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The tables are turned on a serial killer rapist.

Well, I had left her alone long enough to scare her and I would be using the other women as well before the night was over so I saw no need to dwell on this. I would have nine more days to punish her before all was said and done, and I was surely not going to just forget about this experience. I knew she had other weaknesses and I would use them later. Let her feel safe and secure and that I no longer felt she was responsible and then when she had finally felt safe I was going to find the most devious things I could to punish her.

I walked around her body and ran my hands over her ass, cupping them in my big hands and squeezing them. I had one thing to attend to before I pushed my fat cock inside her body though. I strapped her other hand down securing the restraint and walked up the stairs to the office. I pulled open the closet doors there and walked into the full walk in closet. It had been converted to a little voyeuristic pleasure room for me not too long ago. I had installed cameras down stairs that covered every corner of the room. There were 8 tiny pin sized cameras in the dungeon only I knew about. I had ordered them from an online company and placed them downstairs and in my bedroom just before Rose had turned 18. I had started recording the evening Rose came home late and had captured everything that went on so far during her training in the house on video. There were roughly 26 different cameras spread throughout the house, just the main portion of them were in the dungeon now. I checked the screens to make sure each woman could be seen in detail. After confirming this I turned around inside the closet and pulled down to of the handheld camcorders I had. I grabbed a couple tripods as well and went back downstairs after closing the closet door and the door to my office locking each. The men all turned there attention to me and I could here there resounding intakes of breath as they realized what was about to happen. I was going to videotape the rest of the events tonight. Little did anyone know that I had been doing so all along but I wanted the women to each realize their horrors as well and relive them over and over again, especially in the case of Melissa.

It didn't take too long to set the camera's on their tripods and start them filming exactly where I wanted them. I placed one to catch a long shot of the room with Melissa in focus from the side and Annie being still in focus just to her front and right. Now the other camera was the only thing that I debated for one reason, I wanted to videotape my cock slipping up Rose's tiny anal opening but I also wanted to capture the look on her mother's face as she watched. So, I turned the table slightly so that Julia would be forced to look directly at the view of her husband and Master mounting their daughter. I flipped on the camera and grabbed the body oil from the bench and walked behind Rose, I leaned forward and once more spread her tiny asscheeks and licked circles around her tiniest of openings. Gone was that sweet mixture of cunt juice with the flavor of sweat, now it was just the soft subtle taste of young flesh. Nothing compares to that taste I had found yet. I think if someone could market such a flavor of gum or food, the world would be their oyster. I slid my tongue up and down the crack of the beautiful ass before me and ran my fingers up and down her wet little slit. I popped the cap off of the oil and spread it all over my hands and cock. Then I poured some down in between My Rose's asscheeks. I took two fingers and rubbed it in, softly pushing against her asshole, letting my fingers just barely slip inside. I worked them with a fevered lust once I got her open enough to allow this.

It took nearly ten minutes to work a third finger in as she wiggled and pushed back trying to bury my fingers deep inside her.

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