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His cock began to stir at the sight. "Take it off," Lily said.

Carrie unclasped her lover's bra and Lily shrugged the straps free from her shoulders. Alex watched the lacy cage fall free from his sister's bosom and onto her lap. "So much better," Lily said softly, rolling her shoulders while Carrie continued to massage her stress away.

Alex adored his sister's breasts. Perky was an understatement. They stood proudly and firmly, unaffected by gravity, profoundly jutting from her chest. Physics obviously did not apply. They seemed larger than life perched on her narrow torso; twin cannons aimed straight at Alex. Each soft cone was adorned with a dark pink pointed tip. Her areolas were practically unrecognizable, becoming extensions of her thick nipples. He marveled at how different his sister's pert breasts were from Carrie's soft hanging mounds and broad areolas. They did share the same thick protracted nipples, thought Alex, though Lily's were definitely longer. They begged to be suckled.

Carrie reached around her lover's body and cupped her soft skin. She brushed over her nipples and squeezed her supple flesh between her fingers. Carrie nuzzled into Lily's long graceful neck and softly said, "I got us a new toy," just loud enough for Alex to hear.

"Oh, what is it?" Lily asked eagerly, finally lightening up as she bounced childishly on the daybed.

"You'll have to find out," Carrie said seductively as she rolled Lily's thick stiffening nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Lily moaned softly as Carrie held her hands under her breasts and shook them, pointing them towards her closet. The redhead looked up in Alex's direction and an impish smile spread across her face.

At least I'm not the only one she plays games with, Alex thought.

Lily turned her head and kissed Carrie passionately. Alex could see their tongues working, probing and twisting in their beloveds' mouths. They stood up together, arms entangled and mouths locked, a tangle of red and silver hair. Lily pulled back and looked at her lover. She pulled the daisy from her curly mane and said, "I love this. Where'd you find it?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Carrie said as Lily set the flower down carefully on the arm of the daybed.

Alex smiled, at least he did something right. He watched as Lily pushed Carrie's strapless blouse down, exposing her pale naked breasts. They pulled their topless bodies together and Alex watched as their soft mounds touched and compressed, spilling from their sides. Both girls reached for their lover's pants at the same time. Buttons popped and denim hit the floor. Their panties followed quickly after. Alex didn't even note their color or style, so enthralled was he in his sister and Carrie's passionate display.

Alex sat completely still in rapt attention, ignoring the painful throbbing between his legs that begged his attention. He watched as Carrie turned her back to him and dropped to her knees. His sister turned, giving him a full frontal view of her beauty. He waist was so narrow, he didn't think it was humanly possible. He glanced down farther to see that she was completely bare between her legs. Her sex was slender, matching her lithe build, two cute little hills framed inside the heart of her thigh gap with one little pink fold sneaking out in between her puffy lips. Her body is so different than Carrie's, he thought, fascinated at how two dissimilar forms could both be so incredibly sexy.

Lily stepped in front of Carrie's waiting mouth and Alex held his breath while his self-proclaimed sex mentor began to lick his sister.

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