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You and your mates walk into the bar.

"Sit in that chair," Laura pointed to the desk chair at the far end of the room.

Travis passed the two beds and sat in the chair. He still held his cock at the base and waved his rigid shaft back in forth in the air. He watched Laura hop off Nathan's bed and cross the room to him. She stopped a pace from him and turned to Jason.

"Why didn't you just ask me?" she asked him indignantly.

"I wanted it to be a surprise," Jason said with a shrug of his shoulders. He moaned suddenly and a loud sucking noise came from Rachel.

Laura turned back to Travis. She knelt between his legs and wrapped her fingers around his cock. Travis moaned his approval and Laura began to suck his cock. Travis noticed Nathan lounging on his bed, slowly stroking his limp, but still very large cock. Laura's tongue brought Travis's attention back. She worked his rock-hard cock in her mouth, sucking hard, wet sucks.

"Mmm," Travis moaned. "Suck my cock."

Laura pumped his shaft while she sucked, sending blinding waves of pleasure through Travis's body. Travis watched her finger her pussy while she sucked his cock. After what felt like hours of bliss, Laura finally pulled Travis's cock out of her mouth.

"Do you want to fuck me?" she said, looking up at Travis from between his legs.

"Yeah," Travis breathed with a nod. He looked up to see that Rachel had climbed onto Jason's lap. She faced away from him as she eased his cock into her pussy. Nathan stood in front of the pair and dangled his huge cock in Rachel's face. Rachel quickly grabbed it and guided it into her mouth as she began to hump herself up and down on Jason's cock.

Laura rose and straddled Travis's legs. She reached down and guided his cock into her pussy and slowly eased herself down onto him. Her soaking wet pussy sent shivers of pleasure through his cock and up into the rest of his body. Travis cupped one bouncing breasts and leaned over to suck her hardened nipple. Laura rode his cock hard, moaning and gasping and crying out.

Rachel was still riding Jason's cock while she sucked Nathan's. She could fit less than half of Nathan's enormous dick in her mouth, but she sucked it hard while she stroked him.

Laura clenched her pussy around Travis's cock and he gasped aloud. She quickly climbed off him and returned to Nathan's bed, where she laid back, legs spread.

"Get over here and fuck me," she urged. Travis wasted no time in climbing on top of her and driving his cock back into her pussy. Her tits heaved up and down as he fucked her. He drove his cock into her as deep as it would go and pulled it back out again. Over and over he rammed his cock into her slick, hot pussy.

"Let her get back on top," Jason said, and Travis realized he was talking about Laura. Travis pulled his cock out of Laura's pussy and lay down next to her, and in turn, Laura climbed on top of him and impaled herself on his cock.

"Now go fuck my girlfriend's ass," Jason said to Nathan.

Laura stopped her humping. "You can't be fucking serious," she said. "There's no way I can fit that thing in my ass."

"That is a really big cock," Rachel agreed.

"Ok, fine," Jason said. "Nathan, you get on the bottom, Travis, you can fuck her in the ass."

Laura looked down at Travis and smiled. "You want to fuck me in my ass?"

Travis nodded and Laura hopped off the bed. Travis followed, allowing Nathan to take his place. He lay on his back, holding his huge cock straight up in the air.

"I can't believe how fucking big this thing is," Laura said as she slowly eased the tip of Nathan's cock into her pussy. It took a lot of work before Nathan was even half-way inside her. And he had already fucked her once.

Travis climbed on the bed with them, squatting behind Laura.

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