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An accident presents another couple of buxom opportunities.

"Do you not want it that much June?" she stated in a matter of fact way.

"Yeah, I just don't have the great urge that Bob has. We developed this arrangement progressively over the last year or so. It works for both of us".

Julie dragged June aside into the hallway so Bob was out of ear shot.

"Ever thought of sharing him June? Yes I know that's outrageous, but well you can't expect me to sit here and watch that. You know I haven't had a guy in so long I forget what a cock feels like".

June nearly choked at the suggestion. It was truly outrageous in fact. But yes Julie had not had any luck at all with guys. It must be 8 years since Julie had had a guy to her knowledge. A total stranger asking that question would have gotten the most icy response. But June had been feeling increasingly vexed with Bob. He was always moody. He wanted actual sex, not masturbation. And she just didn't have the drive he needed. She was at her wits end with him.

She mused to herself, what the heck why not? After all I let him jack off looking at pics and movies, and I know he flirts online as well. Why not let his lust serve some useful purpose. And its not like Julie wont get something out of watching, she might as well help him out.

"Oooohh this is way to silly for me" June commented. "Rules there WILL be rules though. As long as that's clear with you" Julie said finally. This caught Julie off guard entirely. "Rule one is it will be natural sex, no condoms. No risk means you get no sex. Rule two is this is our secret, so no one gets to know ...ever. And rule three, when I want him that's that. Other than that I guess you can indulge yourself".

Julie was stunned. "You ain't joking me eh, you are serious I can fuck him and such? Julie was actually speechless.

"Yes go ahead" June chuckled. "And no I don't have to monitor what you do, just don't damage the goods" she snickered. "I still like using him from time to time".

Julie was not sure what to do. Dang what a break too, Bob was a nice guy, and had a clean past. No strings attached because he was married, and to her best friend no less. And it wouldn't be an affair cause she was cool with it. Shit, winning the lottery might be better, but she couldn't think of anything else at that moment. This was too good. She peeked back in the room; Bob had actually gone back to his computer. The whole conversation had only been a couple of minutes though. There he sat, and yes he still had an erection.

"Ahhh weeeell don't mind me then June if I go and scratch an itch I have".

June went and just sat on the sofa like nothing was up. Julie though went over to where Bob was at the computer. Bob heard her approach but didn't respond in any overt way. Julie leaned over his shoulder to look at what Bob was up to. It appeared to be something on a word processor but she couldn't identify what.

"Stand up for me Bob will ya" Julie spoke into his ear invitingly. Bob stood unaware of her plans. Pushing back his chair, he pivoted to face her, his cock pointing proudly straight at her as well. Julie without any warning closed the distance between them and gave Bob a most sensual kiss fully on and in the mouth. Simultaneously she wrapped her right hand around the stiff shaft of his cock. A low moan of obvious approval escaped from Bob's throat.

"Ah Julie, should you be doing this?" he inquired, without doing much to prevent her hand from gripping his shaft.

"June tells me and you say it yourself as well actually, that you can't really say no to a woman. So ahh don't say it then, and do as I tell you dear".

A great many wild thoughts whipped through Bob's head in like a micro second. The first obvious thought was June and Julie had just chatted privately moments ago. And June still being in the room was clearly not concerned about Julie's current actions; and god her actions too.

Julie had that look in her eyes that all people get when they are becoming aroused.

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