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A historical forced marriage.

"I am in love with you...but what about our friendship? And do you return the feelings that I have for you?"

That took me back a little. Suddenly the kick - ass dominance I'd been feeling so strongly wavered a bit. I knelt before him, averted my eyes and searched for the right answer.

"Yeah, I have feelings for you, too, Fez." I admitted finally. His eyes lit up, but he said nothing and let me finish, something Michael had never done. "But I've been through so much this past year with Michael and then Steven, that I don't know if I believe in love anymore." I confessed. I glanced at him and quickly continued. "As for our friendship, I don't want anything to get in the way of that. But we're both adults, really. We can handle it, right, Fez?"

He sat in silence for a couple of butterfly-inducing moments. At last he gently took my chin in the palm of his hand and lifted my face towards his. "I would never be so stupid as to cause you any pain, Jackie. I would rather die." Fez stated vehemently. "You have endured enough. I want you to know that I am friends with Hyde and Kelso, but I do not like what they do to women, and I hate what Kelso has done to you." He glanced at my outfit and then at the box of goodies lying on the couch. "I get the feeling you wanted to take it out on me."

Tears burned my eyes, but I didn't let them fall. "No." I said. "All I wanted was to get your attention, really. Just to make it more fun."

Fez graced me with a gorgeous smile. "I did not say that I would mind."

"Really, Fez?" I asked, getting back in the mood. "Would you like that?"

His gaze burned me to my core. "I would love that." He said in the deepest voice I'd ever heard him use. "Tell you what," Fez continued. "Why don't we hold a little experiment, just for tonight, strictly as friends. Anything goes. We do whatever we feel. And if afterwards, it still doesn't feel right..."

"We'll agree to stay friends." I finished for him. Fez beamed down at me.

"Exactly. No strings attached. No pain or heartbreak, just mutual exploring between friends. So?" His voice grew husky again as he leaned in to kiss my neck softly. One of his surprisingly strong hands reached around to cup the small of my back and pull me closer. I sighed in delight, my head swimming just as it had the other day.

"What do you say, Jackie? Are you willing to try this with me?" Fez murmured in my ear. His breath on my neck instantly shot chills up and down my spine. I shifted position in his arms and looked directly into his liquid brown eyes.

"Yes, Fez. Yes." I whispered. "I want that more than anything else in the world." With that, I swooped in for another long kiss. This one was hotter than the last, our tongues caressing each other's mouths for what felt like eternity. There was an instant electricity between us as the kiss finally broke. Fez stared at me intently.

"How do you want to do this, Jackie?" He asked with a smile. "What would be your ultimate desire, your favorite fantasy?" Again he nuzzled my neck and barely grazed my sensitive earlobe. I couldn't help but to moan. If this is how good he is at just seducing me...

The dominant urge suddenly kicked in again, so much so I was consumed with the desire. I stared at him fixedly, my eyes deliberately drifting to the bulge in his jeans and back up to his eyes. I bit my lip in anticipation and reached for the handcuffs.

"I want to chain you up on that shower rack over there -" I nodded towards the old curtain rod nestled next to the basement door - "And make you beg. I want to hear you scream my name, Fez, in that fucking sexy as hell foreign accent you use so well. I want to make you absolutely crazy." I purred seductively. Fez raised an eyebrow as he took in what I'd said. His eyes shifted to the object in question.

"It was not a request, Fez." I said bluntly. Now both of Fez' eyebrows were up, but all he responded with was another beautiful smile as he stood and came face to face with me.

"Good boy.

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