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Informer has pressure brought to bear.

That night, as I laid in bed, I began to think about what, precisely, my plans would be for Mrs. Mills the next night.

I slept in on Saturday morning, and after waking and having breakfast, I told my parents that I would be spending the night at a friend's house.It was really not a big deal to them. They worked constantly and pretty much left me on my own most of the time anyways.

Saturday was a routine day of hanging out around the house. I watched some TV, played some video games, had dinner with my parents, and talked to Brooke on the phone a couple of times. Then, late in the afternoon, I began to prepare for the evening.

First up was prepping for the night with a long shower. I did not shave my cock, balls and crotch, as I had before my last meeting with Mrs. Mills. I really liked the feeling of being smooth shaven below the waistline. The area was much more sensitive and it felt great. Not only when fucking Mrs. Mills, but when I was alone and jerking off. But I had something else in mind for tonight.

I also dressed more casually than last time. A pair of jeans and a button up flannel shirt. However, I did not put on a t-shirt, nor did I wear any underwear.

I left the house at 6:30, grabbing my wallet, cell phone and an overnight duffel bag that I had packed earlier. It was still more than three hours before I was due at Mrs. Mills house. But before our night started, I a little shopping to do. I started at the mall, walking into a lingerie shop for the first time in my life. I wandered through the store with an idea, but no definitive plan.

As I strolled through the store, self-conscious and a bit embarrassed, I noticed that everyone in the store was female, except for one middle aged man following his wife around. I also noticed that the two pretty, well-dressed female employees at the store were watching me and whispering to each other. It felt like every woman in the store was looking at me, probably thinking, 'Why is this guy in here?'

I picked up my pace and finally found something close to what I was looking for. Purple panties... really no more than half inch wide strings for a waistband, attached by small black clasps to a triangular patch of sheer purple fabric in the front. In the back, they were a bit less revealing than a thong, but I was sure that a majority of Mrs. Mills' butt cheeks would be on display when she wore them.

They had sizes anywhere from 0 all the way up to 16, but I had no idea how women's sizes worked. I inconspicuously held up a pair in front of me to estimate whether they would fit Mrs. Mills. After looking over several pairs, I felt like either a 6, 8 or a 10 would be the best, so I chose the one in the middle - size 8.

The matching sheer, purple push up bras were stacked on the table right next to the panties. I felt like I had a better handle on sizing for those and chose a 34B.

Picking up the lingerie, I walked straight to the store's checkout area and put the purple undergarments on the counter in front of the pretty blonde girl at the register. She looked up at me and smiled after seeing what I was buying. I shyly smiled back, my face reddening slightly as she removed the security tags from the bra and panties. She said, "These are cute." and asked, "Would you like them gift wrapped?"

She smiled at me again. I smiled back, and replied, "No you can just put them in a box."

I paid for the lingerie and thanked her as I took the bag. Still embarrassed, I quickly exited the store.

One more stop on the way back... the drug store. I went to the men's care aisle and picked up a can of shaving cream and a three-blade razor. Next I went to the skin care aisle and grabbed a small bottle of baby oil. After paying for the items, I jumped in my car and headed back to my neighborhood.

It was a little after 8:00 when I arrived on our street.

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