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The guy looked very ecstatic about it and immediately went back and told his friends and they high-fived each other. It was like they all knew each other all of a sudden. I don't think they did, but I think they were all there for the same reason, to see Ava.

As I was talking with the manager and discussing the light situation a few more groups of guys came in. There again, all servicemen. Now the club was packed and most of the guys were American military. There were now 30 to 40 guys in the club. The first three rows were completely full and everyone was watching the show as girl number four was on stage dancing and doing her show. She was Japanese and she danced for two songs and then came out with a camera and was going around the stage letting guys take pictures with her.

The music was loud and most guys were drinking. I was so nervous at this point because Ava was next. I figured that she was getting nervous too and I had hoped that she didn't get too drunk. I was also wondered what she was wearing but I couldn't until she came out. The Japanese girl finished her routine and everyone clapped as she left the stage.

So this was it. We had finally arrived at the time when it was Ava's turn. I couldn't wait to see how she looked and how she was dressed and IF she would even come out. An upbeat faster song came on and the manager turned on the white lights that shined down onto the circle part of the stage. I didn't realize how dim the stage was before this but now the stage was very clear and bright.

After about 30 seconds Ava finally came out. As she came out, she immediately faced the back wall and started dancing. The crowd of guys reacted with some hooting and hollering. It was obvious that this was not a Colombian girl and not a Japanese girl because of her golden brown skin tone. The guys in the audience reacted like this is the girl they were waiting to see. The time had finally come. She was actually now on the stage.

The music was loud but I do believe that Ava could hear the crowd over the music even if she did not see the crowd yet. She danced in one spot near the back wall just kind of shaking her ass to the music. She was devastatingly sexy. She wore black high heels, black thigh-high stockings, and a very sheer blue summer dress that had spaghetti straps and came down just below her butt. Her legs looked so long and you could see her golden brown skin above the thigh high stockings but below the dress. You could make out her black panties and bra through the sheer dress. She was wearing a Mardi Gras mask that covered her eyes, nose, and cheekbones.

As she danced facing away from the crowd her long black hair hung down to the top of her butt. The music thumped loudly but I could hear the excitement in the room. It was as if they had all just seen a celebrity. Though she had a mask on it seemed obvious to me that it was Ava -the girl from the gym and the girl that worked the Air Force Base store.

Over the next minute Ava continued to just face the wall and dance until finally she turned around and faced the crowd of guys. It was obvious that she had never done this before and that she was very nervous. As the song progressed she started dancing back and forth across the back of the T-shaped stage. She only danced down to the circle part of the stage one time and when she did, the white lights from above lit her up. You could see every color of her hair and skin as well as see her bra and panties through her dress. All eyes were riveted on her in her sexy outfit. It appeared she was getting over her first nerves. The song came to an end as she danced off the stage. If this is all that had happened, I would have been very satisfied already. But it wasn't.

A slow song started and the room hushed up except for the music.

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