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Having my way with her again.

" He shook his head as he closed the distance. His hand circled around her throat as his fingertips lightly rubbed across her skin. A light sigh escaped her lips. His smile grew wider.

"Listen I will call you what I when I want. So unless you are willing to walk right now Then you will smile say Yes Sir and do as you are told. Am I clear?" She felt the anger burn in her throat.

"This was the worst mistake I ever made. Now you are going to take your damn board and be back ..." She was cut off as he grabbed her and yanked down the panties she was still wearing. The wind almost left her body as she was slammed over his knees as he sat down. His hands slammed down onto her ass.

"Fucking stop it!" He laughed as he kept slapping her ass.

"Such language from a lady." He laughed again as his hands clapped down onto her ass. The pain began to surge. He didn't relent as she continued to scream. Her legs continued to kick as he held her firm. The spanking continued. She shouted and screamed. He stopped and rubbed her ass.

"Do you really want me to stop? That means no model, no art, no sale, and probably a stunted career. So submit or we can end this now?" Her breathing steadied as the pain steadily pulsed.

"Just take the damn board." He laughed as he struck her ass. Her body heaved as she felt warmness drift between her thighs.

"Cake and eat it too? I don't think so." She knew it wouldn't stop.

"Yes yes sir I will I promise." Tears welled up in her eyes. How? How did she let this happen? His hand stopped and patted her ass.

"That's a good girl. Now stand up and thank me for spanking you. " She bit her lip hard.

"Yes, I'm Michael and please don't call me anything but that if you will." She looked at him as he sat down in front of her on the bench. He cleared his throat as he looked around the room.

"What is going to be the premise of the work?" She looked at him for a second. He had pulled out a pad and a pen.

"Well its just a abstraction of a nude male. I will end doing maybe three to four different mediums." He sat after he wrote that with a expectant look on his face. After a minute or so he sat the pad down.

"I guess that is it." She rolled her eyes. What was he expecting a full presentation? He was just the model after all just as long as he could hold a pose for an hour. She sighed and rubbed her forehead. She grabbed for the bag she had brought.

"Ok, about your fee. I was thinking that these she pretty much cover the ten hours of work." Each part had a felt bag covering them as she removed them. He laughed as he picked up the first one.

"Who sold you this?" He grabbed the board and flicked it quickly with his thumb.

"Uh its worth over $800.00." He shook his head. He began to gather all of his items as he stood up.

"Well maybe if it was new. Also, if it was four or five years ago. These are old professional boards the market is limited just because of the accessories they require. You would be lucky to get $225 from them." He laughed as he began to walk out.

"Besides the only buyer around here that is really into this contemporary nudes in the high end range wants the entire series done live rather than from a group of photos. That would take at least 100 hours. You would be better off going to a gym and trying to luck out with a amateur." Her head darted back to him.

"What? How would they know it wasn't done live?" She put her hands on her hips.

"I have met the guy he likes to chat up the models. Now unless you have something a bit more valuable to offer. I have to get down to Copernicus before the close the doors." She knew of the place. One of her idiot ex-boyfriends had dragged her down there and had tried to interest her into being strapped down to a table. Maybe, he was right about the design. It would work better live. The fee though... She grabbed his arm.

"Uh uh well maybe we can come to another arrangement?" He raised an eyebrow as he looked her up and down.

"Is that so? You really do love your art don't you?" She nodded as she looked at him.

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