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Lady Tara takes the gardener.

Nevertheless, the sliver of your smile made me sure of this action. My fist slowly enveloped my cock, squeezing it, feeling it pulsing, wishing you were closer, maybe to watch Daddy jacking off over your picture. He groaned, remembering his favorite image of you: ass-up over his lap, your shorts down around your knees restraining your legs from kicking, your cheeks bare and smooth. He recalls the cries of your voice, shouting, "Oh FUCK! Daddy! Don't stop! OHHhhhhh jeezus!! Oh fuck, Daddy, don't stop spanking me. Spank your baby-girl. She's been soooo damned bad!"

I could remember the honey pouring out of your pussy, the clitty rubbing against my chinos, your body thrashing, your breast bouncing against my other leg. I can still feel how your breast bounced on my other leg, barely contained in your sports bra, held close to your body, jumping and jiggling as I wished your photo would, you bouncing madly against my leg. I shivered, feeling your figure barely staying on my lap, the hard-on thick inside my slacks, you jumping and still, holding on for dear life, almost as if you WANTED, even needed me spanking you.

My eyes shut, and I could see the handprint on your asscheeks, you breathing fast, shaking desperately. A second later I slid a finger inside the hot, wet pussy, barely able to pry myself inside you, the tight, tiny shorts keeping your legs close together. A little more wriggling and you felt me finger-fucking you, pumping down to the knuckles inside you, one then two sunk inside again and again, the room filling with the scent of your sopping cunt leaking, the creaminess a blissful ride for my fingers again and again inside you, deeper and harder each time.

Finger fucking you was such an amazing delight. Your body heaving like a beached fish, aching to breathe, dying for more MORE lust to course through your body. I can still feel how your desire rose, the nipples perky and rock hard under your skimpy t-shirt. You took every stroke, biting your lower lips, moaning, whimpering, gasping for air and groaning between breaths.

"Ooooooo Daddy," you purred aloud, losing all inhibitions. Another shudder and you exhaled, "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum Daddy. Please, please let me cum."

When Daddy recalled that sound, the rhythm of your body on my lap, grinding, fucking the fingers deeper inside yourself, how do you think I felt? Do you think that made me jack off faster looking at your picture with more concentration, wishing for your skin, wanting your sweet velvety cunt wrapped around my fingers again? Do you think Daddy sniffs them for a phantom-smell, wanting to inhale the long-gone aroma one more time, his hard-on jumping at the memory of you?

My fist rose harder, faster, pumping like mad, pounding my sac with the underside of my hand, the edge of my fist slapping the testicles back and forth. I groaned, hearing in my memory, you cumming again and again. Your yelps, cries and moans. The drawn out shiver of delight that escaped your sweet lips, moans and cries of delight filling the room, making you stiffen on my lap for a moment then suddenly shake before deflating like a burst balloon. I know we soaked your thighs, honey staining my slacks, my cock edged and inflated, ready to burst, waiting for your touch, your hands, your mouth.

After all, if Daddy could make you cum with his fingers, what do you think would happen when Tab-A goes into Slot-B?


But that didn't happen that day. Daddy just kept wailing on your snug little pussy, fingering you, letting your exposed clotty caress the material of my slacks, making you shimmy and shake that much more. Daddy remember slowly easing in a finger, burying the tip, nail and the first digit inside your super tight asshole, watching it stretch, moving and opening slowly, hearing you whimpering, grinding your teeth as he pushed deeper inside. All the lube on his fingers was your own twat-honey, and Daddy felt you opening, giving yourself to him wholly, surrendering and allowing him to have the secrets of your gorgeous, delightful body.


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