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One thing leads to another on the beach.

He rolled his eyes, "Must be mom."

He started to head to bed when curiosity got the best of him. He pictured enormous breasts bouncing. He wondered if he could get a peak. "A quick peak is all. I bet she looks great. Then I'll go right to bed, because this is pretty stupid for me to do," he thought.

As he snuck down the hallway, Elliot no longer heard as many animalistic grunts and moans; he heard talking mixed in. It caused him to pause and listen just outside the double doors leading to Bob's bedroom.

"Yeah? Then once that house is built for you, you'll move in?" Bob grunted, still gripping Diane's waist as she bounced.

"Yes!" She cried out.

"You'll get him to move in with you?"

"Yes!" she answered and cried out in pleasure at the same time, her eyes closed and her head still thrown back, facing the ceiling.

"Mmm yeah, good girl. Your sisters too?" Bob asked, slapping Diane's ass, causing Elliot to nearly chuckle out in the hallway.


"All of you, together in that new, big house!" Bob clenched his teeth.

"Ahhh YES!" Diane screamed again, her body shaking in his grip.

"I gotta tie you up. Get off me honey," Bob said, getting off his bed. Elliot heard his foot falls on the hardwood floor and tip toed away in case Bob opened the door and saw.

Bob grinned after retrieving two belts from his closet. "Ready? I was never around to discipline you as a girl, so we'll have to pretend you've been bad."

"Oh, believe me, dad. I have been VERY bad in my lifetime," Diane smiled, moving to all fours, extending her hands to the one of the bed posts. She was in for a long night.


Back in Elliot's room down the hall, his door was closed and his mother and Bob's noises could hardly be heard. He lay wide awake in bed, thinking about what he just heard.

"A new house? My Aunts moving in? When? Where? Was Bob referring to me moving in too?" He asked himself. Sleep didn't come easily for him. He thought about sneaking down the hall once more to get a peak, but was tired, didn't want to get caught, and deep down thought it was stupid to spy on her like that. He figured if his mother picked on him any during this trip, he could pick on her back about her and that old man.

Chapter 8

They said goodbye to Bob the next morning, Elliot still noticing something odd about his appearance. He handed him another $100 bill. Elliot tried to return it, but Bob would have none of it.

Breakfast was pleasant with Aunt Tiffanie. Tom joined, much to Diane's delight. She relished in flirting with the young man, embarrassing him, and slightly embarrassing Elliot. Tiffanie shot him a knowing smile, telling him to keep an on her in Vegas when she dropped them off at the airport.

It was a nonstop flight to Las Vegas that took around four and a half hours. Diane was fairly well behaved, not flirting or attempting to embarrass her son too much. She couldn't make it the whole flight though. As soon as the flight attendant announced they would be landing soon, she casually closed her book, took off her reading glasses, and turned to Elliot.

"I suppose we should join the mile high club before we land," Diane said, loud enough for passengers nearby to hear. Elliot turned red and looked out the window.

"What? I thought you were my boyfriend," Diane said, chuckling softly. She behaved the rest of the flight.

Elliot had almost forgotten about the pretend boyfriend component to their trip. He sighed when they landed, hoping that nothing regrettable would happen, hoping that no line would be crossed, then looking at his mother's fit and curvaceous body from the side when she picked up her bag at baggage claim, hoping that something would happen.


"Good, so you two are there at the hotel now?" Valerie asked her brother on the phone while she was taking a break from one of the leg machines at the gym.

"Yeah here now, pretty tired, we didn't sleep to well," Elliot shot is mother a smile as she was putting clothes away.

"Well rest up and later go out and have a lot of fun!" Valerie suggested.

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