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Coby's Story; We get to find out what happened to Coby.

"It's been great that they let me move in with them. I really needed a place to stay. But he's pretty occupied with Jill. Plus, I don't think she trusts me. I mean, I've been there, so I'd never try to do anything with him. I couldn't stand the thought of hurting her."

"Maybe she doesn't trust Mark."

"Well I never thought of that...but it hasn't been a problem. Christ, they fuck every single night!"


"Yes...I can't tell you how many times I've..." Dawn blushed as she edited herself.

"Dawn, you're looking at a guy who had to masturbate one night because he heard his parents having sex in the other room. Don't be ashamed because you're going through a lot of batteries."


"Yeah. I thought the same thing at first. And really, it didn't happen EXACTLY like that. But I did hear the folks going at it, and I did wake up in the middle of the night that night and had to whack off. But I was dreaming about someone else. Still, the it did cross my mind that I had to jack off hours after hearing them, even through the two events were unrelated...and I just got a kick out of seeing the look on your face just now."

Dawn reached over and slugged me on the biceps, and laughed. "You're gross."

"Yeah, but now that's stuck in your head, and you're going to be thinking about it the first time you come up to bat. I guarantee it."


We headed over to the diamond we were going to be playing on, and Mark introduced me to the rest of the team. I had met a few at his work earlier in the day. There were only 11 of us, which meant one would sit out each inning in the field. But we'd all bat. I knew now why he wanted me to play. A three-day tourney with 1 sub was going to be tough on all of us.

There were only 6 guys and 5 girls on the team. So, all five of the girls were going to have to play inning of every game, since the tourney rules stated that you're supposed to have an even team on the field defensively; five girls and five guys. I didn't know it when I signed up, but Mark was also the coach, not that that was a problem. He came to me and asked where I wanted to play. I told him that it was up to him. I didn't want to ruffle any feathers on the team. I was just a guest player.

He didn't start me, and batted me towards the bottom of the lineup. Last, actually. That was fine, too. I spent the first inning on the bench by myself, which was odd. I kept the score book while they S-T Raiders took the field. Mark was the pitcher, and he was throwing his high lobs to Jill, who was his catcher. Dawn settled in at second base.

When I first saw her in Mark's living room, I never would have pegged Dawn for a softball player. Of course, my eyes were stuck on her boobs. But behind them, about 8 inches, stood an incredible athlete. I knew that instantly as she ran to her position and took the first practice ground ball from the guy playing first, whipping it back to him.

I couldn't take my eyes off of Dawn the entire first inning. I kept score, but on every pitch, I was watching her, not the ball. It was intoxicating. Not just the sheer beauty of the girl herself, but also the way she played. Dawn looked to be a better second baseman that any guy I had ever played with up the middle of the field.

We got out of the first inning, but not before giving up a couple of runs because of an error by our shortstop, a big lunkhead of a guy named Earl, who you could tell thought he was the world's greatest player. You know the kind; the one that has all the latest gear and dresses the part, complete with eye black and two pairs of sweatbands on his forearms. He threw a ball 10 feet over the head of the first baseman, letting in two runs. But it was early in the game, and the tournament.

One of the other rules of the tournament was that, with it being Co-ed, you had to have your lineup set so that it went guy-girl-guy-girl, or girl-guy-girl-guy.

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