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Two coquettish roommates spend an afternoon together.

In fact I can't believe you're single. My friends and Ash and her friends all think you're hot."

"Get outta here! You're just saying that so I don't rat on you to Bob," Marcus laughs.

"It's the God's honest truth. Look in the mirror honey," she says, looking very serious. "I know for a fact Ash has been spying on you ever since we moved here. I caught her with binoculars one night, and after she left the room I looked and could see you in your underwear watching TV. I looked longer than I should have," she giggles.

"No shit?" Marcus says, wondering if he should tell her about his binocular use.

"She'll probably be over here one of these days. She wants to thank you for not ratting on us too. I told her she didn't need to, but she's got a mind of her own and she's always had the hots for you. She's an adult, and I like you, so it's cool," Tammy says.

"Wow!" Marcus says quietly, wondering what's happened to his boring old life. "You know, I should confess I guess... I've got binoculars too. You and your friend, up on the pool deck in the summertime..."

"Marcus!" she says as a beautiful smile lights up her face. She sits and smiles at him for a moment. "That deserves another blow-job. You'll last longer this time."

Tammy takes Marcus's hand, leads him to a comfortable chair in the living room, slips off his pants, and fries his brain like a farm fresh egg.


Late in the afternoon Marcus sits in the cool autumn air on his front porch. He looks up from his iPad as Ashley's small car careens around the corner and rolls into her parking space in the driveway next door. She's home from another day at the community college. She runs across his lawn and his mind flashes back to the fourteen-year-old girl she used to be until she gets close and her womanliness startles him.

"Hi Marcus!" she says as she stops running. "I've been thinking about you all day."

"How ya doin' Ash?" Marcus asks.

"I'll be back in fifteen minutes, okay? Don't go anywhere." She turns and runs to her house.

Marcus has no idea what's going to happen, but something tells him he should be ready for anything, so he takes a quick shower and straightens up his bedroom a little. There's a knock at the kitchen door.

"Hi Ash. What's up? You know your mom and I straightened everything out. It's all cool, there's nothing to worry about," Marcus says as the shapely young thing walks into his kitchen.

"Yeah, I know Marcus. You're a prince. I always knew you were," she says, and she gets on her tip-toes and kisses him on the cheek.

Her hair is damp from a shower and she's wearing tight boy-shorts and a belly shirt that shows off her midriff. No bra, and her feet are bare.

"You got a beer or somethin'?" she asks. Marcus cracks open two cold ones and she walks to the living room. "I've never seen the rest of your house. Wanna give me a tour?"

Marcus shows her around, and when they get to the guest room on the second floor she walks to the window, opens the curtain just enough to peak through and puts her eye up to it.

"Nice view. Our pool looks good from here," she says, turning to Marcus with a sly grin. "I've found a tripod really helps with the binoculars, although when there was five or six of us maybe it was better to be more flexible."

"You knew?" Marcus asks with a surprised look as she walks over to him.

"Yup. We all wanted to get more naked for you, but we were all to chicken. Guess I've changed. I love being naked now. How 'bout you?" she asks, looking up at Marcus with big seductive eyes.

"I have a feeling I'm gonna learn to love it," he says, and he lowers his head and kisses her.

The long tongue Marcus and Bilbo saw Ashley use to lick her own tit snakes into his mouth, and her hand gently caresses the growing bulge in his pants.

Ashley opens Marcus's shirt, and runs her hands over his chest. She unfastens his jeans and pulls them and his underwear down in one pull, and he kicks them off.

"Oh, it's much nicer in person," she says, holding his already hard cock in her hand.

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