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Jack finds a magical tome that will change his life.

Sarah climbed up the ladder first. Almost immediately Sullivan was beside her, easing her nerves merely by slipping his hand into hers and guiding her movements. They slowed as they neared the end of the board where it bent with their combined presence.

"OK, turn around and back your heels off the end of the board," Sullivan said quietly.

Sarah's eyes grew bigger and her eager smile disappeared as she turned her back to the pool. Sullivan was standing close. Without meaning to, Sarah pulled him closer until their torsos and thighs met. She backed up and gently pulled Sullivan along with her. He obediently shadowed her movements while his hands supported the small of her back. When she was situated, she looked wide-eyed and questioning up into Sullivan's eyes.

"Don't worry, I have you. Now, just do that back bend."

Sarah slowly bent backward. Both of them ignored that her pubic bone was pressing firmly against Sullivan's thigh. Sarah looked backward at the darkness and began to make out the upside-down image of the end of the pool. When she saw the water a flood of confidence overcame her and she automatically leaned to fall back and place her hands on the water.

Sullivan carefully held her at the waist and allowed her body to fall toward the water. Just as a precaution he also went into the water face first, holding her all the way down.

They broke the surface and Sarah was ecstatic, "I did it!" She threw her arms around Sullivan's neck and he avoided going under by swimming backward and dragging them both toward the side of the pool. She held on for the ride with a surprised, "Oooo!"

In two elementary back strokes Sullivan reached the side and the momentum of their bodies naturally made them come together. This time they both said, "Oooo!"

But Sarah did not contain her enthusiasm. "I did it!" she repeated. She was animated and excited, and her beaming expression was all the lighting Sullivan needed on this beautiful night.

"One more like that and you won't need me anymore," Sullivan said with genuine pride.

Their faces were close and they leaned toward each other as if drawn by a magnet. Their kiss was real, not just an affectionate peck. Sullivan's body drifted closer to Sarah in the deep water.

Their bare thighs touched and rubbed with the weightless effect of the water as they each held on to the side of the pool. Even wearing bathing suits, the tingle of skin sliding against skin was intoxicating for them both. Finally, Sullivan's groin settled against Sarah, with the head of his firm penis nestling gently and perfectly into the folds of her vagina.

"OOooo!" Sarah broke the passionate kiss, flinching away but also allowing their naked thighs to glide in contact as they parted. With a flushed face she whispered, "That's a little intense for me!" She breathed heavily and said, "I need to catch my breath before I get on the board again."

"Yeah," his voice echoed in the solitude of near-darkness.

Once they were rested they made it back onto the diving board. Sullivan announced, "One more back dive, and I won't help unless you need it." There was no hug this time. She nervously got into position. Sullivan was careful to stand just apart from her as he held his palms at her waist without touching. An onlooker, if there had been one, would have seen a little ballet of two sensual people moving without quite touching.

"Just lean back," Sullivan coached but there was no need to say anything. Sarah knew exactly what she was doing. She easily and fearlessly did a back bend into the water, even positioning herself to dive deep instead of spooning right back up to the surface.

Sullivan was in the water with her by the time she got back to the top. "Congratulations!"

"I did it! And without your help!" Sarah squealed as she lunged over the water, throwing her arms around his neck.

They temporarily went under as they held onto each other. Upon surfacing Sullivan smiled, "Hang on tight and take a deep breath. I'll give you a celebration ride."

Their faces were close and Sarah's smile could no

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