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She is frustrated by her director's antagonistic attitude.

I then start to squirt cum on the bed as Jacob continues to fuck me. After cumming, I try to catch my breath but with Jacob continuing to fuck me it's hard to do. After a couple more thrusts Jacob pulls his cock out of my ass and takes off his condom. He then grabs me by my hair position my face in front of his cock as he starts to masturbate. I figure that he is going to give me a facial but as the last minute he pushes my head closer to his cock and he tells me to open up my mouth. As I comply his sticks black dick in my mouth as he starts to cum. Wave after wave starts to shot into my mouth and I have no choice but to swallow his cum while he sticks more and more of his cock in my mouth. In amount of seconds some cum starts to slip out of my mouth but I try to swallow as much as I can. Jacob continues to shove his cock down my mouth until dick is touching the back of my mouth and I start to gag. After Jacob finishes cumming he leaves his cock in my mouth as he listens to me gag. After a minute he finally removes his cock from my mouth and I swallow any remaining cum in my mouth, He then instructs me to open my mouth to ensure I didn't leave any behind. After checking my mouth, he had me clean off any remaining cum on his cock. I lick most of it off with my tongue while every now then sticking his dick in my mouth to slurp off any remaining juices.
After sucking all the cum of his cock, he then pushes my head down on to the bed sheets and tells me to start cleaning up my mess. Jacob watches me as I lick and swallow the cum from the bed sheets before instructing me to bring my pretty ass over to him. As I crawl over to him he grabs my arm and rolls me over on my back. He then mounts me with his cock over my face and with my arms pin under his legs. Jacob then starts to slap my face with his cock. With each slap he taunts me with questions like "Do you think my cock the best in the house?" and "Does best butt think I have the best cock?" I learn after the first couple of questions that he didn't want to hear my answers but wanted me to submit to him even more. I tilt my head sideways as I continue to take his dick slaps. After 5 minutes of slapping my face with his dick, Jacob finally gets off the top of me. I can tell my face is a little numb and possibly a little red. He then kisses me on my forehead and positions me on my side before pulling my ass towards his body.

As we lay there in a cuddle position I move my ass a little closer to his crotch area. I hear Jacob say, "Yeah get that big ass closer to me." This was the first time I ever heard someone call my butt big. I start to wonder if my butt is big. I then start hear Jacob start to dose off to sleep. In a mumble state he whispers in my ear "Don't jack off in my bed like last time!" As he says this he gives my ass one last slap as my eyes almost pop out of my head.

I woke up in the morning with a loud knock at the door and with Jacob pushing me off into the floor again.

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