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"How do you know?"

That statement was all Jan needed. She held up her hand to quieten the woman and concentrated. Mentally she felt around sorting through the various emotions that were tugging on her mind. The irritating pain of her headache flared, and Jan tried to ignore it, but the more she attempted to push it to one side the more it badgered.

"I wonder." Jan muttered closing her eyes, instead of fighting the headache she concentrated on it.

The sensation of relief and joy nearly knocked Jan to her knees and left her short of breath. What she had interpreted as pain in her head was the sensation of Kasper trying to communicate with her. Jan followed the sensation back to its source, like following a ball of string to its end.

Jan's eye's snapped open. She had walked across the stone flagged hall and was facing a panelled door to the side of the stairs. She tried the handle. Locked.

"Cob honey." She called out, could you get this door for me."

"No worries." The Aussie replied grinning as he moved from his position by the front door and charged the object that was blocking access to where Kasper was being held. A large, well-muscled shoulder hit the door like it was a match winning tackle.

The panelled door looked as if it was made from oak. No doubt part of the original features of the old building. There was a good chance it had barred the way to whatever lay beyond for decades, many even more than a century. Cob on the other hand had existed far fewer years, although for many of those years he had been a loosehead prop and was very familiar with the terms 'unstoppable force' and 'immovable object'.

As it was the lock the door was secured with, had only been in place a few weeks and had been purchased at a local DIY store. It didn't stand up to three hundred and fifty pounds of muscle and bone, packed in to a six foot four inch, Cob shaped battering ram.

Jan pushed past the now open door and followed the feelings of relief that emanated from the stairway leading underground. As her eyes adjusted to the dimness, Jan could just about make out a pale figure in the centre of the room, grim smeared across her skin and wrists bound to an upright beam.

Tears flooded Jan's eyes as she gripped the semi-conscious form of Kasper. "It's okay, I've got you." She reassured.

"I knew you would come for me." Kasper replied a wan smile on her lips, and her voice hardly more than a whisper.

The large form of Cob appeared through the gloom. "G'day nudie." He greeted Kasper with a grin. "This one's been goin' spare looking for you."

"Her hands are tied." Jan said between sobs. "Do you have a knife?"

Cob grinned as he produced a gleaming knife the size of a short sword and sliced through the bonds like they were butter.

"Yep, that's what I call a knife." Jan agreed, managing a short laugh.

Jan emerged back in to the hallway and daylight, Cob following behind, carrying Kasper who was wrapped in Jan's jacket. The woman who had tried to bar their entrance was still rooted to the spot where they had left her.

"She has the Devil in her that one." The woman cried out, as Kasper came in to view.

The anger that was still simmering in Jan boiled a little harder. "You wouldn't know the Devil if he screwed you in the arse." Jan hissed, wanting nothing more than to punch the woman, but managing not to. "I don't know what you intended to do here, but think yourself lucky you aren't occupying the position she was."

"I was going to drive the evil out of her." The woman replied. "She is full of wanton thoughts."

"Jealousy gets you nowhere." Jan growled, her face inches away from the hatched faced woman, who backed away in fear. With a snort Jan turned away and stormed out as Cob laid Kasper in the rear seat.

Jan clambered in to the rear seat and held on to Kasper tightly. Doors slammed and Cob fired the engine once more.

"Thank you Cob.

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