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The couple starts to get to know each other.

She always likes to hold it, lick the underside length, let her tongue lick the pre-cum before she takes it all in.

He motioned me to close the door which I did and watched as she was sucking this strangers cock. It was amazing to watch this but I was turned on by the sight of it.

She continued sucking him and he was holding her hair as he face fucked her. She was moaning and he then twitched and spewed cum in her mouth. She was eagerly swallowing it as his cock drained and went soft. She swallowed again and licked it until it was all the way soft.

I slowly exited the room and he followed me.

He said she was so drunk and high she didn't even notice me. He said she was laying on the bed when he left.

The guy said "If you don't mind I think she'll have more fun as the night goes on, wanna watch?"

I said "hell yes. You go ahead and do what you guys want as long as she wants to also."

He went downstairs and I stood there, a minute of so later another young man came up.

He said "Jim told me about speaking to you, just follow me in and she'll never see you."

I did and sure enough she was laying down and didn't see me.

He went to the side of the bed and said "Hi Susan, Jim said you can really suck a cock, wanna another one?".

She moaned out "Oh Yes please let me suck you."

He smiled in the dim light and unsnapped his jeans, lowered his underwear exposing one heck of a erect cock. I bet it was 2" in diameter and 10" long.

She saw it and took hold of it. She moaned even more deeply as she took it in her mouth. She proceeded to give him one hell of a blow job.

He did pull her tee shirt over her head and unhook her bra as she sucked him. His hands were squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples as she sucked ever more deeply.

After a few minutes he also increased his tempo of the face fuck and spurted his cum in her mouth. It was so much she couldn't swallow it all as it seeped from her mouth.

She again laid back. He re-clothed himself, smiled at me and left. I remained standing in the shadows waiting for what was next.

I few minutes later a guy and girl came in the room.

She asked Susan "can I taste your pussy?"

Susan didn't hesitate in answering "yes."

The girl unsnapped Susan's jeans and pulled them and her panties off. She then spread Susan's legs and got between them.

I knew as soon as the girls tongue touched Susan's clit. She moaned deeply and pushed her pussy into the girls face.

Susan grabbed out for the guy and he dropped his jeans and underwear and stood beside the bed.

Susan reached out to grab his cock and then put her mouth on it. She took it deep inside her mouth as she sucked his cock all the while being eaten. This went on for quite a few minutes until he increased his face fucking tempo.

He yelled "I'm Cumming" and filled Susan's mouth with his cum.

Susan apparently also reached her climax as she pushed one last time into the girls face.

Susan laid back on the bed breathing very hard as I saw her massaging her own breasts.

As the couple left with smiles the girl even said "You taste good honey".

A few more minutes passed and a young Spanish man entered, he looked at my nude wife and asked "Are you having a good time?".

She replied slowly "Yes."

He then said "Well you're going to like this then."

He came to the bed and she reached for him but he stopped her. She looked quizzical as him and he reached down to turn her onto her stomach. He said sternly, "get on your elbows and knees".

She instantly obeyed. Her wet pussy was very evident and her asshole was expanded from the tongue lashing she had gotten.

He asked her "do you like to be fucked in the ass?"

She said "well I have a few times with my husband but not a lot."

He leaned down and said "well you are gonna be fucked there now."

He stroked her ass cheeks making her hips move and her moan to his touch. His fingers slid along her ass crack and on down to her rosebud and teased it.

She was loving it and pushed backwards to hi

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