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Sister returns from Spain with a bang.

"Let's stay positive. I'm going to change, get something to drink and then we make a plan. Ok?"

Julie got up and put on a short black skirt and a tight, low cut, light blue top.

"I should buy some normal looking clothes" she muttered. "Don't you think this is a little too revealing?"

Mark looked at her cleavage and long legs. "It's fine. I like it." He said with a smile.

"I know you like it...but what about the creep at the reception? Didn't you notice how much he was staring at us the last day?"

"It's not surprising. First, my pictures are all over the place...second you do know that you are gorgeous looking." Mark said. "Shall I come with you?" he asked her after a while.

"I should be fine." She said and left the room to head to the reception area to get some cold drinks.

It was hot outside but it still seemed to be cooler than in the room. She walked out onto the car park and into the full sunlight. The sun felt good. How she had missed these walks in the sun. She opened the doors to the reception and a wave of cool air invited her. She looked disgusted towards the empty reception desk. Why did this guy have an AC but not the guests? But by the standards of this motel Julie didn't expect much anyways.

The drink dispenser was at the far end of the lobby and Julie bought quickly two cans of coke. She wanted to hurry back. But when she turned the old man was standing behind the desk waving his hand at her and a big grin on his face.

Julie forced a smile on her face. "Hi!" she said and tried to walk away.

"It's hot today isn't it?" he said.

Julie stopped for a moment. "Yes... but it's nice and cool in here unlike outside and in our room."

"Sorry, about the lack of the AC's... until when are you folks going to stay?" he asked and Julie shivered when his eyes ran up and down her body. It was like being licked by him. And she knew that the other darker side of her absolutely loved it. Her cunt twitched as it tried to remember it's last invasion.

"Not for long..." she replied and walked towards the door when he started to talk again.

To Julies surprise he had emerged from behind the counter and walked straight up to her. His eyes constantly locked on her body.
"I really have to go. My friend is waiting." She whispered and turned around.

But the old mans hand grabbed her by the shoulder. Julie surprised by the sudden touch and force that the Coke cans fell on the red carpet. When he noticed that she didn't move he loosened his grip and let his fingertips run down her shoulder and over her curvy round butt.

"Yes your friend... he looks really familiar to me you know. Really familiar." He whispered into her ear.

Julie faced the door and looked out to the parking place. Inertly she whished for someone to appear. She felt how close the man was standing behind her. He breathed into her war which made her tingle. She could feel his body heat and she could sense his lust. Her neck hair raised when he whispered into her ears again.

"You know a man like me gets pretty lonely out here...all by myself." He lifted her short black skin and touched one of her butt cheek and massaged it wildly.

Julie closed her eyes. Her pussy was getting wet by his presence and his touch. The antidote was loosing the battle against her rising now natural urge to fuck and be fucked. Why didn't she invite Mark along with her... but maybe it was good that she left him in their room. For at least now he was safe.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Isn't that quiet obvious" Frank replied. His arms embraced her and Julies body was pulled back and she could feel his hot and swollen manhood between on her back.

Julie tried to move away from him but it was too late. He was stronger than he looked and slowly while holding her he backed down towards the private room behind the reception desk.

He shoved her into his bedroom and closed the door.

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