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Sam, an hermaphrodite is intoduced to a randy girl.

He sat back and enjoyed the warm feeling. It had been quite a while since his last errection, let alone his last blowjob. But he was older, and quite experienced, and the dark haired slut sucked like the blond danced, enthusiasm, but no talent, no skill.

He held out four minutes easy, and smiled at his fortune. Tiffany would soon be his to do with as he pleased; he wondered why she had made such a silly bet. She must have thought he would climax instantly, as that poor sap had. But this lady was not silly, and she had a plan.

Her massively cosmetically altered breasts slid past his face. He was suddenly eye to cunt with Tiffany. She pulled the other girl of his hard, wet cock and took it in her hand. With practiced ease she rubbed it and squeezed it in all the right ways, licking down the shaft twice before sucking the head into her lips. The she drew her own hand up and spread her pussy lips wide. Her middle finger, long and slender pierced her pink hole and her womanly juices dripped out like golden honey. The man grew very aroused, his men looked nervous.

Tiffany's long legs then wrapped in a rope dangling from the ceiling and with only 30 seconds left she pulled his entire cock in chin deep, his balls slapping her face. She bit down firmly and as he winched in pleasure and pain her wet finger slide unnoticed up his tight, brown sphincter. If he felt the pressure on his prostate he made no mention. She licked and slurped with an unsurpassed lustful skill. He held out as his cock was played like a fine instrument. With 10 seconds left he shot load after salty load on her heavily makeup laden faces and down her hungry throat.

The old man's head rolled back in delight and exhaustion. He hadn't come like that in years, if ever. Clearly, dancing was not her thing, cock was. She walked away with three thousand in cash. More importantly, she had picked his pockets clean and made a copy of his PDA, phone records and digital copies of his keys. There is no end what you can get out of a distracted man in four minutes.

Others dancers looked at her in nervous awe as she slinked backstage, pausing to rub a man here and there, or to wink at customers. Two ladies in schoolgirl outfits backed away from her quickly when she entered the dressing area. The sign on the door said "Dancers Only" and it smelled of incense and makeup. Inside sat several very scared looking women, one very unconscious bouncer, and Tiffany, buck naked and comically bound and gagger in thick black silk rope and a bright yellow gag and blindfold.

The young woman with the large, fake breasts looked at the scene. She pulled of her bleached blond wig and shook out her fine long red hair. Casually she dropped the money she had lifted from the old man at the feet of the strippers. "Split that up amongst yourselves, ok."

The women did not move as the thin red head pulled off her breast plate, the massive bed pillows falling down limply as her own pert breasts sprung out firm in the cool air of the room. She pulled off the cum strained latex face popped out the color contacts., hiding all of this in a black leather backpack, the placed her cowl back over her head and pulled on her calf high yellow custom boots and gloves. Then she calmly jumped out the seventh story window.

It took nearly an hour to get to one of her hidden places, decode the pda files and work out the map and codes to the private villa. She cut herself a set of his keys, downloaded the map and codes to her portable bat computer, and went downstairs to power up her Bat Bike.

Batgirl put on her safety gear and entered the ignition codes, the powerful diesel engine roared to life as she tested the throttle, brakes, batteries and options.

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