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The protégé accepts that Harry is right for her.

A number of years passed until I tasted cock again. My wife and her mother went to a baby shower in another city, and were gone for the weekend. My wife thought it would be a good idea for me to stay with my father-in-law, Jack, at his house, "to keep us both out of trouble" as she put it. Friday night, a few hours after they had gone, Jack and I went out for a sandwich at a nearby neighborhood bar and grill. After eating dinner, we sat for awhile drinking beer. By the time we got home, I was feeling a little horny. "Let's keep the party going, Mark," Jack said. "You grab a few more beers from the fridge, and I'll go for the hard stuff" he laughed. He came into the family room with a bottle of whiskey and a box filled with videotapes. "Here, pick a tape to watch," he said, as he handed me the bottle. I took a swig and asked him where he had gotten all the tapes. "I've been collecting them for years," he laughed.

"Let's watch something unusual, Mark." My head was spinning as I read aloud the titles..."Fisting Frenzy"...."Anal Orgy"...."Chicks with Dicks." My mind flashed to the time when I sucked that biker's cock, and my own cock began to grow. "You interested in that one, Mark?" Jack asked. "Not really," I said. "Well, I am. Let's put it in." My cock pressed against my jeans as I put in the video. We drank a few more beers, and watched as a man sucked a short, thick cock to completion. My father-in-law was visibly rubbing his cock through his pants now, and it was turning me on. My cock throbbed with longing, and I wanted to taste my father-in-law's meat. "You ever suck a cock, Mark?" he asked. "No," I said. "But I use to suck myself every now and then." "Really?" he questioned. "I'd like to see that."

So I layed on the floor, and kicked my feet up and over my head, to show him how I did it. "Well, let's see you do it," he said. "I would need to take my clothes off," I told him. "That's okay. And so you don't feel funny, I'll take mine off too, and try it." So we each undressed. I watched as my father-in-law's cock flopped from his boxer shorts, and I saw it was about my size, five to six inches erect, not thin but not thick, average, I guess, except he had no hair.

"Never see a shaved cock, Mark?" he asked. "Let's see what you got." I finished undressing. "Look's good," he said, his cock in his hand now, his hand moving up and down on the hardening veiny shaft. He layed down on the floor, and kicked his feet over his head, and pressed downward with his body. His cock was several inches from his mouth, and his asshole was exposed. I couldn't take my eyes away from his smooth slit and his smooth balls.

"You like what you see, huh? Well, let's see you try it." My cock was fully erect, and my cockslit glistened with a hint of precum. I layed down on the floor, and kicked my feet over my head, and pressed downward. My cock came within an inch of my mouth, and I stuck my tongue into the cockslit and licked it. Jack was stroking his pink-purple cock as he stood above me, looking down on my ass cheeks and my hairy balls as I licked the tip of my cock. He reached down and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, pressing down with his thumbs into my ass crack, and pushed gently for me to take my cock into my mouth. "I just can't do it, Jack," I panted.

"Oh, you're doing it you slut slave, Mark, you're doing it," he said, as his thumbs pried slowly into my anal opening. It turned me on to hear my father-in-law say that to me, and he could tell. He bent down for a minute and picked up a tube of lubrication, opened it, and spread it on the head and shaft of his cock. He put a big glob on the fingers of his left hand. He stood up, his glistening cock resting above my ass, and he began to knead my puckering virgin manslit with the index finger of his left hand. I could feel my asshole parting to receive his prying finger, and then another finger pushed inside.

My asshole burned with intrusion until I began to relax.

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