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Sometimes you need to play with your food.

You shrieked in surprise but, by the time you could think about retaliating, Jules had reached the edge of the pool and was climbing out.

'Come on,' she said, 'let's have some lunch.'

She walked over to the poolside shower and let the warm water flow over her for a few moments, then towelled herself off, put on her bathrobe and headed into the house. You took the opportunity of her absence to shower yourself. When she returned she was carrying a tray laden with plates of cold meats and salad, which she placed on the table. She then went back into the house and came back with a bottle of wine in a cooler and two glasses. After drying yourself off, you also put on your bathrobe and joined her at the table.

To be honest, in the heat you didn't really feel like eating but it seemed rude to refuse the meal that she'd laid on. The cold wine was very welcome, though, and without realising it the two of you had soon finished the bottle and you realised that you were feeling mildly tipsy. The conversation flowed easily but, even so, her next question came as a surprise.

'Do you have a good love life?'

'Yes...,' you answered, but the slight trace of hesitation was obvious.

'But...,' Jules probed further.

She sensed your reluctance to respond and answered the question herself.

'You've been married more than a few years,' she said, 'so things are bound to have settled down into a routine. Don't you find yourself wishing sometimes that it could be a lot more exciting?'

'Perhaps,' you replied, wondering again where this was leading and wishing that she would drop this line of conversation. You thought about the fantasies that regularly filled your thoughts and how exciting the idea of them was but, good friend though she'd become, you were far from ready to talk to Jules about such personal matters. Instead, you decided to turn the tables to remove the pressure from you.

'What about you and Bob?'

'That's what I mean,' she answered. 'Our sex life did turn rather boring, in fact most of the time we simply didn't bother. But it's fine now. We're having the time of our lives.'

Her answer left you intrigued. Were they into swinging, had they decided on an open marriage, or had Jules found that she was bi? The possibilities raced through your mind. You were anxious to ask the obvious question but you knew that, if you did, you risked prolonging a difficult conversation. But your curiosity overcame your reluctance.

'What changed?' you heard yourself asking.

'Oh, this and that,' Jules replied. 'We found something we both enjoyed.'

It was clear that she had no intention of explaining further. You were both intrigued and disappointed.

'I'm going to take advantage of the sun for a little while,' said Jules, as if to change the subject. With that, she got up from the table and walked over to her sun-lounger. She peeled off her costume, and laid down on her front.

'Would you be ever so lovely and put some sun lotion on me?' she said, handing you the bottle.

You took the bottle and opened it, pouring some of the lotion into your right hand. After letting it warm for a few moments you began to spread it over her back and shoulders, then down and over her behind.

'That's nice,' she murmured appreciatively.

You weren't sure whether she wanted you to do the backs of her legs but you decided to continue anyway. Like the rest of her body, she had neat calves and thighs, taut without being too muscular. She obviously worked out but without being excessive over it. You rubbed the lotion into the backs and sides of her legs, working up from her ankles.

As your hands approached the tops of her legs you felt uneasy as to how high you should go. Jules spread her legs wide to enable you to reach as much of her as possible, exposing her smoothly-waxed cunt lips. You were careful not to touch her there, although the temptation to do so was more than you could ever have believed possible. Maybe it was the heat affecting you.

When you had finished, you as

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