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The beginning.

It was dark, very dark but in the center of the screen it was a little lighter but not light enough for her to discover the true picture.

She moved the mouse over the image and it remained a hand. A right hand, index finger pointing as the thumb protruded outward. The remaining fingers wrapped under themselves. Tired from not being able to figure it out, she logged off and shut down.

That night Vickie slipped naked under her covers. Her mind raced with today's events and with her fingers between the warmth of her legs she wondered what it would be truly like to have Pam take care of her.

The next day she went to her computer quickly and retried the ip address from SIX. The morning gave enough light but she still couldn't quite make out much. It looked like a tunnel or box with some sort with light at the end. She could also make out a solid looking object that slanted downward towards the middle. It almost looked like the leg of a chair but that didn't make any sense to Vickie so she dressed in the clothes she had set out. Vickie buttoned all the buttons and left a few minutes early, eager to see if the morning light would provide clues to what was in this mysterious ip address.

As Vickie walked from the office to her classroom, she got two compliments from her peers. It struck Vickie funny but that was the first time she ever got compliments and she walked quickly to her room.

She logged onto her new e-mail address at hotmail. SIX had suggested this might be safer than using the school's server.

She opened her e-mail and again clicked on the ip address that SIX provided. The image opened a little quicker due the faster service in school.

Vickie looked at the image on the screen. It was two legs. Two female legs, seated at a chair and visible from the waist down. It was Vickie's legs because she recognized her new dress.

She jumped out of her chair and moved the chair aside. She put a few pieces of paper on the floor that allowed her to kneel without the worry of getting dirty and peered under the opening of her desk.

Finally she spotted it. A tiny camera. It finally dawned on her what happened. SIX had installed a camera under her desk. She sat back down and looked at the image. She could see her legs peeking out from under her dress up to her mid thighs.

Vickie shook her head in wonder and remembered that she had invited SIX to be creative if he wanted to look up her skirt. Well, this is creative, she thought and decided to leave the camera alone.

She sat there for a few minutes and experimented. She watched her screen and moved her legs to various positions, just to see what it would look like. She knew that she would have to be careful because SIX had placed the camera in a very advantageous position. But then she just smiled as she realized that she wouldn't be careful. Lucky SIX.
Miss Roach couldn't wait for sixth period to begin but when it did, she decided to be at her desk, sitting as the class entered. She couldn't have the camera site on her screen for fear that other students would notice but she was hoping that while she took attendance SIX would log on.

The first e-mail was quick to arrive.

Dear Vickie,

Did you get my last e-mail?


Vickie opened the message and giggled to herself. He wasn't sure how she would accept his spy camera so she decide to make it clear.

Dear SIX,

I think what you meant to ask is, 'Do you mind that I installed a camera for the expressed purpose of looking up your teacher's dress?' Well, no, I don't mind. I actually find it quite exciting. I just hope that you like the view.


Vickie spread her legs a bit because she knew that he would be watching. It got her excited that he was watching.

A new message arrived.

Dear Vickie,

I hope that you don't teach today. I hope that you sit at your desk the whole period so that I can look at your legs. Are you wearing panties?


Dear SIX

That's for me to know and for you to find out. I hope the other students can't see this.


A quick response followed.

Dear Vickie,


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