetish)

Nibbling on them and then taking one at a time into her mouth, It tickled and it was driving me crazy! She slowly worked her way up my shaft and started licking the head of my cock, after what seemed like a long time she finally took just my bulb into her mouth. The only negative to having my balls and cock sucked was that I couldn't listen to her sexy voice. By this time I have been at her place for about a half an hour and I can feel it building, I know it is not going to take long for me to cum, as I am so completely turned on and lost in the moment. Then she does it, she takes in about half of me and starts really sucking away, I remember thinking just how loud she was.

Right before I was ready to shoot she stops and says "I know you are ready and I want you to fill my mouth" That was it for me and as soon as she went back down I came, and came.

I came so much that it shot out of her mouth and went all over, she looked a little surprised and I was too. A little bit was running down her chin and she just kept on sucking away.

To my surprise my cock stayed hard. (the one and only time that has ever happened) She didn't stop and got even more aggressive, she had my balls in one hand with her other around the base of my shaft while her head just kept going up and down. It didn't take long and I came again! The feeling of the second one was shorter and more intense with not as much cum as the first.

So there I am, with my pants down to my ankles and cum all over.

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