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A spring break foot-job leads to a threesome in the Bahamas.

I panic. I pull up my shorts and begin to try to run away when I hear her yell, "Who's over there better come here right now or I'll call the cops."

I lower my head, but I am ready to face the music. I hop over the fence and when I bring myself to my feet I see a pissed Cindy Love glaring at me. She had put her top back on. She walks right up to me. She is a good three and a half inches talker then I am. I feel like a child as she looks down at me.

"Explain yourself." She demanded

"C-Cindy I-I'm your b-biggest fan." That is all I could muster at the moment. Suddenly, Cindy laughs and smiles.

"Oh really?" she says with a smile. "You know I always take care of my fans." Cindy then pulls her draw string on her top and lets it fall to the ground.

I could not believe my eyes. Cindy Love my best wet dream is standing in front of me topless and all I'm doing is just standing here like an idiot about to bust a nut. She looks down and notices the bulge in my shorts.

"Well it looks like you have a surprise for me Big Fan," Laughs Cindy. She kneels down before me and hooks her thumbs into the waistband of my shorts. I'm looking down on this beautiful creature about to give me my first blow job. Her flawless double D tits are rubbing against my legs and I'm about to lost complete control.

"Let's see what my Big Fan is packing." Cindy yanks down my shorts and my red pulsing member pops into her view. "The moment of truth" I tell myself. For the next few seconds nothing happens. Cindy begins to snicker. I go colorless with shame.

"Well, My Big Fan it seems that you're not so big after all," Cindy says with a laugh. All I could do was stand there with my five inch boner pointing at Cindy Love. She grabs her digital camera off of the table next to her chair and to my horror she takes a picture of shameful penis. She starts laughing at the picture and then at me.

"You sure had the balls to spy on me, but you sure don't have the cock," She says with a grin. I do my best not to cry and pull my shorts up. I hop over the fence and take off. Driving home I can still hear her laughing at me and my small penis.

Back in my room I nearly breakdown in tears, but I pull myself together. "She's going to pay for this," I say to myself. Need to delete that picture I thought. I devised a course of action. Later after night fall I quickly sneak out of my house. As not to make any noise leaving I took my old bike from the side of the house and sped off into the night.

I rode over to Cindy's house and parked my bike in my client's driveway. I noticed that there was no car in the drive way. I hop over Cindy's fence and creep through her backyard. To my luck her backdoor was unlocked. I entered her kitchen. With a sigh of relief it seems like she is not home. I need to find that camera. I follow the stairs up to her bedroom and inside I find her digital camera on her night stand. I flip through her pictures and find my picture. I quickly deleted the picture of my tiny dick from the camera's memory card. I put the camera down and walk over to her dresser in the top drawer I saw an assortment of dildos and handcuffs and I'm instantly hard.

When I hear the shower turn on I panic and accidentally pulled the drawer out of the dresser spilling the contents to the ground. Cindy runs out of the shower completely naked to meet her intruder. Cindy's soaked hair and the water running down her perfect body overwhelms me from taking any action. Her breasts sway with her movements.

"You," she screams. When she pulls out a stun gun it brings me back to reality. I turn to run, but when I hear the stun gun go off. I stop to check myself. I look around to find Cindy unconscious on the floor. She must have slipped and shocked herself. I walk over to her and kick the stun gun away. I bend down to see if she is alright. I attentively squeeze her left breast to see if she would react. She really was out cold. I look over at the handcuffs and an idea pops into my head.

It took a little doing, but I handcuffed her to the four corners of her bed.

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