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There was a large piece of blue plastic sheeting on the floor. He ordered me to lie on it face up. He had never been like this before with me, always keeping his BDSM relationship away from the office. I knew something was going to happen, but I was unsure what. I felt really scared, not trusting him. Something had happened or was about to happen." I watched her breasts begin to heave. I kept a tight rein on her nipple rings. Was it distress or arousal?

"Anyhow, Klaus told me that he wanted me to investigate homelessness and specifically a rumour that young 'hobos' as he called them were being picked up by someone or some group, fed and watered, and then abused sexually and physically in strange rituals. He told me he had prepared a special pack for me with tracking devices, a hidden camera in the belt of my coat and one in the leather holdall you saw me with, a concealed mobile to be only used in emergencies and a drop-off address for my reports. These were to be recorded on a tiny digital recorder, again concealed in a secret compartment at the bottom of the holdall."

She burst into tears again, but fought them back and continued.

"Then he told me coldly and simply that he was no longer my Dom. I was on my own when I left the room as it was not appropriate to continue, but my pay was being increased and I would be well rewarded on delivery of the assignment. I was so shocked."

She stopped again, sobbing quietly. Why did I not feel more sympathy? I liked her helplessness.

"What happened next left me completely confused. He suddenly took out his cock, standing either side of my legs and ordered me to lie back. He said he was going to prepare me for the degradation to come."


"He pissed on me! He just pissed all over my lovely dress, and face, then ordered me to roll in the hot stream. The strong smelling pee soaked through to my skin. It was as if he had been waiting and waiting until his bladder was as full as possible. It seemed to last for ages, especially when the salty piss hit my mouth and eyes. All I could do was obey."

I secretly felt turned on by this. My God I was wet! I could imagine her not only lying there but tied up, her mouth held open. It may have been to prepare her in this bizarre way, but I found it wonderfully pervy. I couldn't help caressing my breasts more vigorously and tugging hard on her nipple rings. I did not care about her tears. Why should I? I was convinced she could take more than a little psychological and physical pain. Was she just doing this to get under my emotional radar? If so, she would fail the little slut.

"Continue," I said coldly.

"He noticed I had left a pool of his piss and he made me lap it up like a dog. He beat me hard with a paddle on my wet arse. There were splashes of piss flying out from the cloth he had drenched me so much. He made me go find every single one of them and lap them up too. He had never humiliated me so much or so I thought, until he called his secretary in to see his handiwork. I-I-did not know that this new recruit was also his new submissive. He..." She began crying again, sobbing helplessly, but I held my nerve, instructing her to carry on. "He told me to take off my little leather collar and place it around her neck. I saw the disgust in her face as my piss-smelling body came close to her. He made me kiss her too, with my pee-spattered lips..."

She stopped, tears streaming down her face. Now I felt her hurt, she was under my radar at last.

"You have me," I whispered, taking her face in my hands and kissing her passionately on the lips.

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