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The Twist: she learns to become a killer.

I slammed my dick into her pussy and started to pump away like some teenager on prom night. I was so excited from everything that was going on I didn't know if I could control myself until she came. She must have been really excited too, because not very long after I started ramming her pussy she started moaning really loud, digging her nails into my back and her legs tightened around me. With a shudder she exploded. Her pussy exploding with her juices. I shot my wad not too longer after deep inside of your. "Now what do we do." We had to clean ourselves up, so Denise said that if I licked really gently my new piercing should be ok. I slowly and gently licked the folds of her pussy. Her juices mixed with my cum tasted so good. I moved up to her mouth to share this wonderful combination.

Things were a little un-eventful for the next few days. Denise would get me up early for work-outs, practice at walking in high heels, or taking strap-ons in my ass, afterwards she would help me get dressed for work. Usually I would wear a corset and thong or a body stocking. I was given salad for lunch and carrot sticks for snack. At night she would have me put a strap-on on my thigh so she could ride me until she was satisfied. She told me that girls don't always get to cum, so I better get used to getting all worked up and being left hanging.

When Denise felt our tongues had healed enough she said we would meet at the adult book store. I could hardly work thinking of getting a dick in my mouth and more cum in my belly. Denise dressed me that morning in a pvc corset, which she laced-up a little tighter than usual, pvc thong panties, and fishnet stockings. When I got to the store, Denise wasn't there yet, so I went into our usual booth and started watching a gay movie. The guys were dressed in leather and started sucking each other in a 69. It got me so hot I almost didn't notice the dick that had come through the hole. I immediately dropped to my knees and started sucking with all I had. I felt so good when it only took 30 seconds to get the guy to shoot his wad into my mouth. The guy told me it was the best blow job he had ever had. Another dick came through the hole not long after and I started sucking just as Denise came in. "You little cock sucker, you couldn't even wait until I got here, could you?? Don't worry, I have plans for you, my little slut."

I sucked the cock with more vigor which made the guy shoot his load in my mouth. I kissed Denise passionately; our tongue piercings covered in cum sent shivers to my dick every time they touched. The next dick that came through the hole was a huge black dick. About 9" long and 2" around. I was practically drooling as I dropped to my knees. Denise said that I was going to take a break from dick sucking and I was going to have my cherry popped by a huge black dick. I quickly dropped my pants and after Denise lubed up my ass I backed up slowly to that massive cock. I thought my ass was going to split in two!! After I got used to this massive manhood in my tight ass, I started rocking back and forth and squeezing my ass. Not too long after, I could feel his dick twitch inside of me and then he pushed farther into me shooting his cum deep into my ass. I spent the next hour alternating between sucking cocks and taking dicks in my tight ass. By the end of the night, I had cum dripping down my legs. Denise inserted a tampon into my ass, cleaned me up a bit and we went home.

Just a few nights until Halloween and I was getting really good at being a girl; little did I know Denise had MORE plans for my transformation into a slut girl.

Finally the big day was here!!! Halloween!!! I woke before Denise, so I started the work-out I thought she would have me do.

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