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Seafair Holiday, lovely ladies, and a close shave.

" Exiting the other side of the car, Tristan hastily slipped into his own clothes, and after fully dressing, slid into the front seat and behind the wheel.
Once Claudia was in the passenger's side, Tristan started the car and they took off, driving out of the field and back onto the road. Along the way to Kimi's house, he pulled into the Qwik Stop Gas & Mini Mart, and after positioning the huge Lincoln next to a pump, he put it into park.

"Need anything while I'm inside?" Tristan asked.

"Some water would be nice. And an ice cream bar, strawberry shortcake if they have it."

"Coming right up," he said, lips brushing hers for a gentle kiss, then he was out of the car and heading towards the mini mart just ahead.

Checking her reflection in the rearview mirror, Claudia saw that her hair was voluminous and soft looking, the curls tight but reaching down to below her armpit. Her foundation was still fresh looking and her eye makeup was intact, but her lipstick had been rubbed off by all the kissing she had done with Tristan.

Digging into her small handbag, Claudia retrieved her lipstick, and after applying a new layer, smacked her lips together. She barely had to time to apply a dab of gloss before she noticed movement from the corner of her eye, and turning her head to look, she saw that Lucas was approaching the car.

Surprised to see that it was him, she lifted her brows and watched him come closer, unabashedly studying the way that the sleeveless raglan tee showed off his biceps. Nicely toned, they seemed even more developed than the last time she'd seen him, and on noticing that his shirt was lightly stained with sweat, her heart beat a little quicker.

She didn't know why it turned her on, but for some reason it did. Maybe because it reminded her of physical labor and with physical labor came a hard, toned body, which Lucas so clearly had. Even before he reached the car she was already smiling, and in return he widely grinned, eyes dancing with obvious merriment.

"Hey you," she said as he finally reached the car.

"Hey yourself, girl." He leaned down so his face was at her level. "What's going on?"

"Heading out to university today." She gestured to the mini mart before adding, "Tristan's inside paying for gas, then we'll be on our way over to Kimi's."

"You're leaving today?" Lucas's face went slack with disappointment. "Well why didn't you tell me? I would have showed up at your house to say goodbye."

"I did tell you. Sent you a message last night, but you never responded."

"I never got it," he replied. "My phone can be funny sometimes, though, so It's probably just a glitch in the system or something."

"Yeah, well, good thing I bumped into you here, huh?"

"Most definitely."

Noticing the fine wood chippings that covered his shirt, Claudia decided to inquire. "So where are you on your way from?"

"The sawmill," he replied. "Just getting off an eight hour shift, so I'm pretty beat right now."

"Well for eight hours of hard work, you look pretty good," she said.

"Oh yeah?" Lucas's eyes gleamed at her flirtatious compliment. "Well thanks, you're looking pretty nice yourself."

She inwardly blushed, but maintained steady eye contact with him.

"I always did think you were sexy," Lucas said in a purposely lowered tone. "You know I still have a thing for you, right?"

Her lashes lowered, face growing hot at his blatantly seductive words. Yet as flattered as she was, a part of her also felt guilty. Not even an hour ago she'd been having sex with Tristan, and now here she was, lusting after Lucas and blushing madly at his come on's.

Tristan was her boyfriend, while Lucas was an ex, so why was she sitting here flirting with him when she was already in a committed and loving relationship?

"Yeah, I admitted it," Lucas declared. "I still like you, Claude. But of course you already knew that because girls are good at figuring that stuff out."

"But I didn't know," Claudia said. "To be honest, I thought you'd already moved on."

"I have," he replied.

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