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The constant activity and exhaustion offered the sanctuary idleness at her family's home could not hope to supply.

At night darkness came and swept her away.


"What do you need?"

Apparently my penitent face isn't cutting it anymore, thought Matthew. It was now four months since his birthday and he had only managed a brief e-mail to his sister saying he would stop by soon. I guess a month and a half is a little too much notice for a visit.

"I don't need anything. I'm supposed to take you out, aren't I? Let it never be said that Matthew Barton forsakes his promises." A jaunty tip of his Sox cap and smile later, he looked at the gradually softening glare of his younger sibling.

Julie sighed. "You never do anything that is a uni-task. Promise or not, what do you want?" Matthew always asked for help when he needed it and it was usually his sister that he asked.

"Can I come in first? It's colder than a witch's tit out here."

January in New England was never a mild time, especially at the beginning; either you were freezing or too cold to know you were frozen. The snow outside had accumulated three weeks ago and was in no mood to depart any time soon. Mercifully, Julie opened the main door widely to her complex and allowed Matthew in. He then followed her to her flat a little ways up the corridor. The heating inside was doing little to compensate for the chilly winds outside but it was warm enough for Julie - she even could wear a t-shirt and shorts comfortably while Matthew still found a shiver creeping up his spine every few minutes.

After closing her door and throwing the lock, Julie went into the kitchen and grabbed two glasses of water. As she gave one to her brother and settled to her couch she reiterated, "So, what do you need?"

"Well, I was wondering if you're working tonight. And if you're in the mood for something a little stronger than water." Thankfully it is warmer in here with the door closed, he thought. "It is the new year, oh sister o' mine. I missed you at Christmas, too."

"How sweet, you haven't answered my question and have managed to ask two of your own. Trade you: two answers to your questions for the one answer to mine." She smirked as Matthew shifted his stance, sipping at his water.

"Alright -- you first."

Julie rolled her eyes, half amused. "Yes and yes. And my shift lasts until six AM, so I doubt we could go out after. Now you."

Matthew took a deep breath in get his confidence going. If he were going to convince her, he would need to be the picture of absolute certainty. "I was wondering if you would like to help me out with something for work." Julie sat rather aghast, and he used her silence to his advantage. "Hopefully you've been keeping up on your drawing, as I'm sure you have been. I want to start up something new and fresh for a series. And that would require a new and fresh style from an artist such as yourself. I'm not sure what the pay exactly is since I haven't talked my boss into the idea completely yet. But as you know, I can be tenacious to get what I want."

"Hold up there, Matt," Julie shakily stood up. "What makes you think that I would or could do this?"

Sensing her resistance, Matthew tried to save his pitch by taking smaller steps. "I'm not saying you would have to start tomorrow and draw the entire comic by next week. I was thinking that you could help with the conceptual design. Plus I thought you might like the work, or even accept it as my Christmas present."

"I'm no artist."

"That's just because you haven't tried. I have faith in you and have saved away for you one of the most brilliant ideas I've ever gotten for a graphic novel."

Julie's face bore no signs of acceptance to her brother's proposal or excitement. "I can't."

He couldn't help himself - he laughed freely until Julie's disquiet silenced him.

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