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Becoming a mere plaything.

I knew that he would like Samantha, and knowing that she was a sex therapist really had set my mind at ease.
We kissed goodbye Thursday morning with about the most passion we had ever kissed with, then left for our rendezvous points.

Brian, my partner, was exactly what I expected. He was 25, about 6'2" tall, 190 pounds, sculptured arms, shaggy blond hair, steely blue eyes, and a craggy but pleasant face. He had an anatomy degree from college and supervised the personal trainers at a franchise of a national fitness company.

Brian was very friendly. We went out for lunch and he immediately set me at ease, talking about pleasurable subjects, laughing often and gently but not presumptively periodically touching my arm. I became so relaxed I was actually able to eat something by the end of the meal.

We checked into our room in the resort, overlooking the ocean, with the sun streaming through our picture windows. Without closing the blinds he approached me face-to-face and stroked my hair and neck while peering into my eyes. "I want to make this as enjoyable an experience for you as possible. If there is anything you can't handle, tell me and it won't happen. But you will need to be able to move outside your comfort zone for this to work. OK?"

"I understand, Brian. But I am nervous that you won't have a good experience, and that bothers me."

He said the perfect thing to set me at ease. "I guarantee you that if I make you happy, I'll be happy."

I smiled, inwardly and outwardly. Then Brian started removing my clothes. Luke had never undressed me. It started to feel weird. I closed my eyes and almost had an out of body experience. As my clothes fell away and his hot lips and gentle fingers caressed my shoulders, hips, and breasts it was like I was detachedly watching my seduction rather than feeling it. That is until he removed my panties, and I heard him gasp and mutter "Holy Shit, Jezebel wasn't exaggerating!"

With that I snapped into consciousness and looked down at Brian gently separating my labia. Then I saw him lean forward and felt his tongue on my clitoris. I let out a loud groan and my knees got weak. The next thing I knew I was laying on my back on the California king size bed in our room with my thighs splayed apart and with every finger on both of Brian's hands furiously working on my labia or penetrating my chasm while his tongue and lips feverishly worked on my clitoris.

The feelings were overwhelming. It was like I had been hooked up to an electric socket as my hips spasmed and my thighs twitched. I instinctively grabbed Brian's hair as I moaned loudly. Then something welled up within me. It started as a fuzzy warm feeling that kept getting more and more intense. Then suddenly it reached a crescendo; my crotch got completely wet and a ripple went from my brain down the entire length of my spine all the way to my toes. I screamed and then went limp. I had never been so quickly and completely sapped of energy in my life. It was like my mind was no longer in charge of my body.

After I went limp Brian stopped his activities on my crotch, scooted his face up to mine, and gave me gentle kisses on my lips and cheeks while massaging my breasts. I don't know how long it was but I eventually regained full cognizance and whispered "What just happened?"

"You had an orgasm solely from oral and finger stimulation. Is that your first oral orgasm?"

"I never had a feeling like that ever before from any activity. Wow! I didn't know my body could experience such sensations."

Brian gave me a big toothy smile and a satisfied chuckle.

As more brain cells started working properly I remembered Brian's exclamation when he removed my panties, and had to know what that was about. "When you removed my panties why did you say that J wasn't exaggerating?"

Brian started laughing. "She said you had the softest yet fullest pussy lips she had ever seen, and a clit the size of a small dick."

I started blushing and naively asked "Is that bad?"

Brian almost couldn't answer he was l

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