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Victorian housemaid explores her sexuality.

The younger one had long flowing blonde hair like gold cloth. She was tall her legs thin and delicate her eyes piercing blue. The other, the one that spoke also had admirable curves her face commanding yet like a fine sculpture. Her green wide eyes looked straight into his and he felt himself bewitched. The woman spoke again and he looked toward to his inquisitor in surprise. The language coming from her lips was ancient and only recognisable to the educated few.

"Please we mean you no harm."

The Major saw creatures eyes light up in amazement. The huge Lord sat across his battle mount shield at hand his robed colleague standing at his side. He was larger than the rest and had a majestic air about him; terrifying yet noble. Behind him his ancient black tower blotted out the setting orange sun.

He had understood her words!

"A trick!" He yelled his mount rearing up. "Sorcerers, witches! Vipers sent to seduce and betray!"

He bellowed his words in broken English only his inquisitor and the two women able to understand. Both girls looking at each other in worry.

"Or perhaps a gift from the gods?" His inquisitor added, his eyes lingering on the officers curves.

The dread Lord was a true Gronk; a breeder. This was a duty and a aristocratic curse his appetite or stamina knew no bounds in carnal pleasure; his seed fathering 5,000 off spring so far. The inquisitor had always felt it his duty to find his lord new mates to slight his desires.

Both Jane and Kitty tried to speak but the Lord waved his hand and they were forced to the ground. He bent down from his battle beast pulling his inquisitor close.

"Even now their charms excite me. My loins are stirring; they're bewitching manner filling me with desire to seed in them. I need to know, are they witches or a heaven sent delights!

The inquisitor looked back at the two protesting women and gave a wicked slavering reply.

"That is a question which may take me some time to answer my Lord."

The women were dragged towards the monstrous tower, its black stone glistening in the evening light.

"To the dungeons with them." The hunched inquisitor barked.

Once in the deep dark place the Gronk interrogator gave a wry smile his beak lipped mouth showing a pink lizard like tongue.

"You will remain here until it can be proved you are not witches."

Kitty gave a nervous murmur.

"But how can we prove that?"

The inquisitor caressed her hair tracing his claw over her heaving chest.

"No witch could survive the trials of the flesh. Only a creature capable of becoming a brood mare to my lord's loins would pass."

The captain shook her head still trying to reason.

"Please this is not right; we are visitors to your world."

The inquisitor signalled to his men to begin.

"If that is so rejoice for you will experience the carnal attentions of the finest breeder of his royal linage." Then he narrowed his eyes. "If not you will burn for witchcraft."

That's how it had begun two days ago. The women had been stripped, the creatures groping their tits, slapping their round asses binding their hands with rope. Kitty had been crying and sobbing, Jane more subdued all most like it was a dream. Both women had been lowered naked into the holding vat, the bubbling bull semen making Kitty retch.

The Gronk's had laughed thrusting the young blondes head under, making her mouth and nose fill with white filth, both women arms above their heads tits thrusting out. She spluttered and coughed her cute upturned nose frothing at the nostrils.

The inquisitor had started with their breast. Reaching from behind he groped Jane's impressive hard mounds pinching her nipples feeling the firm soft texture. Then he moved onto Kitty's larger cupped pale white melons; holding then as if he was guessing their weight once again pulling her long pink nipples. Both women grunted in disgust Jane tugging at the rope suspending her.

He swung the two women around so they faced each other their tits rubbing together both embarrassed by their intimacy.

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