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She meets with a man who's not her husband.

As he inched to the door, he grinned. Opening the door and taking a peek, Reed prepared himself for anything.

"Reed! You survived!" Alex's cheerful voice boomed from the end of the hallway. Seeing him, he stood by the door laughing, the teen peeking her head out. "The kid too! Good show!" His fake British accent making him sound down right comical to the teen.

"You make it?" Reed asked.

"Damn right. I made it to the 'safe house' just as the first whistle blew. Heard you, the teen," pointing to the girl, "Thomas and Michelle were almost caught by that cheating biatch Carrie. She used the first whistle to capture three others."

"Damn," the teen replied as the trio made their way for the "safe house" by the Water Tower. On arrival, Reed saw some laughing, smirking, absolutely upset faces. Tamara's face held a smirk; Kevin's a huge face-shrouding frown of disappointment. Looking to the Killers, he saw why...

Of the two guys and gals, they caught 10 of the 16 people - and each took a reward from their "victims." The females held shirts, money, and even two pairs of boxers; the guys held earrings, money also, and one (Chris - that SOB) held two pairs of panties - one peach, one black. Looking their way, Tamara ran over and hugged the teen tightly.

"Jolene, you didn't get caught did you?"

"Nah," she replied, "This cutie here," poking Reed's sides, "rushed me away from that cheater to safety." Looking at him, Jolene's smile did something to Reed only Tamara's have done - melt his insides.

He was still staring at the smile when Tamara elbowed him. "Watch it mister; this here is my younger sister Jolene. She's a HIGH SCHOOL senior."

Coughing, Reed looked at Tamara with a mix of hurt and embarrassment. Alex laughed loudly; Jolene looked back at her older sister sticking out her tongue.

"Ok... MOM." Tamara's face grew dark as Alex's laugh increased making him double over. Reed even had to laugh at that; Jolene's voice when she said it was like a little kid.

Giggling, Jolene stood an inch or two shorter than Tamara. Yet, that's where the differences ended. She had those same alert, round eyes like Tamara's; her build (nice toned legs in a pair of black tight dress pants, perky tits straining against her tight shirt, hips and thighs nice and firm) spoke similarly to their being related. The hair - raven black with streaks of blue - fell a little past her shoulders adding to her youthful look. Though she was no older than 18, Reed suddenly realized she carried herself much like her older sister - much like many of the mature females on the campus.

Again he caught himself staring at her... this time Tamara did not notice (Kevin came by complaining how he lost 50 dollars for being caught). Jolene was the only one - and her eyes were staring right back at him full of fire and energy. Minutes past; finally Reed had to break it when Chris and Alex called them all together. A second game was being played; this time Reed made sure he was a Killer (shouting "Make ME a KILLER!!!" nonstop); he was paired with Michelle (short pudgy Hispanic junior) as they counted to 50 with their eyes closed. At 50, he opened them and saw no one around - the campus was eerily silent.

Reed and Michelle headed for Miller Hall while the other duo took Dunbard (though he wanted Dunbard; he knew where some kids would be hiding). Shrugging, they walked into the older Social Science building. The halls were well lit; all the lights were still on making hiding in corners impossible. Yet, the shape of the building (a three-story X) made it hard to find anyone together.

"Let's split up," Michelle suggested. When Reed nodded, he headed for the upper portion of the X-shaped building alone; his shoes occasionally scuffed the floor squeaking (he cringed when it did). He searched the first and second floors but found no one.

By the third floor, he wasn't expecting to find anyone. Then...

BAAMMM!! Hearing the unmistakable sound of a textbook falling, he half hopped loo

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