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"Such potent emotions for such a tiny little thing. If you relaxed and just accepted it I'm sure you would have more fun. Although, I will say I am enjoying myself immensely." Groaning, I flexed my ass, trying my damndest to avoid letting it out; struggling against every inch the reclusive appendage ventured toward freedom. Finally, it was a cramp in my foot that did me in, distracting me for a single instant. With a wet squelch, the dark teal scaled length slid from my anus, glistening wetly; its cool length transmitting a traitorous sensation of coolness to my nervous system.
"Awwwww. It's adorable," she said with a feminine squeal, using her hands to stroke my new tail. The sensation of fullness hadn't retreated with the tails emergence, instead growing in conjunction with the tails expansion. A dim part of my mind wondered if I could control the limb, tracing the neural pathways the sensations were coming from. No such luck as the tail continued feeding from my painlessly wrecked ass, curling up and around my turncoat arms, apparently under the invader's control. There was a stripe that ran down the center of my tail covered warm cream colored scales, breaking up its otherwise uniform look. She'd moved on but my backside still twitched occasionally as the tail continued to extend, my body an automatic tail dispenser that didn't know when to stop.

"Aren't you bored of this old thing?" she asked, tracing the tip of my dick I just now realized was erect again.

"No." But there was a growing part of me that was distinctly curious, almost excited, about where she was going; where she was going to take me.

"Don't be that way sweetie. Trust me, you're going to love this."

She started at my balls, her-slash-my fingers rolling them around my scrotum, each touch making them draw up tighter and tighter, closer and closer to my body. Hissing with enthusiasm, my balls slipped inside with little fanfare. Pinching and rubbing caused my sack to dwindle, deflating like a balloon with a leak until there was nothing but a smooth expanse of skin between my erection and my taint.

But Kisha wasn't done with me yet. She continued pushing and kneading, patiently working with my flesh until my body relented to her will, an innocuous furrow formed, heralding greater changes. Scraping with our nails, she dug deeper and deeper into my body, tunneling as the displaced flesh bunched and folded at the entrance, creating fleshy magenta lips. These weren't delicate virgin flower type lips, they were bulky flaps of skin with enough heft for someone to latch onto and tug with fingers, lips, or teeth; I loved them. The thought of Kisha gripping my labia in her teeth and giving a pull was enough to send my burgeoning erection into overdrive. A sigh that sounded more like a pleasured hiss slipped from my lips and Kisha's fingers picked up the pace, twisting as they drilled further into my body. After they finished their work, her glistening fingers withdrew and brought the evidence of my pleasure up to my lips for a quick taste. Parting my lips lazily, I let her roll our fingers around my plated tongue, enjoying my feminine scent and taste.

Returning to the scene of the crime, she peeled back the lips of my sex with her fore and middle finger, revealing the dripping fleshy pink vagina to the air. But there was still something missing. Her ministrations felt pleasant but my gut told me that it just wasn't enough; that there was more to be had, sensations, hiding deep in my skin if I just let go. My eyes drifted closed as her thumb rolled around the top of my pussy.

My pussy. A phrase that became less strange and more exciting as it bounced around my head. Something clicked, and my flesh began to rumple and swirl under her thumb, tightening into a sensitive nub that began culturing nerves like it was out of style. In just a few seconds it already was almost overwhelming, but I still wanted more, and Kisha didn't disappoint.

She spent two minutes encouraging my sensitive bundle, until he

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