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Four short scenes about bareback sex.

"What's your favorite costume, baby?" I asked.

"Uh, the French maid one, I guess." He answered, so quickly that I knew he had craved a French maid since well before seeing the costume today, probably a long term fetish.

"Oh, Greg, that's hot," I whispered in his ear. "Tell you what, baby, I'll make sure that we have a French maid here for you that night." I moved my hand so that I could get nice, long strokes over his cock and quickened the pace.

I continued, "A little black silk skirt, black stockings, maybe a garter belt, her hair tight in a bun, but easy to release and let down. Sexy, white top, that shows off her perfect cleavage and is held together by just a couple of easy to undo buttons."

As I spoke I began to feel the warm gush of cum from inside his pants. I milked him freely, knowing that he would make this the best party ever for us.

As we made it to the car and drove off, Heather said, "My God, Brittany, what just happened."

I explained that I had just shown her what had happened to her Greg and how most men would easily succumb to a woman's advances if the woman was just patient and eased into it, and, oh yes, and how we had just gotten about a $3500 party for nothing more than a through the pants hand job.

Part 3: The Execution

The next few days were very hectic. Invitations were mailed to all of the faculty, at least all the ones under 50 who Heather thought might be up for a fun party. And, though the invitations were anonymous, they hinted that it was planned by some of the higher ups, thus many were tricked into thinking that they really should be there. Also mentioned were the facts that there would be an open bar and various contests, including "sexiest costume." We figured that these two items would get the right crowd there.

I stopped by the school on the day of the party, at a time that Heather had told me that Greg would be unavailable, and began asking around for him. As I expected, Gloria soon appeared, desperate to find out who I was and why I was asking for him. I explained that I was his cousin, just passing through Chicago and wanted to say "Hi." Looking more comfortable, she introduced herself and said that was unavailable but that she would tell him I stopped by.

"Oh, please don't do that." I responded. "I so wanted to surprise him." I acted as though I just had a thought. "Hey, some other teacher mentioned a party tonight. I can run do my work and stop by there and surprise him."

"Well, I'm not certain that we'll be there," Gloria answered, as I thought she would.

I feigned disappointment and quickly added, "Oh, the costume thing," as though I knew something.

"What?" she asked.

"Greg wants you to wear a French maid costume, doesn't he?" I said, while nodding like I was sure of myself.

I knew that Gloria had no idea what I was talking about (since it was all fiction) so I kept going, "He had a thing for some Playboy or Penthouse model in a French maid costume when he was a teenager. It drove my aunt crazy; she kept finding pictures everywhere. I figured he would never get over that. Probably best that you don't go and wear that tonight. He would probably never get over it if something happened to your relationship after he had seen you as his childhood fantasy."

I knew and then saw in her eyes that I had just guaranteed that they would be there.

"You know, since you're in town, I'll make sure that we stop by," her tune quickly changed.

"Oh, thank you," I said, and disappeared out of the school and back to Heather's apartment to help her get ready.

"But, how do you even know that Greg wants a French maid?" Heather asked when I told her my story.

"Heather, every guy wants a French maid; if I had said cheerleader, nurse or Catholic schoolgirl uniform, the response would have been the same." I explained. "Do you think there is even the slightest chance of him not being turned on by Gloria in that outfit tonight?"

"Well, no, when you put it that way," she agreed.

I was going in jeans and a leather jacket, as a motorc

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