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A cigarette and cunnilingus can really clear your mind.

I like nails and teeth and a little pain with my sex...but never thought I'd be one for certain types of rough sex. Then I met you.

You've shown me I can be submissive with a man again...and just how much I ache to be so. You've shown me I can enjoy and even crave a strong hand pulling my head back, maneuvering me to do your will. You've shown me how much my fears have been holding me back from so much pleasure and made me see how much I yearn to explore my newfound submissiveness.

You're in the other room I sit here thinking of you...aching for you...wanting to feel your body next to mine...inside mine. Until that can fantasy will just have to suffice.

I imagine myself coming home from work to find you here. You play on the computer as I make dinner for us both. We sit and eat and talk...your leg brushing mine under the table...sending thrills through my body with the hope of more. As I'm cleaning up from the dinner you come up behind me in the kitchen, grab my wrists and whisper in my ear, "The dishes can wait...I can't" and turn me to face you.

You kiss me, hard and deep and I moan into your mouth as I kiss you back just as fervently. My body is on fire as we move to the bedroom; lips locked passionately, hands everywhere, trying not to run into walls on the way.

I feel the backs of my legs touch the bed and I put my hand on your chest to stop you. I pull away from the kiss and pull your t-shirt over your head seconds before pulling my sweater over mine. I let out a half moan, half growl and pull your lips to mine again, kissing you as if I would drink you down inside myself.

As our lips and tongues dance passionately our hands are everywhere, removing the last of our clothing before you run your hand through my hair and tug my head to the side. The sharp tug makes me moan and move my body into you even more. Your lips move down my check to my neck. You stop and gently bite over the fluttering pulse in my neck, making my knees weak as I moan again in pleasure.

My moan makes you tug my hair a little harder, making me moan even more as your lips move down to my breasts. As your lips close over one hard nipple and begin sucking gently you tug at my hair again, making my body shudder and my moans turn to whimpers for more.

You hear my whimpers and know they mean I'm loving what your doing but I want more, and you grant me my wish by tugging a little harder at my hair as you start sucking hard on my nipple. My body shudders with the pleasure and the tinge of pain and I cry out, "God yes!"

Knowing you've brought me to the brink you move back up to my lips and kiss me hard and deep as you urge me down onto the bed. You kneel above me and I snake my hand between our bodies to grasp your cock and moan into your mouth, letting you know I want to play too.

You move off my body to lie down beside me. My lips find yours and I kiss you hungrily, drawing your lower lip into my mouth and gently nibbling on it before moving to kiss and lick down your chest and stomach until my mouth finds your hard cock. I draw the head of your cock into my mouth and flick my tongue over the tip, gently roll it around in my mouth and suck slowly until your cock is pressing down the back of my throat, then I move up to tease the head again.

After a couple minutes of such teasing you run your fingers through my hair and tug my head away from your cock and almost hiss, "Enough!" as you push me down onto the bed.

Your body moves above me, your lips press hard against mine, I spread my legs wide for you and you find my pussy hot, wet and more than ready for you and shove your cock deep inside me. A scream of pleasure pours from my mouth and my body moves up to meet your thrust.

You hold still for a moment, deep inside me before pulling out and shoving your cock hard into me again. My body is on fire as you slam your cock into me over and over again.

The first orgasm hits me and I cry out from the pleasure.

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