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Sabrina arrives.

me ask you, is that why you were haulin' all of that water before, because you don't have electric to power the well?"

"Yeah, but that's hard-wired in. It's not like you can plug that it to an outlet."

"Oh I think that I can jury rig something. You might want to still haul water for your garden though. It takes a lot of gas to pump that much water. Still, you'll have enough water for you and Josie. And you can have a cold beer on the porch."

With that, mom came out of the house. She looked stunning. She was wearing this outfit that I had seen on her last summer. It looked like she was wearing a tan colored strapless bustier over matching shorts, but it was really one piece. It was what women call a romper, and she looked elegant with her dark hair down.

"My God Josie, you look even more gorgeous than before." Cassio looked stunned.

"You look great Josie," I said.

"Why thank you guys. What were you talking about while I was upstairs; me?"

"No electricity," I said amused.

"Electricity?" She asked as she placed her empty wine glass down for refilling. "Can you get us some Cass?"

"Cassio thinks that he can get us a generator," I answered for him while he filled up mom's glass.

"And we can have a refrigerator?" She asked.

"And running water." Cassio stated proudly.

"See Ed?" She turned to lecture me. "I told you it was possible."

"I was a business lawyer, not an electrician."

"You were a lawyer, Ed? You don't look like a lawyer."

"I've been told that before, but most people lived to regret it."

"I bet they have. You have a certain air about you Ed. I can tell that you are driven. Lord knows your reputation is already huge around here."

"My reputation for what?"

"Let's just say that no one would fuck with you."

"You mean because of the zombies?"


"I was only protecting Josie."

"Don't take it wrong. A lot of people are indebted to you. You did what had to be done, and what they couldn't or wouldn't do."

"Let's have some more wine guys and enjoy this beautiful evening." Mom changed the subject.

"Right." Cassio understood and started to pour the wine. "So Josie, you are Lebanese?"

"Yes." She smiled proud of her heritage.

"And I assume, from your accent, that you were born there."

"Yes I moved to the States when I was eighteen."

"It's amazing how educated you are; how well spoken." Uh oh, I thought. He is treading on shaky ground.

"What do you mean?" Mom said tersely.

"It's just that you are an Arab." And there he did it.

"Why, because the Arabs are a little people, a silly people? Greedy, barbarous and cruel?"

"What?" Cassio said taken aback.

"She's quoting from her favorite movie." I said, and Cassio shot me a quizzical look.

"Lawrence of Arabia." I expanded.

"Did you know Cassio," mom went on. "In the Arab city of Cordoba, there were two miles of public lighting in the streets, five hundred years before Columbus was born."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. But isn't there a law against educating women?"

"I'm not Muslim, Cass." Mom softened up. "I'm a Christian, and I was sent by my father to attend the American University in Beirut. My father believed in education; even for a woman."

"Your father was a wise man."

"My father was a character. He was a student of the Greeks." Mom laughed and put down her glass for another refill. "He thought because we were Greek Orthodox that somehow we had Greek heritage. That's where my name Jocasta comes from. It's Greek." Cassio filled her glass again and just sat back mesmerized by my mother.

"He taught me, himself, when I was a young girl. I knew more about Greek culture and philosophy at twelve than most men know in a lifetime. And that includes Greek men."
"He was right though," she continued. "They were the origin of Western civilization. But I'm preaching now, and I need to get dinner on the table. Ed, will you help me?"

"Sure," I answered as I started for the door.

"Can I help?" Cassio volunteered.

"Yes," mom consented. "You can open that other bottle of wine."

All through dinner, and then afterward, when I was assig

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