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After eight or ten strokes, she said, "Okay. Now fuck her."

She guided my dick to the opening of Lena's smooth white cunt while she held Lena's pussy lips open with her other hand. She pushed the head of my now throbbing tool about an inch into Lena.

"Fuck her," she said again. "And after you fuck her, you're goin' to fuck me again."

Just the head of my dick was inside Lena. She was warm and soft inside, and my dick throbbed like half a dozen bass drums.

"I'm ready," Lena said. "Fuck me. Make the hurt go away"

I pressed forward, putting some pressure on Lena's cunt, but it wouldn't go in any deeper. I was sort of stuck there with just the head hanging in her.

"Come on," Lena said. "That's not enough. Fuck me, Jack."

I pushed harder, but I still couldn't get any farther in her. I was beginning to think I really didn't know how to do this, even though I had already fucked Karen. Fucking her must have been pretty much okay, because she wanted me to fuck her again. After I finished fucking Lena.

I put a steady pressure on my dick, pushing it hard against the resistance in Lena's cunt. I pushed a little more, harder, then harder, then harder still, with as much pressure I could muster. I was straining now, and it was starting to hurt the head of my prick. I pulled back and let the pressure relax, leaving only the swollen purple head of my pulsating tool lodged in the mouth of Lena's incredibly tight little pussy. Her finger was marching at quick-time over her little button of a clit, up and down and round and round. She was getting wetter and wetter by the second, and juice was leaking out of her snatch and running down the crack of her ass. I cocked my butt back up into approach position and began the push again.
Lena squeaked, "Ow!" But this time my straining pecker moved a little bit deeper into her. It was impossibly tight and Lena was pushing back against the pressure of my dong, lifting her butt up off the white tee-shirt, which was now soaked in her flowing pussy juice, a wide wet spot growing wider underneath her.

Karen had moved behind Lena and was now holding Lena's head in her lap, with her legs spread out in a wide V on either side of the younger girl's body. She stroked Lena's hair and cheeks. She moved her hands down to rub and massage Lena's chest, making encouraging little motherly sounding cooing noises as she did. "All right, Lena. It's Okay, Lena. It's going to feel good, Honey."

Lena thrust at me once more as I gave another strong push, and my prick slipped another inch or so deeper into her. Karen seemed to know that Lena had taken in more of my cock. Maybe it was that secret female communication working again. "See there, that's good. See there," she whispered.

I shoved into her again, with a thrusting motion this time, and nuzzled a little more dick deeper into Lena. Despite her denials she shoved back, and another inch sank into her. As my pulsing pole probed deeper and deeper into her pink pussy flesh, the incredible sensations of ecstatic pleasure increased. I thrust into her again, with greater force, and her pussy gripped me even tighter than before. Then I felt the head of my dick pressing against the bottom of her cunt. I was all the way in!

"You did it, Lena. He's all the way in you. Good girl!" Karen warbled. "I told you you could do it."

Lena looked up into my face. Her blue, blue eyes were shining. "Wow, Jack! We did it; we really did it. It only hurt a little, just when you first stuck it in me. You were right, Karen. It made the hurt go away. Okay, Jack, now fuck me."

I didn't want to lose what I had gained. I kept myself pressed hard against her, my dick soaking in her abundant pussy juice, her cunt squeezing it with incredible pressure, sending waves of electric fire through my whole body. Holding it in her as deep as I could, I began to rotate my ass in a swiveling circle, slowly at first, then a little faster with each rotation.

"Oh, Jack!" she sang.

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