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Kristi was Kara. My fucking sister was on a porn set going by the name of Kristi May!

My mind filled with a whirlpool of thoughts and questions. Why was Kara doing porn? Did she know I did porn, too? How long had she been doing this? And... holy crap, oh shit... we are about to have sex and she doesn't know it's me! Does she know its me? Of course, she doesn't. Oh fuck. We are about to fuck!

A first, I was terrified. The past several years of longing for this moment were washed away in fear of the actual prospect. I had secreted lusted after my sister, I had masturbated while thinking about her, I had even pictured her while having sex with other women. She was my go-to fuel for sexual arousal. But I never imagined that it would really happen. The societal negative aspects of incest had been implanted in my brain.
Do I stop the shoot? Do I reveal to her who she was about to have sex with?

"Are you okay?" Kara asked, noticing my sudden discomfort.

What should I do? I had to stall. "I'm fine," I said, being more self-conscious than ever about my voice tone.

"You were just staring at me," she said with a look of odd concern on her face. I was certain she wasn't acting at that point. She was looking right at me. If she was going to recognize me she would have done it right then, but she showed no sign of knowing it was her brother in front of her.

"It's your face," I managed to say. "You're beautiful. It just caught me off guard." I was speaking truthfully.

Kara genuinely blushed. "I bet you say that to all the girls who dress up like Catwoman."

"Only the ones I think are hot." What was I doing? Why had I just said that out loud? I had to put an end to this.

Then she made a sound of a sexy purr. I had to focus to keep my knees from buckling. My sister just sexually purred at me. A totally wicked thought crept over me. What if I went through with it? What if I kept my mouth shut and just fucked her? No one would have to know, not even her. Seriously, I told myself, who would have to know? This was my dream come true after all, wasn't it?

I took a deep breath and went back into porn mode. "If the mask was making your head warm, the rest of your body must be burning burning up in that suit."

"It is very hot," she said with a sultry tone, "I could use a break and cool off."

"Turn around," I told her. "I'll get your zipper."

She purred again and turned her back to me. I felt my cock grow rock hard in response.

I reached out and grabbed the zipper at the back of her neck. My heart skipped a beat and my stomach did a flip as I moved the pull tab down inch by inch. Slowly the skin of her back was revealed as the seam of the suit parted. When the zipper bottomed out at the base of her spine, I took the opportunity to run my hands down over her ass.

My brain was screaming. My sister is taking off her clothes in front of me! And I'm grabbing her ass! Holy fuck! Is this really happening?

Kara reached up and pulled the top flaps at her neck forward and over her shoulders. Her back was bare, meaning she wasn't wearing a bra. She tugged the tight elastic material off of her arms and left the suit dangling around her waist. I stood breathlessly waiting for her to turn around.

She half twisted and leaned back against the desk. As she turned her breasts came into view. I almost came right then as my cock twitched at the site of them. Her tits were firm with small, pointy nipples and no tan lines.

"Help me with the legs?" She asked as she began to slip the suit past her hips.

I moved in front of her and grabbed the loose bundle of her costume as she sat back on the desk. I saw that see wasn't wearing panties either as I peeled the leggings off of her, effectively turning the suit inside out. She had her legs mostly closed but I could see that her pubic mound was shaven completely bald. I let out an low involuntary moan at the sight.

"More than one way to skin a cat," she said with a grin.

God, she was gorgeous, I thought as I looked over her naked body.

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