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Fantasy or reality - sick day, just to play.

I watched Ginger leave her shower through my mirror. I couldn't believe my luck when she sat on a chair facing the semi open door.

Better was to come as she had a bowl of water and a lady shaver. As she scraped the tiny ginger hairs from her long freckled legs I had a perfect view of her pussy slit opening and closing with each movement. She couldn't see my reflection in the mirror and be putting on a special show for my eyes only could she? No not my virgin daughter surly!

However I was already hard from this wonderful voyeuristic experience and almost came when she started shaving the hair from her labia and mons. Soon all the wonderful red hair was gone and her freckled pussy looked so sexy and inviting.

Within seconds she'd climbed onto the four-poster bed and covered her body with the thin sheet. As it was mid summer no other covering was needed. I went to bed as the show was over for the night but was unable to settle.

I tossed and turned but all the teasing had done the work of making me ultra Horney. I tried to resist my urges but my stiff cock dragged me into her presence once more. I couldn't resist seeing her perfect body again close up covered by those freckles that emphasized her perfection rather than distracting from it.

I'd taken the precaution this time of wearing my short robe to cover my ever-present erection. At least if she woke I could pretend I was just tucking her in, or that was the plan.

On the bedside table I saw something that made me think, a packet of birth control pills. Checking them I noted half were missing, why was she using them if she'd not been having sex I wondered? Perhaps she was planning to loose her virginity soon, no not my little girl I couldn't bear another man to have her.

Ginger was obviously fast asleep as her shallow breathing proved. She looked many years younger lying there so relaxed on her back. I just couldn't resist it I had to see her body just one more time before I lost her to another rampant male.

I was in luck without my help as she moved and the thin sheet slipped from her body. I drew in breath; she was perfection, completely shaved now, her pussy shiny from the soothing oil she'd applied after shaving.

I almost died from excitement as I watched her legs opening wide to giving me an uninterrupted view of her cunt. Her body was so wonderful with my cock hard I'd lost any inhibitions I had. I wanted to feel, to touch my girl.

Could I stroke and fondle her breasts, that would be sneaky I knew but I couldn't resist her beauty. With my hands shaking I reached for her boobs and lightly brushed their soft pliable flesh. She was still, so I lightly rubbed both nipples between my fingers.

Ginger seemed to be having a sexy dream fuelled no doubt by my administrations. Her eyes flickered open for a moment; did she realize it was her old father fondling her big boobs? Was that a brief smile of recognition, or just a manifestation of her lust? I was scared that Ginger had caught me in my perverted sexual acts!

She said nothing, which confused me. Ever so slowly her eyelids closed, she sighed, and automatically it seemed opened her legs wider still and back in a way that allowed full access to her vagina. Probably with my help she'd been dreaming of sex with her prince.

Moving to the foot of the bed I marvelled at the perfection of her smooth pussy. Her labia were just a slit and with not a hair on her mons her pussy looked delicious, perfect as the eighteen-year-old woman she'd become.

My girl was without doubt Horney and wet, little droplets running from her hole in preparation for full penetration for the first time! Nothing could stop me touching her smooth cunt; I just knew I had to, I couldn't resist her perfect body.

With one hand I stroked her outer labia and as before watched with amazement as her inner lips pushed through and opened like pink petals at my touch. Rubbing these soft inner labia made my child open her hole even more.

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