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Two women watch...and get handy.

Firmly jacking off S1's dick, Max started slowly moving her waist up and down feeding the hard stiff shaft of the other clone into her taut body.

Her eyes fluttered as his balls pressed against her clit leaving her already panting with S2's cock snugly sealed in her cunt. Her eyes half open she looked at the other cock she was masturbating, her mouth open ready to suck him off...


Victoria answered her phone...

"Report," the gruff voice of Ames White said.

"I'm watching 452 right now," Victoria replied, "she's quite a minx going off on our clones."

"Make sure she sees the copulation through to the end, no mistakes," Ames ordered.

Victoria put down the phone and went to sit on the bed. She looked down at Cindy lying tied up next to her, "Your friend seems to be rather good at that doesn't she, a real pro."

Cindy mumbled at her through the gag around her mouth.

"Feisty one aren't you? No worries, if 452 does as she was told we'll keep our word."


Leaning slightly forward Max sucked up and down one clones hard dick as she trust her pussy over the other's. She panted over the cock struggling to breathe as she bounced up and down clamping her legs shut so that the thick cock was squeezed inside her slippery twat. "Oh, oh, ohh god," she moaned ripping the cock out of her mouth as she thrust her waist up and down. The clone, S2, held onto her as she rode his cock gritting his teeth as he watched her work.

He pulled her so that she fell on her side with a yelp, his cock slipping out of her wet cunt. He quickly lifted her leg lining up with her slit. Hot, ready, and in want; Max looked down as the tip of his penis grazed over her velvety folds. She reached down and cupped his hairless balls as he pushed back inside her causing her breath to hitch in her throat. He drove deep inside her holding there with her hand rubbing his balls. Holding her leg firmly he pulled out then thrust in, doing it again and again, picking up speed with every thrust until he was ramming into her body sideways, Max, massaging his balls as she looked between her legs mesmerised by his shaft slipping in and out of her hot sex.

The other clone, S1 watched as they fucked roughly on the bed, stared at the blissful look on Max's face as his comrade drove his smooth cock in and out of her slick pussy, stood there watching and stroking his own dick.

He moved forward putting his hand on S2's shoulder. The Adonis clone looked up at him then slowed his ramming of Max's hot cunt. He pulled out making Max moan, but she looked up to see the other clone coming down on top of her. Max was so horny now she just fell back and opened her legs for him the moaned as she felt him push his cock into her pussy. Her cunt convulsed around his wide girth as he eased into her and started to thrust his hips up and down, Max's legs riding up his waist.

She moaned hoarsely and louder as he thrust into her harder and rougher. Soon he was holding onto her shoulder and driving his cock so hard into her it felt like he would split her in half. "More," Max moaned in a husky voice, as she adjusted her hips so the angle was perfect to embrace the sweet surrender of her pending orgasm. S1 yelled out as he hammered his dick in and out of her perfect hole, watching her pussy bulge around his veiny cock, but he was about to blow, and he knew it wasn't time yet. He pulled his dick out of her yelling and slapping it, and then looked down at Max's hot sweaty body sprawled out on the bed.

Max huffed heavily as she lay there on the bed, her blood boiling as if she were in heat, she knew this was sick, but she was so goddamn randy.

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