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Laura is lured deeper into Marcilla's web.

"Well Debbie what do you want for Christmas?" Santa asked.

"Well what I really would like is a new boyfriend Santa my last just broke up with me" Debbie informed Santa though she could not believe she had just come out with that to a stranger.

"Oh that's bad Santa will have to see what he can do for such a beautiful...young...girl...." Santa's voice got quieter as he spoke and stared at Debbie who smiled back at him.

This staring continued until Debbie moved closer to Santa's face and as she moved her cute ass she felt Santa's slay pushing against her she raised her eyebrows in surprise and placed an arm around the back of his head and leaned forwards opening her lips slightly and planting a soft kiss on the lips of Santa who slightly kissed back his beard tickling Debbie's face made her shudder.

Debbie pulled back and looked at Santa who looked back at her she let his hand move from the arm of the chair to her hardened nipple and gently through the thin material rub it in gentle circles.

"Mmmmm" Debbie moaned as she felt his thumb and fore finger take the nipple in between and give it a little pull.

"Oohhhh ooowww" she moaned again as she moved her hot ass again feeling more of the bulge between Santa's legs touch her she felt her pussy getting wet from all the attention she was getting from this older man, even threw the beard Debbie could see he was at least 65 years old but that didn't matter he was giving her pleasure like no other she pushed his hand away from her nipple and went for another kiss this time a deep passionate kiss their tongues pushing past their lips and invading each others mouths.

Debbie moved again and felt not only a bulge but a hand move down her waist and hover above her nether regions it didn't take long for the probing hand to get to the right spot as it slowly went up under the short skirt that had been riding up and found her thong which gave away how horny Debbie really was.

Santa's hand began slowly rubbing Debbie's pussy threw the thin material of the thong which only served to add to the pleasure that Debbie's pussy was receiving from this light touch, the kissing was still going on and Debbie began to moan into Santa's mouth more.

"The shopping center is now closing could everyone still remaining please leave now" the loud speaker announced this brought the kissing and touching to a premature end but Debbie wanted more she looked at Santa who wanted more too.

"My place is only 10 minutes away" she said wantonly, Santa smiled and nodded as Debbie got off his lap and helped him up out of the chair his cock bulging in his big red pants as they both rushed back to Debbie's house.

They both got back to Debbie's front door and before she could unlock the door Santa still dressed up beard and all turned her as she put the key in the door after she had turned he pushed her against the door and kissed her deeply once again, after this kiss she turned the key and opened the door rushing in they both slammed the door behind them and began kissing again.

"Upstairs" Debbie said breathless from the kissing Santa nodded as Debbie grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs next to the door she pulled him into the room directly in front of the stairs.

Once inside Santa noticed that the room only consisted of a bed which Debbie immediately pushed Santa onto so that his head was at the bottom of the bed and his feet were on the pillows.

Debbie smiled as she walked around to Santa's head and looked down at his face she smiled showing off her pearly white teeth, she stood up straight and opened her legs Santa was now able to look up at Debbie's tight thong a clear wet patch was visible.

Santa slowly raised his arms and placed his hands on Debbie's legs he began moving them up her thighs and soon under her dress.

"Oooohhh" Debbie moaned as she felt his fingers hook each side of the thong and slowly

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