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The conclusion of Hayden and Anna's story.

"Oh, yiiieeee!" Logan wailed to his Cosmic Team. "This drives me crazy." Once he was with her though, it all came back, seemed so natural. Kissing her in the copy room seemed "normal", something they did. It fascinated Logan to see them traverse this adjustment phase. Once through it, they felt comfortable touching, kissing, holding each other, handling her breasts, running his hands up her legs. "Boy that's bizarre my dear Cosmic Cowboys," Logan added, being one to always over-analyze involvements.

Given Sensia's responses, it reinforced Logan's inclination to proceed with the ravishment of her sweet body. He commented to her that he knew how it felt having someone tell you that it should be ended, having experienced similar things with Jessica. Bordering on tears, nodding her head, Sensia indicated that, "yes, it really hurts, upsets. When you want to move full speed ahead and someone throws it back suggesting we quit, it's upsetting. I'm ready to rock...,"

"If I were truly manipulative," Logan speculated to himself, "I would have thrown that disappointment at her, hooking her into following through with it. Putting the picture together that way it sounds like forbidden fruit, something she had to get into." Logan marveled, "It's bizarre the way this works. You know as well as I do that it would be impossible to resist that pretty, delightfully structured woman." When he gets away somewhere, he may think they should knock it off. But once close to her, it's perfect to reach over and kiss her and move to the delightful pursuits of the previous week. The amusing part - it was her inclination too. They kissed. They kissed savoring the excitement, the thrill.


"At Your Pleasure My Lords," Logan reached out to his Heavenly Hosts, "I move to do your bidding." Logan conceded some effort was applied to the gentle seduction of sweet Sensia. This day was different, even as every day is. The tasty lady and Logan gradually worked their way through this process. Reacting to Logan's comments of yesterday, Sensia worked on an attitude that, "Maybe you're right. We might back off and leave it alone." Of course, her body didn't buy that attitude. She backed off on the kisses, back to not more than 5 minutes at a time, not too much French, and only a little bit of handling those pretties up top, mister.

Then, Logan pointed out he had been on the edge of his seat with her of late. "In fact," Logan added, "if we take it slow and careful, it might work out. That would be nice," he added as understatement.

This particular day was quite warm and gentle between them with Logan pulling her to him, holding and kissing her, with no new moves on her at all. They were consolidating, stabilizing before the fatal plunge, up to the hilt between her pretty out-stretched thighs. "My, my, my," Logan smiled to himself. They both agreed they didn't want it to end. There was more fun to be had, and they both knew exactly what they were referring to. "I think she decided that she wants to have an affair," Logan concluded with more understatement, "writhe with another man, just to revel one more time. Then she could settle down and put up with Ted for another 10 years."

It was as if Sensia had to do this. She couldn't get this close, and Logan was available and then have it go by. "Pretty amusing," Logan chuckled to himself having been down this road with other married ladies. He actually could have let it go by were it not for her insistence they should move forward. She indicated she would be terribly disappointed if he didn't pull her to him, wrap her in his arms, and give her one of those long, delicious kisses - for a while. If he canceled out now, that rejection may be more disturbing to her than having his hands running over her breasts and up between her legs, and he had to consider those scars to her psyche...


(LXXV, Lao Tzu)

The people are hungry;

It is because those in authority eat up too much in taxes

that the people are hungry.

The people are difficult to gove

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