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Sexual relationship with a cop continues.

After she stopped shaking she put her attention back to her friend's cunt. Licking the sweet hot pussy Tina moved to Angie's clit and sucked it in between her crimson lips. Then she took two of her fingers and buried them deep in Angie's burning quiff.

Angela forgot where she was and went with her natural instincts and gave into orgasm. "Shit... shit...YES... Fuck my pussy with your fingers! OOOHHH GGGODDDD I AAAMMM CUMMMMINNNGG!"

John watched the incredible action and sped up his strokes. His hand was a blur as he watched the hot call girls eating each other out, submitting to their orgasms. Their moans and screams set him off and he bucked his hips sending a rope of cum high in the air, it landed with a splat on his chest. He shot so hard he just missed spraying his own face by inches.

John went into the hotel bathroom and grabbed a couple of towels for the naked group and they all wiped themselves off. John poured three glasses of champagne and toasted the girls thanking them for the wonderful show. "That was the hottest thing I have ever seen, thank you so much for the show. Here is to the three of us and many more cums tonight!" He swallowed his drink down and poured another.

Angie was loving the event and in raising her glass said, "Here, here!" She had accomplished two firsts already in the night. It was the first time she had ever been paid to do sexual acts and her first experience with a woman was already more than memorable. She finished her drink quickly and handed her glass to John. He took her hand and lingered in the touch, the soft gentle feel sent shivers down Angie and felt her pussy heat up again. After getting her drink from John she put it on the nightstand then bent over his lap and took his flaccid member into her mouth. She sucked it in and felt it as it began to harden in her mouth. As she slid her mouth up and down the hardening shaft John lightly played with her hair, it felt like the touch of a long time lover, so tender and amorous. She cooed from the affection, she couldn't believe a man that would pay for sex would be this gentle. She kept her mouth movement going and John started moving his hips in time with her head.

Tina stayed in the background and watched the two; a little smile crossed her lips as she thought how much of a natural Angie seemed to be. She sipped at her beverage and found herself slowly stroking her pussy with her free hand. The two on the bed could have been lovers, she just a member of a planned threesome. The way the evening was going Tina thought it had no feeling of a regular trick. John was being a total gentleman; he paid way over the going rate and treated the two girls with total respect. Tina enjoyed the change of pace from her regular calls. She was starting to get eager to join in the fun and decided to take a spot on the other side of John, grabbing his cock she pulled it out of Angie's mouth and took a taste for herself.

The girls traded off on sucking John's pole. Whenever one of them was sucking the other would lightly lick his clean shaven nut sack. John was in bliss getting the double blowjob from the two hot hookers. The different styles were amazing on his cock. Angie was all soft and slippery when she had control, Tina the perfect contrast as she swallowed and sucked with tight suction. He didn't want to blow his load again so soon though, he had to fuck one of these two women so he asked them who wanted to have their ass fucked first. "What one of you wishes to have my cock in their ass first?"

Angie took her mouth off his cock and told him the truth about her not really being a call girl and she would really like to be first. She worried about his thickness but she was so turned on by the whole night she just had to know. She got on her knees and John went in behind her.

"We need to get this sweet ass lubed up.

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