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The hard start of the rest of our lives.

And if they did, he could tell them he was trying to tell Wendy Meyers that her husband had left town. He had to get into his costume to get into the ball to find her. This way he could buy a few drinks, only over 21 types ever went here. He'd leave the mask on and no bartender would ask for ID. And even if he didn't drink, he could have fun.

It went as planned. Even his nervousness checking in at the hotel didn't phase the hotel clerk. Todd was asked if the room was going to be on the credit card they had reserved it on, and he said no, and gave his own card. It didn't have a very high limit, but he always paid it off, and there was no problem with the different first name.


So a few hours later Todd wandered through the hotel ballroom dressed as Zorro, complete with mask and sword. He had no fear about his parent's finding out, and if they did, well he was sure he could talk his way out of things if he didn't get into any trouble. He had a few beers, illicitly, in high school and he knew his limit. He would stay under that. Mostly he just wanted to see what went on.

Once in the ballroom about the only thing the nineteen year old was thinking about was how all these supposedly ordinary housewives had transformed themselves into gorgeously costumed seductresses. He guessed it had something to do with the masks everyone had to wear. That and the very low bodices that some had, as well as very short and revealing dresses that others had on.

The ballroom was huge, and there were several rooms that led off of it, he could see that several meeting rooms had been opened up to create the large space. There were several hundred people, a live band playing old classical style dance music. Well if he had to he knew he could handle it, his Mom had forced him to learn to waltz and to foxtrot.

There were three cash bars and several tables with nibbles and non alcoholic punch, ice tea and water available. He had already downed a beer but at a steep price. He figured part of the profit had to go to the charity. He had even bought one of the raffle tickets. He didn't see anybody he thought he recognized.

People were grouped together in clusters that obviously knew each other, and others were wandering around alone like he was, or in pairs, just people, or perhaps costume, watching. Not much was happening except on the dance floor. He mentally shrugged and headed that way.
Once in that area he noticed chairs set around the perimeter while small tables were arranged at one end. The lighting was low and streamers hung down from the ceiling diffusing the light into different somber colors.

They swirled as people passed by or through them. The occasional white ghost or skeleton also hung down to floor level competing with bats, spiders, pumpkins, and stylized cape wearing vampires. Looking at the dance floor he saw that there were areas and corners that weren't clearly visible.

He saw a woman wearing a very short devil costume, complete with horns mounted on the cloth helmet that covered her face to her mouth, with openings for eyes and nose. Her skirt was short and not even, but cut in a jagged hem, revealing large areas of upper thigh as she moved.

She wore red gloves that reached past her elbows and a tail rose up out of her lower back and peeked over her shoulder, swaying in time with her hips as she walked in her very high heels. When she got closer he could see a lot of cleavage and a large bosom. She wasn't slender, but well built. She walked right up to him.

"Care to dance Musketeer?" The devil lady asked.

"Yes devil woman, but I may be be a bit rusty, I'd hate to step on those lovely shoes?" He answered in a low, and hopefully more mature and sexy voice, not sure why she called him a Musketeer.

"These old things? Nonsense, come on," she said with a laugh.

She walked right up to him and put an arm on his shoulder, grasping his left hand in her right.

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