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His dreams turn to reality with sexy, mature coworkers.

"Okay." he said.

"So..." she prodded.


Erin let out a exasperated laugh. "So how did they look?"

"Nice." he replied, unable to suppress a smile as he glanced at them briefly.

Erin looked down at her chest, feeling pleased with her brother's response. "Well, hopefully that satisfied your curiosity."

"What?" he asked.

"Don't you think I've never noticed all the times you stared at them," Erin told him "last Tuesday I caught you looking when I was bending over to tie my shoes."

Alex felt himself blush and clenched his jaw.

"It's okay, Alex," she continued "I'm not pissed, and I won't tell mom or dad either."

Alex gave his sister a surprised look, but felt a huge sense of relief. "I'm sorry, Erin. I know I shouldn't look. I..."

"Just can't help it." she interjected.

Alex let out a laugh and nodded. "Yeah..."

Erin leaned into her brother, pressing her shoulder against his, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'll take it as a compliment."

Alex laughed and slid his hand up his sister's back.

"So, does your shirt look better on me than you?" she asked as she sat upright.

"Of course...!" he replied, staring at her chest. Her nipples were poking from it and he resisted the urge to reach out and rub one.

"It feels nice against my nipples." She quickly glanced down then smiled at him.

"I can tell." he said with a laugh.

Erin laughed and leaned back on her brother's chest, draping an arm around his shoulders. "Isn't it better to not have to pretend you don't notice?"

"I guess... it's weird though." he told her.

"If that hard-on is any indication, it's a good weird though." she said, her eyes dropping to her brother's lap.

Alex forced a smile and gently pushed his sister from his lap. "Seriously, time to get off. I have to put these dishes away."

Erin frowned and slid from her brother's lap. She watched as he put the dirty dishes in the sink, staring at the outline of his still hard cock through his jeans. She had been wet for some time, and as she watched Alex walk around the kitchen she could feel her clit throbbing, begging for attention. She wished she could reach down and press her fingers against it, but that would have to wait. She leaned against the counter, still eyeing her brother, then as he walked by her she took hold of his wrist and abruptly pulled him to her.

Erin's sudden movement caught Alex by surprise and he briefly stumbled, falling into her. He felt her slender hands hold his hips and she tugged him towards her. His erection was pressing into the subtle curve of her stomach and he felt her squirm slightly, pressing herself harder against it.

"Feels nice." she said as she tugged at his hips causing him to thrust towards her more.

Alex never answered, but placed his hands on her hips. He could feel their gentle curve and the elastic of her panties beneath the shirt she was wearing. Slowly he glided his hands over her hips and up to her waist, holding her tight.

"Do I always make you this hard?"

"Sometimes." he admitted.

"Like when?" she coaxed.

"I don't know. It depends." Alex was still very reluctant to divulge much to his sister about his lust for her.

Erin slipped her bare thigh between her brother's and rubbed it over his throbbing cock. "Like when you look down my top when I bend over?" she prodded.

"Yeah." he said, not taking his eyes from her swollen nipples jutting from the shirt.

Erin gave a pleased smile and followed her brother's eyes. She reached up and pulled the shirt to one side, exposing her left breast to him. Alex stared in silence at his sister's naked breast as it swayed slightly with her movements. It was slightly curved upward and her light brown nipple was as hard as a bullet, surrounded by an areola slightly bigger than a silver dollar. He licked his lips and imagined sucking at it.

"Feel it." she said in almost a whisper.

Alex reached up and cupped his sister's breast in his palm.

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