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Sydd takes on a corrupt police officer.

"Where's Jenny?" She asked not seeing her.

"It's just me Cynthia." Chris said. "Jenny is working and I needed to borrow your digital camera so I can take some shots of equipment tooling we're having problems with so I can send them by e-mail to the supplier.

"Chris won't need to stay long dear." I said to Cyn. "Just long enough so I can show him how to operate the camera."

"That's all right honey." She said to me for his benefit. "We have the whole evening to be alone so don't rush Chris off rudely. Can I get you something to drink?" She asked him. "Craig and I were going to have a Coke while we watched TV."

'A Coke sounds great." He said. I'm sure he would have preferred something stronger, but we didn't drink. We never thought much about it until one of our drinking friends showed up.

Cynthia slipped into the kitchen and we both watched her as she moved. She was wearing a light weight summer dress that she knew I liked. The material was thin enough that you could clearly see her legs through it whenever she passed in front of a light source. I think Chris's cock was stiffening, I knew mine already was.

I got the camera and a lot of equipment out so there would be plenty for me to explain when she got back into the room. I was going thru the basic settings when she returned with the three drinks and offered each of us one. I looked at her as she stood next to Chris, I knew the neck line of the dress was low but it looked like her cleavage was much more noticeable than I had recalled. Maybe she was wearing something special underneath for my entertainment. Chris noticed as I watched him take a long appreciative look and reach down to adjust the bulge in his pants.

When I looked at Cyn, I could see that she was aware of the attention she was getting and she studied the crotch of Chris's pants to confirm that she was making an impression. When she looked up and saw me looking, she blushed and coughed as she imagined what I was thinking. After catching her looking, I just smiled, and she blushed crimson. I explained to Chris that since the objects he would be shooting were stationary, the Auto setting would probably work best because it would handle the light balance he could capture the detail. I pointed out that the camera had a movie mode as well so if he needed to picture moving around the grouping so all angles could be captured it would do so nicely.

He handled the camera to get a feel for its weight and balance and snapped a picture of Cyn's face taking her by surprise. She protested like a woman and told him she couldn't be as impressive as his tooling would be the next day.

"I'm sure my tooling feels more impressed right now than it will tomorrow." He said with more than a twinkle in his eye. Cyn couldn't stop herself from looking down and gulped as she saw the bulge of his hard cock in his pants. "See what I mean." He said. "You're definitely having more influence on my tooling than the pile of metal and plastic will have.

Cyn blushed deeply but couldn't say a word; neither could she stop herself from looking at both our crotches so she could compare our bulges.

"I think maybe you better head for the Landing Strip instead of home if Jenny's already there, it looks like you need to see her soon." Cyn said, and then she blushed even more as she realized how brazen she was.

"It's not dreaming about Jenny that's making both of us uncomfortable." I said. "It's looking at you."

"Craig," Cynthia squealed, will you please watch what you're saying, you're going to embarrass us all."

"Don't worry Cyn." Chris said. "I don't embarrass easily, but I agree with Craig, watching you could give a corps a hard-on."

"Chris!" She shrieked. "Would you put a lid on it already? If you're not careful you have us all doing things we'll regret tomorrow."

"Cynthia," Chris said evenly. "Jenny told me about your ride in the convertible, and the things that happened at the Landing Strip. I assure you the only thing I regret is that I wasn't there to see any of it."


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