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Sending videos to him, obeying

She stood in front of him dancing seductively as the song began to wind down. I did as I was ask when the song ended. You could feel the tension as what was only a few seconds seemed like minutes before Lea spoke.

"Mike, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I am just trying to add some excitement to our lives"

"Hey, I'm married and..." Mike started.

Lea interrupted him as she was lightly touching the rapidly growing bulge in his shorts with her finger tips. "But you are definitely not dead. Wow, this is more than I thought it would be."

I think he could have left until she said that.

"What makes you say that?," Mike questioned.

Before she spoke again, Lea pulled her tank top over her head and tossed it to me. She then began the rub and pinch her nipples.

"Oh I was checking you out on the boat and I was thinking there wasn't much to what I have heard over the years"

"Well I guess you need to see for yourself."

Lea removed her shorts. She then put her arms around Mike's neck pulling her naked body against him.

"I hoped you would say that," as she gave him a wet kiss on the lips. She then dropped to her knees in front of him. Mike removed his shirt as Lea took hold of his Nike gym shorts waistband at the hips. She slowly pull his shorts and underwear down together. As his dick began to show it was obvious this was not a penis. She finally cleared the tip with the shorts and his stiff cock sprang upwards.

"Holy fuck." Lea sat back, ass resting on her heels as she was taken back by the size of his cock. I would guess it was 10 inches in length and was proportionally thick. It appeared to be perfectly round and just as Mike was not light skinned, his cock was just as black. About 3 inches from the tip was a dark pink color. I assume from him being circumcised. I don't know if he was naturally void of lots of pubic hair or if he trimmed but he was practically without. I will say this as a totally heterosexual man, he had a nice looking cock.

"Uhhh...this is a little bigger than I was thinking. Do you think you can get it in me?" Lea said as she looked up at Mike.

"Honey I am not going to be a brute. I'm just going to give you a good fucking and before we are finished, you will have my entire dick inside you."

She gently took his cock in her hands. Slowly feeling it's length and girth, "Oh my God, my fingers won't touch it's so thick." Lea parted her lips and slipped them over the head of his dick. A moan escaped her throat as she felt his size in her mouth. She slowly stroked the shaft with both hands as she sucked as much of his cock as she could with her mouth. Mike stood before her with his hands on his hips as she worked his cock like she wanted him to remember this blow job for a long time to come.

Lea used her left hand to hold his dick up against his abdomen and took the large balls into her right hand. She began to suck them one at a time. Mike obviously enjoyed this. "Fuck yeah....suck my balls. Damn that shit feels good....mmmmm I'm gonna fuck your pussy good. Suck that dick some more."

Lea took his cock in her mouth again. This time trying to inhale as much of it as she could. With 5 or 6 inches in her mouth, her stomach would spasm as she gagged on the thick cock. She was keeping it in her mouth as long as she was able before pull her head back and taking a breath. Half of his dick was coated with her salvia as she stroked it from head to balls with both hands making his entire cock shine in the light. Lea continued to work Mike like this for several minutes until she couldn't wait any longer.

"I need you to fuck me....I need it now." Lea said almost pleading.

Mike lay himself down on the area rug covering the floor. Pointing his cock straight up, "You first," he said with a knowing smile.

Lea straddled his waist and lowered herself to her knees. She reached between her thighs and took his cock in her hand. Lea began to rub her sweet wet pussy with the large dark head.

"Oh my God...I'm dripping wet and nervous at the same time."

She positioned his

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