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She asked me what I was up to. I told her to be quiet or I will stop and leave her like that for the rest of the night. I took one of the ice cubes out of the glass and held it in my hand above her left breast. When the first drop of cold water hit her skin she gasped. I leaned down and licked it up, flicking my tongue over her nipple a few times. I sat up again and began tracing small circles around her nipple with the ice cube. She sucked in her breath but didn't say a word. I continued that until the ice cube had completely melted. Then I took the next one and did the same to her right breast. Her nipples was rock hard by now. I pinched them hard, making her yelp. Pressing her boobs together I started sucking first one, then the other nipple, feeling her squirm beneath me.

I reached over for the whipped cream and sprayed a pattern over and around her boobs and down to her navel. I shifted down her body a little and proceeded to lick her clean, starting at her navel and slowly working my way up. I spent about 15 minutes thoroughly licking up all the cream, teasing her as much as possible. Her moans was getting louder and glancing down at her pussy I could see her cream seeping down between her ass cheeks. I ran a fingertip from her ass upwards, catching some of her creamy juices. Then pressed my finger against her lips and told her to suck. She opened her mouth and sucked her cream from my finger.

Although I've now been teasing her for more than 30 minutes I was still not ready to give her the pleasure I knew she wanted. I turned around then and shifted up her body, squatting over her face, positioning my pussy in line with her mouth. I lowered my now wet pussy to her mouth and told her to lick. While her tongue darted over my clit I leaned over and got hold of my dildo. I slowly traced it between her pussy lips, careful not to touch her clit. She squirmed and lifted her hips but I just pulled it away again and told her to lay still. She did and I continued to coat my dildo with her cream before ramming it into her without warning. She now had her tongue buried in my pussy and her lips and teeth grazing against my clit. God, she was just getting better and better at eating me!! I held the dildo in her pussy for a while before I started to slowly fuck her with it. It took all of my self control to raise my hips when I felt myself getting close to cumming. She moaned as my pussy left her mouth but I did not want to cum yet.

I pulled my dildo from her and climbed off of her. I removed her blindfold and she looked at me questioningly. "No, we're not done," I said. I took my dildo and slowly started running it between my pussy lips. Mixing her cream with my own juices. I slipped it inside me once and pulled it out, holding it to her mouth and told her to suck YOUR cock. She eagerly opened her mouth and wrapped it around the dildo. I just held it in place and she worked that dildo as though she was sucking on a real cock. Mmmmm... I'm pretty sure you're going to love her sucking your cock!

I removed the dildo from her mouth and rammed it back into her wet pussy, then mine and then back to her mouth... it was so good to watch her suck on that fake cock. I just know you're in for the time of your life once she gets that cock of yours between her lips.

I untied her hands and gave my dildo to her telling her to fuck me while she sucks on my clit. I straddled her face again. She slowly slipped the dildo into my wet hole. Twisting it around before starting a slow rhythm... in... out... in... out. God it felt good. Her tongue working on my clit and that dildo being slid in and out of me. I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum but by now I didn't care anymore.

I reached over and took her dildo.

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