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A mistress talks to her slave, supervising his preparations.

You could tell my wife wanted to catch it in her mouth. She looked directly at me and let him squirt his seed on her face and down her neck and boobs.

Mark grabbed a paper towel to clean them up. In the mean time Ruthie had taken one of her cum covered hands and went back to her openly gaping cunt with it. Unofficially Mark's seed was part way into my wife's vagina and her cunt juice was all over his cock without them having actual sex. Ruthie looked extremely satisfied.

"Wow, it looks like we have another hour or so to kill. If you want to fuck your wife now, be my guest."

"I'm good for a while." Ruthie reported, giving me the 'no' look.

Sure good for a while. Probably didn't want to fuck me after draining Mark's balls out of that monster of a cock of his. There had to be no way she wasn't going to fuck him after getting sight of all that prick. It wasn't a matter of whether. It was a matter of when. All that knowing about her fucking three other guys in her past the she didn't know I knew about didn't seem as bad to me as watching her jack off our neighbor in his semi-tractor cab.

This was real. It was between us. Ruthie had a sexual relationship outside our marriage and I was witness to it. And, I knew it wasn't over. Not even close to over.

The trailer got unloaded, and Ruthie unloaded Mark, We were headed empty to pick up a load of carrots to deliver to a supermarket chain. On the way Mark got a call that the load wouldn't be ready when he got there. We were going to have to wait five or six hours for our turn to load.

"Well, that's it. If we have to wait to load then I'm stopping in a truck stop and get a shower."

When we stopped Mark was told it would be about fifteen minutes before a shower was cleaned and ready. We spent some time looking at cards and bumper stickers and some trucker items like radios and GPS equipment.

When Mark's name was called he headed for the shower room. "It's going to be good to get cleaned up."

"God, a shower does sound good. Do they have showers for women?" asked Ruthie.

"Actually they have a changing area attached. They are for men or women. Do you want to share mine?"

Mark was mostly joking. My wife again surprised us by exclaiming, "Why not? I could use a nice hot shower."

That was like a kick in the stomach. Until now the hanky panky was serious enough, but at least in front of me so I knew what was happening. Now as Ruthie was agreeing to go into a private shower with Mark I would have no idea what was going on out of my sight. I felt like a person must feel trying to hold a person over the edge of a cliff while trying to keep her from falling, yet feeling the person slip from my fingertips.

Mark went into the changing area and with a bounce of her ass cheeks my wife followed him inside as the door closed behind them. If it was going to happen I sure as hell wanted to see it. Even though I wasn't ready to have Ruthie fuck another man with my knowledge. The time limit on the shower was fifteen minutes. I was trying to keep myself calm and not go nuts wondering what they were doing in there.

The fifteen minutes turned into twenty and dragged on forever before Mark and my Ruthie emerged through the door. Neither one of them spoke to me until we were back outside and started to head for the truck when Ruthie spoke.

"Well, I feel a lot better now that I had a shower. My hair will probably frizz with me not having my own shampoo."

Mark remained silent. I was thinking about my wife. After being alone in a shower for fifteen minutes with a man with a huge cock all she thought worthy of mentioning was that she was worried about her hair and cheap shampoo? I was having visions of his nine inches pumping up inside her willing cunt and dumping a load of seed in her womb and they are acting all casual even though they probably just fucked each other.

The walk to the truck and the attention Ruthie was drawing seemed to have lost some of it's thrill for me this time.

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