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Three girls get to know each other.

Stephanie slowly rubbed my shaft with her soft hand while cupping my balls with the other. I stared back at her chest wanting to see more.

"I think he wants to see your chest Steph," Laura laughed. "And honestly so do I."

Stephanie stopped and looked at both of us before grabbing her shirt off and lifting it over her head. Her blonde hair flowed back down over her as she tossed her shirt to the floor. Laura reached around Stephanie and unclasped her bra. After freeing her breasts Laura waved her bra around in the air like a cowgirl with a lasso then flung it across the room. I watched in amazement, barely containing myself. Her creamy breasts were firm and larger than Laura's, with nipples that seemed to point in my direction. I couldn't wait to take grasp them.

I looked at Laura and swear I could see her drooling. She reached over and grabbed a hold of Stephanie's left breast. She pinched her nipple as Stephanie continued to rub my shaft. I was amazed looking on at my girlfriend; her hand too small to fully cup Stephanie's breast.

"Give it a kiss." Laura said watching me stare at Stephanie. She leaned in and kissed Stephanie on the cheek, a sign to give her the go ahead.

Stephanie followed and leaned in closer. She slowly kissed my shaft then leaned back, giving a grin knowing now that it wasn't so scary.

"Don't stop," I said.

She leaned back in and kissed the base of my shaft, then kissed it again, making her way up until she reached the mushroom of my member. After kissing the tip she pulled her head back again.

"That feels nice," she whispered referring to Laura's hand on her breast, playing with her undersized nipple.

"Take him into your mouth," Laura whispered. Grabbing the back of Stephanie's head, she tried to lower her closer.

Stephanie followed her direction, leaned in, and opened her mouth, letting me inside. Her warm breath hitting me before her saliva drooled onto on it. Her mouth encased the head of my shaft. Her tongue swirled around awkwardly, like a girl licking her lollipop.

I grabbed my shirt and pulled it off over my head, tilted my head back and enjoyed the moment. Knowing this was Stephanie's first cock felt amazing. I looked at Laura as she was pushing Stephanie's head downward, acting a bit more forceful each time.

"You're not taking it in enough," Laura instructed and pulled Stephanie's head back. "Watch me." Laura lavishly engulfed my cock in her mouth and started going to town, taking it in deep enough to cause her to gag a bit. The sucking motion was like a vacuum upon me. She only let go long enough to run her tongue along my shaft and down to my sac, sucking it in.

Stephanie watched in awe as Laura went down on me. The hunger built within her as she studied Laura's moves. Wanting to give them more access I stood up off of the couch. This would give them more room to perform their magic.

Laura let go so Stephanie could get another turn at it. "Now do it right," She commanded. Her tone was getting more forceful.

Stephanie amazingly took me in deeper, just like Laura. Her hand fondled my sac as she sucked me in. Laura stood up and got behind me, her hands grabbing my chest, pinching my nipples. Her arms reached down me, fondling my inner thigh. Stephanie leaned back to get some air as Laura grabbed my shaft, holding it like a hose.

"You having fun Steph?" Laura asked.

"Uh huh," She responded, fondling her own breast.

"Then don't stop," I said grabbing Stephanie's head and pulling her back towards me. Laura, gripping my shaft, used it to slap Stephanie against the cheek.

"Take it like a good little slut," Laura demanded.

Hearing Laura berate Stephanie drove me wild.

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