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They both settled into some nearby chairs and Carolyn began, "You see, I travel a lot, and I'll hook up with someone here and there, but most times I just slide into a city, go to meetings, have dinner and then return to my room. After a bit of TV, I'll read for a bit and then go to sleep."

Allison nodded, remembering some of her business trips.

"Ah, you know the story then, I'm a world traveler, all I see is the inside of airports." Sliding closer to Allison she then leaned and whispered softly, "Well, that's where I let the fun begin. Rather than lust after the baggage guy, though he was kind of cute in a pudgy sort of way," she said with a slight giggle, "I go find where flights are arriving from some exotic location. I'll find a dark corner where I can see the people coming off the plane, I settle in and watch the guys emerge."

"But doesn't that make it worse, doesn't it just drive you crazy fantasizing about all these guys with out any relief."

"Who said anything about NO relief."

"You mean..."

Carolyn smiled, nodding her head, "You see, I'm not sure if it works for everyone, but, if I sit, with my legs crossed, kind of like this," she crossed her legs at the thighs and then hooked her ankles, "and then swing my ankles like," unhooking her ankles, she gently swung it back and forth.


"Well, I watch the guys come off the plane, quickly give them a rating from one to five. Once I do that, I'll swing my leg accordingly. In other words, a guy a rate a five, I'll swing my leg five times, a four gets for swings and so on and so on. Before long I'm cumming all by myself."

"Right there in the airport?"

"Right there in the airport. But I don't let it finish then, as soon as I gain my composure, I grab my stuff and make it a point to find the guy and say something to him, maybe just a sexy 'Hello', other times I'll have a conversation. It's kind of the topper to the fantasy."

"Wow, and you cross your legs..."

"Yeah, just like that. I don't know if it will work for all girls, but wow, it works for me. Oh my, I've got to run, don't want to miss my flight" Carolyn said grabbing her stuff.

"But, how can I get in touch with you?"

Grabbing a piece of paper Carolyn quickly jotted something down. "Here's my email," she said, handing the paper to Allison.

Allison quickly stood up and hugged Carolyn, then watched as her new friend turned and walked toward security. Intrigued by their intimate conversation, she then grabbed her bags and headed over to the small row of monitors labeled "Arrivals." Rifling through her purse, she found a pad and pen and began working on her list... no, not list, her... her... her flight plan.

Glancing over at the departures screen, she confirmed she still had a couple of hours before her flight was scheduled to leave, and then she began reviewing the possibilities. Although her choices were limited she worked her list down to two possibilities. There was a flight from Houston arriving in about fifteen minutes and one arriving in about ten minutes from Cancun.

Heading toward security, she mulled over the possibilities: Houston, oil men, wildcatters, elderly businessmen? Or Cancun, suntanned vacationers, honeymooners... hmm, luring a groom from his new wife, ah, that sounded fun. By the time she reached the front of the security line and pulled off her shoes and jacket, she had herself pretty worked up. Glancing down at her blouse she could clearly see her nipples jutting pertly though the thin material of her blouse.

Allison then looked up and saw that the security lady also noticed her nipples. Shrugging and crossing her arms she whispered, "It's freezing in here." The security lady nodded knowingly, checked her boarding pass and motioned for her to pass. Allison grabbed her jacket and bags and quickly headed toward the gate, where she noticed the gate personnel preparing for the arrival from Cancun.

She scanned the seating possibilities, found an empty row of seats toward

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