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A fantasy come true.

"I just thought you might need one after."

"After what?" I asked, instead of just ignoring his silly hints.

"After I've bedded you," he told me, calm as you please. "You'll be hot and sticky and a cool shower will do wonders."

Was he kidding or what?

"Um, you not going to bed me, as you put it," I pointed out.

"Yes, I am," he promptly replied. "You're naked and gorgeous. How could I not bed you?"

"You can't just take a girl to bed a girl because you catch her naked," I said with some asperity.

"I know that," he says. "Just the ones with nice figures. Ones like you, in other words."

I suddenly became acutely aware that he must have found it a hot night, too. All he was wearing appeared to be a set of light pyjamas, and those pyjama pants weren't doing a great deal to disguise his interest in me. What's more, men's pyjama pants don't appear to have a button up fly.

That's when he took a step close to me, slid his hands around me to catch hold of my bottom and pull me up against him. And in case you're wondering, yes, I knew damn well what had promptly popped out of his non-existent fly and was now pressing very firmly against my tummy.

"This is ridiculous," I told him. "You don't even know who I am and I, for sure, don't know you."

"Hi, I'm Paul," he said. "And you're that red-hot blonde that lives in the unit opposite mine. I'd have had to have been blind not to notice you around the place, even if we haven't been introduced.

Tell me, is that your natural hair colour or is it dyed? I did look to check, but it turns out you shave. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It shows off these curves."

The swine had the gall to run his hand down and stroke my mons. I opened my mouth to protest but his hand went back around to my bottom and the next thing I knew he'd lifted me slightly into the air.

The reason for that I found damned quickly. He just positioned me above his cock and started lowering me onto it.

"Wait," I squealed. "What are you doing? You can't just grab me and take me like this."

It was blatantly obvious that I was wrong. I could already feel his cock making inroads into me, pressing determinedly along my passage, not hurrying as such, but just pushing its way along forcefully, stretching me and making me accommodate him.

Paul gave one last little jerk upwards and them I'm staring at him, mouth open in just plain shock, neatly skewered by his cock. Before I could say anything he reached over and grabbed a chair, turned it around and sat on it, leaving me straddling him.

Now that he didn't have to bear my weight, his hands were free. They didn't stay free for long though. They glommed onto my breasts as though he'd never touched any before.

So here's the situation. I'd been expecting sympathy and a dressing gown to hide my nudity. What I got was a cock up me as far as it could go and hands playing with my breasts.

"Are you insane?" I asked me. "Let me go at once."

"Don't be silly," Paul says. "You feel wonderful. Just stay like that until you're ready to start bouncing. You feel good just the way you are, I assure you."

I know that men think they're complimenting you when they say they want to take you to bed, but I think Paul was taking the complements a little too far. I braced my feet under me and started to lift myself up.

Fat chance that had of succeeding. I was sliding nicely up and off when Paul gave this little jerk and he was back up inside me again. I wasn't sure how he'd done that little trick so as I started up again I watched him closely.

He didn't do anything this time. I was nearly off and smirking at him when my foot slipped and I sat back down, driving Paul home with a sudden rush. I couldn't help it. I squealed as he slammed back into me.

I swear, I could feel that cock of his throughout my entire body. I mean, it was just there, inside me, filling me, demanding that I pay attention to it. How can you ignore something that's inside you and throbbing? I could feel his heartbeat through that thing.

I tried to sit still and igno

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