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A trip to the mall for some shopping of a different kind.

"Don't worry, Ma, I will get it."

Rudra scooped the naked figure of his mother off the floor and carried her in his arms to the bedroom. After gently putting her in the bed, he draped a clean sheet over her helpless nudity and kissed her tenderly on her lips.

"You have had a tough day, Ma, take rest. I have a plan to sort it out by the morning." Then he switched off the light and went back to his desk.

But they did not have to wait till morning because he was back by midnight, all excited with a little contraption that he had made by himself. "Ma, wake up, wake up ... see what have I got." He shook her awake.

Deepa sat up drowsily and the sheet slipped off, leaving her once again with her breasts exposed. But Rudra had no time for such a lovely view. Instead he held up the vaginal applicator but Deepa could see that he had modified it extensively.

"What have you done to that?"

"Look, the bullet of yours is made of steel and so we can pull it out with magnet!"

"Wow, what an idea Sir-Ji"

"I have taken a bolt and filed its head so that it does not have any sharp edges. Then I have wrapped a lot of copper wire around it and taped it down. Next, I have stuck it in the head of the applicator, where you normally place a tablet and have wedged it tightly in the slot. Now if I connect this wire to an electric point, that nut will become a magnet and attract the bullet ... and we can slowly pull it out." He was so excited with his creation that he blurted out all this in one breath.

"Electricity? What if I get a shock? In my pussy?"

"No Ma, I am connecting this to the 12V DC power supply of our computer .. so even if you get a shock, it will be very, very mild."

"I am feeling scared kid to stick electric wires into my cunt. Perhaps we can see a doctor tomorrow."

"Don't worry, Ma. Trust me. I know what I am doing. Will I take a risk with my dear, dear mother?"

"Ok. Fine." Deepa smiled at her son's ingenuity. "Let's go. Let me spread my legs once again for my son."

Once again, Deepa lay down on the floor, raised her knees, spread them apart and exposed the slit of her vagina to her son. Rudra connected the wires to the power supply and then handed a switch to his mother.

"You will have the switch in your hand and I will ask you to connect it when I think that we are close to the bullet. But if you ever feel any kind of shock, the switch will be in your hand and you can just put it off."

"Ok," gulped Deepa.

"Don't worry, just close your eyes and relax."

Deepa closed her eyes but the moment she felt the hard head of the bolt on her the lips of her cunt she felt a sudden tightening of her sphincter and the muscles of her vagina went tense. But then she felt her son's hand stroking her on her belly, then her pubis, his fingers playing with the curls of her pubic hair and gently teasing the swollen lips of her labia and her body relaxed. Rudra gently spread her labia and gradually pushed the swollen head of the applicator through the slit and into her vagina.

"This will be just fine Ma, just remember when you had pushed this same gadget into yourself ... it is just the same."

Slowly, very slowly Rudra pushed the applicator right into the vagina until it was buried right up to the neck, with just the wires sticking out of Deepa cunt. Then on a signal from Rudra, Deepa closed the switch. The electricity flowed in, spun around the steel bolt, created a powerful magnetic field, pulled at the steel cylinder and with a 'click' it got attached to the bolt.

"I think we got it," whispered Rudra and slowly started pulling out, first the wires and then, after it had emerged, the applicator itself until with a sudden "pop" the swollen head of the applicator came out of Deepa's hole and ....

"There it is Ma," exulted Rudra, holding up the the two inch long steel cylinder that he had just fished out of his mother's love canal! Deepa gave a scream of pleasure and snatched the cylinder of out her son's hand and examined it carefully.

"Is it all right Ma?" Rud

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