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On the edge.

'Here,' she said.

Alan held out his arms in front of him.

'Come find me.'

He took a careful step and could hear movement. Even though he'd knew the room's size, the memory of its dimensions was already blurring. He hadn't the faintest idea how big his movements were, or even what direction he was facing.

He listened. A light touch on his shoulder made him turn to the side.


Another turn towards the illusive voice. Alan took a careful step. Away from the mirror? Towards it? He was already having trouble with his spatial awareness.

'Come on,' Julie was giggling.

In his head, Alan could see her face in perfect detail, the little grooves in her cheeks, the little crinkle in her nose, and her broad smile. He was about to call out when their lips met.

At first Alan was surprised, almost to the point of pulling back, but then he felt it. Felt her.

He leant in for a hug, and the couple kissed like they'd never kissed before. It felt like an eternity, and was over far, far too quickly. Her hand was on his face again, and he reached for it like a drowning man reaches for a life boat, then grasped it firmly, almost desperately.

'That was some kiss,' Julie said.


'You look calmer now.'


She giggled again. Alan now felt utterly dependent on Julie's help. He did not let go of her hand, and Julie led him out of the bathroom. Though he tried too keep up Alan was entirely lost all too soon, and didn't regain any sense of orientation until he was made to sit down, and recognised the edge of their king sized bed. He could only listen to the sounds of Julie moving about in the bedroom, identifying steps, creaking and the unmistakeable rustling of paper.

'It says here that you should avoid opening your eyes underwater, also not to sleep with the lenses still in,' she said. 'Other than that, it seems pretty straightforward. Just don't try and take them out yourself.'

'Got it,' Alan said.

He could hear steps, and soft fabric lightly brushed his knee. Had Julie gotten dressed?

'So,' she said. 'What do you want to do now?'

She placed her hands high up on Alan's thighs, a good indicator of her own plans. He reached out, and his hand glided across something smooth and silky. It wasn't an outfit he recognised by touch, new maybe?

'Hey, what's that?' he asked.

'You noticed. I got it just for you. You like?'

'I haven't seen it, have I,' he replied stupidly.

'There are other things you could like about it.'

She took his hands into hers, and moved closer, slowly lowering herself onto his lap. Alan was in nothing but a t-shirt and boxer shorts, and he could feel her firm bottom against his bare legs, and the familiar coconutty smell of Julie's favourite shampoo enveloped the couple.

'You should take a closer look,' Julie said, and pressed down on his hands meaningfully.

'T-there isn't anyone here, is there?'

'Aww, that is so cute. You're actually blushing now,' Julie sounded delighted. 'Don't worry we're all alone.'

Alan bit his lips, as he carefully raised his arms. His fingers found Julie's hips, covered by silk. He followed the fabric down, down to Julie's legs, although it wasn't very far at all until it stopped, and Alan's hands trembled when the exquisite silk gave way to soft and lovely skin. He raised his eyebrows.

'Short,' he said.

'Just long enough,' Julie said.

'I think I like it.'

'I thought you might.'

She touched his boxer shorts, and they became just that much less roomy. Alan squirmed. Julie's fingers tickled his sides as she slipped them in under his t-shirt. Slowly, teasingly Julie began to lift it up.

'Looks like you need help,' she said.

Alan raised his arms, and Julie pulled his shirt over his head.

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