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Four teachers discover new possibilities.

But I guess kissing just seemed to make it too personal. I know that's a wrong thing to say. But for whatever reason, years went by. And in that time we had great sex. Taryn was insatiable in bed. She was great in bed. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'm not bad either, you know what I mean.

Then one night, out of nowhere all that changed...

She came over after work one night. As soon as I opened the door I could see she was in the mood to fuck. She rubbed her body against mine. We started to strip each other quickly as I fondled her small breasts. We somehow made our way to the bedroom. I tossed her over my shoulder and threw her on the bed as I pulled off her work pants. The look in her eyes told me she wanted it. Quickly I dropped my boxers and showed her my nice hard cock. I climbed on top of her as she slipped her panties to her ankles and let them fall to the floor.

"Drive it in me," I heard her whisper. I shoved my cock inside her pussy and began to thrust inside of her. She was loving every moment of it. I could tell by the moans that escaped her mouth. She looked up at me and moaned as she felt the entire weight of my body. I looked down at her and noticed something different in her face. Her eyes focused on my mouth as I fucked her. Her hands roamed up and down my back, grabbing my ass cheeks and pushing me deep into her. But her eyes were still on my mouth. I looked down at her and kept pushing into her. I felt her hands slide up my back and through my hair. Her fingertips on my spine sent a shiver through my body. She pulled my face against hers and kissed me with her tongue. I didn't know what was going on. I stopped moving and slid off her.

"What did you do that for?" I asked. I thought it was a reasonable question. I looked at her laying on my bed. There was a look of disappointment in her eyes.

"I don't know. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. She said she thought it was odd that we haven't kissed. Even though we've been fucking for over a year. I was thinking about it all day and it got me all fucking horny for you. I'm sorry I did it." I watched as she got up and reached for her clothes by the foot of the bed.

"Taryn? What are you doing?" I got up and crossed to the foot of the bed by her.

"I have obviously ruined the moment. Call me later if you want.".. she tried to leave the room with her clothes in her hands. She took two steps towards the door but I intercepted her. I pulled her body against mine and kissed her feverishly. She dropped her clothes on the floor and flung her arms around my body. I tasted her tongue in my mouth as I lifted her feet off the ground. I carried her to the bed as we kissed. I heard her moan in my mouth as her tongue licked my mouth. I threw her down on the bed and smiled at her. I watched her lick her lips. My cock was getting harder then I had ever known it to be.

Taryn spread her legs wide open on the bed. I watched her fingers trail down her stomach to pussy lips. She was glistening with juices, which was leaking onto my white bed spread. I crawled between her legs and pushed her fingers out of the way. She loved when I ate her out. I began thrusting my tongue inside her while holding her belly down to the bed. She moaned for more. She closed her legs around her head, suffocating me against her pussy. But I just kept licking and licking. I could taste her getting wetter and wetter at my tongue's attention.

The room was filled with the sounds of her moaning. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to cum. I felt like I was so hard I might poke a hole through my sheet. I climbed back on top of her body, stuffing my tongue in her mouth. Yes, it was the same tongue that was just stuffed in her pussy. I grabbed my stiff tool and pointed it towards her pussy. I slid in easily again. I held Taryn down against the bed as I thrust inside her. We kissed deeper then I think I have ever kissed anyone as my hands mauled her breasts. I drove my cock deep inside her. She would have moaned if my mouth wasn't covering hers.

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