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Why doesn't someone stop her? Where is Sid?' she bewailed.

Ren__e had forgotten Sid had a meeting with his advisor. Kristen continued to parry the dark-haired woman with her sharp weapon bringing her back from her thoughts when she realized her blouse was now in ribbons too. SLASH! And then her blouse was gone also.

Ren__e was now left wearing only an orange bra as she had inadvertently kicked off her shoes. The crowd grew increasingly wild and was screaming encouragement to Kristen and obscene remarks to Ren__e as almost all of Ren__e's naked body could be seen, although there were now more supporters of Ren__e than ever, who were discussing just exactly how they could rush Kristen and not have to feel the bite of her sword.

Ren__e was screaming again but it was more in embarrassment at the moment, as the tiny cuts on her legs had already scabbed and Kristen had been concentrating on cutting her clothing away. Kristen danced closer moving in for the kill.

The last of Ren__e's clothing flew away leaving her stark naked in the courtyard in front of over two hundred students and teaching staff members. She currently had no secrets unrevealed as her naked breasts were heaving and there was absolutely no way she could hide her shaven vagina.

Even worse, flashbulbs from cameras were going off. Kristen, now seeing the naked truth of the woman who she believed was her best friend's mortal enemy, then stepped up close and personal. She had been using a long distance fight style. Kristen now switched to a more sidestep style.

Ren__e heard with pure horror Kristen shout out, "One hundred slashes, you wanton lying slut! One!"

The sword caught Ren__e right across her back. When it left, there was a long gash, painful but not life threatening. Ren__e kept screaming but she was growing weak and beginning to fade in and out of consciousness as the blonde woman continued to lash her all across her back and then lower.

Kristen almost lovingly applied the weapon as it almost appeared to sensually wrap itself around Ren__e's rear and then flick up at her vaginal area in front. In fact it was right here when Ren__e crossed the line from pain to pleasure.

When she heard Kristen shout "Six!" Ren__e attempted to whirl away only to catch the next slash straight across her breasts.

"Oh!" she moaned as it seemed to her that the sharp Iaito caressed her erected nipples. Ren__e quit moving and instead moved her legs open as much as she could while standing on her tiptoes and invited Kristen to slash her labia by thrusting it up at her as much as possible in imitation of the sexual act.

Kristen, not realizing Ren__e was now deriving pleasure from her punishment, was so angered by the naked young woman wantonly waving her sexual organs in her face, snapped her weapon back by her ear and then straight down on Ren__e's completely distended labia.

"Oh God!" Ren__e shouted as two hundred fascinated people watched as cum cascaded from Ren__e's vagina. Kristen stood completely aghast to observe Ren__e climaxing in public and what made it worse - it was from her sword. She realized that this, in effect, made her Ren__e's lover.

'She really is a slut,' the blonde woman thought. Kristen paused just enough that twenty students fell on her and wrested her weapon away.

Kind hands untied Ren__e and she fell to the floor, fainted dead away.


Ren__e regained consciousness in the university hospital while lying on a bed. A doctor was standing on one side currently monitoring her patient's pulse and Sophie stood worriedly on the other, wringing her hands.

Ren__e sat up, the sheet that she was lightly covered with fell away revealing that Dr. Kadow, one of the staff doctors, had treated the long slash wound that Kristen had left across Ren__e's breasts. Luckily it was not deep, had not harmed her nipples in any way, and was already healing just by being in the air. The doctor had applied a local pain killer to the area and antibiotic.
"Oh God," Ren__e exclaimed.

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