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First time 'ponygirl' is outfitted by master.

"Come on!" said our president. "Be thorough in your inspection! Only penile penetration is forbidden."

That was when I felt the first hand squeeze my ass. I jumped, and he smacked me lightly. I remembered that we weren't to move. Another grabbed my breast, weighing it in his hand, then kneading it. My nipples must have stiffened, because one was tweaked. I gasped a little, but didn't move.

"Hey," whispered one of the guys. "Think she likes it?" He reached between my legs and stuck two fingers in my shaved slit. He brushed my hard clit, and my stomach tightened, but I didn't make a sound. The rational part of me was getting numb, and the sensual part of me was getting excited. He removed his fingers and smeared the stuff on my lips.

Another reached in from behind and rubbed hard on my clit. I gasped, my mouth falling open, and someone chuckled. The fingers rubbed again, and I felt my thighs quiver. He rubbed some more, in little circles, and his thumb went up inside me.

Someone was playing with my nipples. Someone else was kneading my ass with one hand. I was breathing heavily, quivering, right on the edge of orgasm, when someone clapped. The hands disappeared and the guys filed out of the room.

"All right," said the president. "You get five minutes to yourselves."

The girl beside me stepped closer, running her manicured nails up my back. "I saw them fingering you," she said in a breathy voice. "Are you as close as I am?" I must have nodded, because she leaned closer and sucked on my earlobe, spiking me a little closer to cumming. "Good. Lay down. I'll lick your hurt, if you lick mine."

I'd never been with a girl, but I didn't care. I just wanted release. I lay down on my back, and she lay down on top of me, pressing her twat to my face. "You first, girl," she hissed. I hesitated, then parted her lips with my thumbs and plunged in, running my tongue in bottom to top. I heard her moan, and then I reached her clit, started toying with it, rubbing, pressing the flat of my tongue to it, flicking.

She got louder and louder, until I sucked it between my teeth and felt her go rigid with orgasm. I barely had time to register that I'd given my first dyke orgasm when her hands spread my thighs and her tongue parted my lips.

She licked my lips first, then sucked on them. I'd never felt anything so exquisite. Then she plunged her tongue inside of me, hooking it around my pelvic bone, sucking and squirming. I heard myself moaning loudly.

Vaguely I recognized that I was not the only one. And then she attacked my clit. My eyes flew open and they were standing over us, rubbing their crotches, the brothers who had bought us.

It was too much. I was turning them on. I screamed in orgasm.

Vaguely, I felt her being pulled off of me, by her buyers, I guess. I was still recovering from my orgasm when I felt a body cover mine and a cock thrust into me. He pounded into me, grunting, his dick rubbing my clit, but he came too soon and I was again at the brink of orgasm when they yanked me to my feet, pinched my ass and said they were ready to go now. Someone tossed a blanket around me, and another blindfolded me.

They led me out to their two-door car and shoved me in the back seat between two brothers. As the car started, they peeled away the blanket, the left one sliding his hand up my leg, the right one baring my breasts and squeezing them. As he began to play with my nipples, Left pulled my thigh towards him and his fingers reached my twat, tracing lightly up and down the crevice. I heard myself mewling as Right leaned over and sucked on my nipple. Left kneaded my lips over my still-sensitive clit, engorging it and making my kegels start to flex.

I heard a fly unzip on the right, and he took my hand and curled it around him, showing me the right motion. Left's hand disappeared for a moment, and then he took my other hand and pressed it to his cock. For my own convenience, because Left's fingers were on my lips again and distracting me, I used the same rhythm on both.

Left didn't seem to

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