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Adult grandkid makes a surprise visit.

"REX!! Stop, that hurts. I know you're always horny, Pervert."

"Let me just," Rex said as his hands slide up the underside of her lingerie bra. He starts to lift the garment up. MaryLynn's breasts are about to fall into view.
Just as Rex starts to lift the brassiere off of MaryLynn's breasts. The scene starts to shift. The scene turns to the mirror. Zack sees the mirror, but it's close. It's like the vector showing the room is on her dresser in front of the mirror. He loses sight of the couple.

"NO!" screamed Zack into the door.

The view of the mirror increases and takes up the door. From the right side of the mirror, Zack sees the couple, again. MaryLynn's bra is pulled up. It's pressing into her neck. Her large marvelous tear drop breasts are completely uncovered. For a few seconds, her boyfriend has both his hands on her hips showing her chest unobstructed. With her over-develop bosom nude, the nerd studies and memorizes the view. Her areola is average size, about the size of a fifty cent piece, and the swollen pillows drop in a perfect pear shape. Zack's eyes are wider than a deer's in head lights, and his mouth is permanently open. Then, his heart sinks and his manhood rises. He sees her boyfriend start to caress her chest.

Wanting to watch, but not wanting to watch, Zack is torn. But, the choice is made for him the view starts rotating to the left, again. As the mirror grows larger and larger in the view from his open door, Zack starts to see something orange. It's a cat. He goes from watching the groping to the cat. Before he knows it, all he sees is the cat. The view moves up and down as the cat in the mirror licks its paw.

Dying to see her again, he screams in frustration. He screams again. This time, the scream is louder. He hears a dark mean low hiss coming from the door.

"What is it, Garfield? What's a matter?"

Zack shuts the door quickly. 'Did it hear me? Was he just looking into the room through the cat's eyes? What the fuck? Did it hear me?' Zack thinks all these questions and more as he backs up and out of the attic. He goes straight to his room. He can't believe what just happen.


Sitting at a table in the library, he glances down at his calculator watch. Zack sees it's now 4:10 pm. He thinks, 'I knew it. She isn't coming.' He has been sitting at the table on the second floor of the library for twenty minutes. Not wanting to be late, he decided to arrive early. When he woke up this morning, he swore the night before had to have been a dream, or a sleep-deprived daydream.

In reality, whoever heard of a door that opens to view anyone in the world? It's mathematically impossible, and it's crazy. Gathering his books and standing, he prepares to leave the library. He knew MaryLynn would not let him actually be her tutor. As he straightens his backpack, he slides both straps over his shoulders. He glances down from the balcony to the main floor. At the entry, he sees something shocking.

MaryLynn is standing around a couple of tables. She appears to be looking around like she is looking for someone. After a few seconds, she glances up and their eyes meet. His heart sinks as her smile grows. "Zack!" she yelled up to him as she waves her hand in the air.

Sitting at a table near the balcony's edge are a couple students from the engineering college at Jock University. They both look down at MaryLynn. She is in her Coffeehouse outfit with pants complementing her V-neck shirt. Then, the students look at Zack, both with expressions of shock that she is calling to him. All he can think to do is wave back.

As Zack waves to MaryLynn, she heads to the stairs. She walks over to him at the table.

"I have been looking for you. This is my first time here. I didn't know where to meet you. Did you just arrive? You still have your backpack on."

"Yes. I mean no. I was looking around for you, too," Zack lied trying to hide the fact he was leaving. "Please, sit. Usually, this balcony is a great place to study. It has good lighting, and it's quite."

Zack removes his

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