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Bond between siblings grows stronger.

She cupped Sabina's handful-sized tits, enjoying the softness of her naked body and the feel of her stiff little buds beneath Sallyarin's hands, massaging it gently. Kissing her way around Sabina's exquisite breasts, she took her distended nipples into her hot mouth and drew out a long, loud groan of erotic, orgasmic joy. Sallyarin sucked long and hard on one erect red nipple and then transferred her mouth to the other tight bud. As her mistress continued to suck, Sabina's whole body quivered at the feeling of Sallyarin's hot mouth and tongue playing with her breasts.

The other woman gently pulled away, grazing Sabina's bud with her teeth. Sabina moaned a mixture of pleasure and annoyance. She wanted her mistress to carry on until she could hold herself no long and enjoy a volcanic climax. Sallyarin laid her flat on the hard wooden bench and started to kiss down her body, beginning at her forehead. Sabina had forgotten all about the gladiator. She glanced over to him. He was standing against the wall, his erect cock standing proud and true. She wasn't sure but she certainly felt an erotic thrill being naked before a complete stranger for the first time. Sallyarin dragged her tongue over Sabina's body. When the tip came into contact with the areolas around her tits, she yelped, feeling her mound grow even moister than it was already. Knowing how pleasuring this was, Sallyarin flicked her nipples several times, gently tracing circles around the swollen areola before kissing down her stomach. Sabina spread her legs wide and let her mistress have full access to her sex. She felt the warm breath of her mistress on her pussy before her tongue slid between Sabina's legs.

Sallyarin found her clitoris and grazed it gently with her teeth before her tongue plunged deep into Sabina's wet cunt, finding her g-spot with the very tip, plunging in and out of her most secret area. Sabina wrapped a long leg round her shoulder, pulling her mistress closer and deeper, thrusting her sex upwards until she could not hold back any longer. She arched her back, her rock hard tits pointing up to the ceiling and climaxed with wave upon wave of shuddering spasms, whole body moving to the tongue lashing of her mistress, releasing juice straight in the mouth and face of Sallyarin. Sabina's pussy contracted tight around the tongue which stimulated her even more. Her breathing was coming in ragged breaths as she concentrated on the deep rubbing of the female tongue in her slit. Sabina tried to pull away but her mistress grabbed hold of her pert bottom and pulled down, forcing her tongue deeper into her pussy. She climaxed again, this time moaning even louder than last time, gasping her pleasure out.

"Ohhhh, nnnnnyyyyaaaaaagghhhhh!" moaned the slave.

When her orgasm had subsided, Sallyarin slowly removed her tongue from her slave's cunt, gently kissing kissed Sabina full on the moist lips of her sex when she was all the way out. She then kissed up the naked body before planting a passionate kiss on Sabina's mouth. The slave could taster her own musty juice. She reached out a hand a gently caressed her mistress' tight nipple. Sallyarin broke the kiss and stood up, beckoning the gladiator to come over. Sabina propped herself up on one elbow, soaked in sweat, her heavy breasts hanging down. She looked up at the gladiator; his big, thick manhood was still erect and knew that it would soon be buried deep within her. Sabina lay back on the bench and closed her eyes. She was slowly coming down from one of the wildest, wettest orgasms she had ever experienced, and she relaxed, remembering the feeling of cumming hard and without fear.

"I think she's ready for you," she heard Sallyarin say.

Demetrius roughly dragged Sabina up from the bench.

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