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Samantha bends the rules for a new candidate.

"BeeBe," I said, using our childhood nickname for him "don't look so worried. We all have a lot to talk about."

We walked in silence to the park. It was about 5 blocks away, so we all had time to do a little silent thinking along the way. Blessedly, the shelter was deserted. It was even getting on past twilight, so unless you were pretty close, you really couldn't see us. We settled in on one of the picnic tables.

"You two don't look like either one of you wants to start, so let me open things up" Dene said.

"Wait." I said. "Chad-Dene heard us this afternoon." Even in the dim light, I could see Chad's face blaze with embarassment. "And it's OK with her." "And one more thing-she knows about our deal, right from the very start when we made our deal. And she's OK with that too. What I want to do is tell her exactly what happened this afternoon, but I won't do that if you don't want me to. She thought we screwed, and I corrected her on that, but I haven't said anything else yet."

"Dene!" shoulted Chad, "You were spying on us?? What the Hell! Why would you do that! I mean I get you spying on me but Kathy is..."

"BeeBe-Stop!" I said. "It's not like that. And really, it's a good thing it was Dene by herself and not with your mom. We just weren't as alone as we thought we were-more than once, as it turns out. The bottom line is that Dene and I are both OK, and I think you will be too. Please-just hear me out, and then I'll do whatever you think is right."

With a lot of effort, Chad took a deep breath and said: "Okay-shoot."

"Okay-here's the deal. Dene knows how close we are. She was already upstairs and heard our deal, and she's heard some of our conversations. I'm wierded out more than you can imagine over what happened to me this afternoon, and you and Dene are the only people in the world I trust enough to talk to. AND I'm petrified that I've screwed up what you and I have. I want to tell Dene at least why were were in her room and what happened. OK?"

"OK," Chad sighed, "but you haven't screwed anything up. I'm pretty sure I did, though."

"What?!? No!" "Chad-you were wonderful! I love you so mu..." Oh, God. What did I just blurt.

"Toldja so" Dene smiled. "You guys have been in love for years-you just wouldn't say it. Good for you, Kath!"

"I meant, you know, like a brother" I stammered.

"I don't thiiiiiiinnnkk soooooo!" Dene crooned. "But let's get to that in a while. What on earth went on this afternoon!"

So I told her. Told her about researching pre-cum, about Chad's teasing offer to show me, my calling him on it, our awkward shedding of skirt, pants and underwear and finally, about my astonishing reaction to tasting Chad's pre-cum. She listened wide-eyed as I admitted the thundering, high-volume orgasm I'd had was triggered entirely by seeing and tasting Chad's few, shining drops of pre-cum. She already knew I'd jacked him off-even found a few wet spots on her bedspread. She wasn't especially happy about that, but it seemed like small potatoes now and she let it go.

"OK! Awesome!" Dene said. "Hun, if you can trigger something as spectacular as what I heard this afternoon just by licking a little pre-cum, you've got a freaking gift!! You're on the front end of something you'll love all your life! OK," she went on, "I know all I need to know for now, but you two have some talking to do. And if you really haven't ever kissed, I'd highly recommend some of that too!" And she walked off.

I looked over at Chad. There were tears running down his cheeks.


"Oh, Petey-I love you too.

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