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Mother and daughter keep father from going astray.

It was fairly clear that some of the early AOKs just thought that the male with male sex thing was a matter of convenience and situation. Later members and writers I had to study seemed to go with the thinking that bisexuality was the natural order of man. There was surprisingly little discussion regarding homosexuality. I was aware that just over twenty percent of the brotherhood identified themselves as homosexual. Interestingly, that was only slightly more than identified themselves as being straight. It was only within the brotherhood that they engaged in sexual activity with men. I found that statistic almost impossible to accept. I wondered how anyone who had never had sex with men outside the frat ever got invited to join.

Another interesting statistic I learned involved those that stopped having sex with other guys immediately after college. The Book of AOK put that number around thirty percent. The really interesting thing was that not all of the self-identified straight members discontinued sex with guys after graduation. Some of them remained active members who returned and participated in sexual rituals like first night and pledge graduation. The statistics seemed to dance in my head as did the writings of Ol' Fred as I struggled to grasp my own sexuality that winter. Our founder was clearly both pragmatic and charismatic. Though there were no writings to suggest his sexual orientation I wondered if Frederick Stimson was in reality gay. I imagined that it was entirely possible that a hundred plus years of bisexual activity at the AOK house was the result of a closeted homosexual finding a unique way to get straight guys to have sex with him.

When I was with Donna I focused almost entirely on her and the wild sex we were having. We spent most days at her house since she had it to herself for at least ten hours a day. Most of that time we spent naked. We were completely uninhibited on those days. Neither of us was afraid to ask the other to help fulfill any desire. We tied each other up, she came hard the day I spanked her, our tongues explored everywhere, we introduced dildo play and so much more. The day I let her slide her slender vibrator into my ass she expressed a desire to try a strap-on on me. We had to drive over forty miles to find a sex toy shop. She chose one that had a piece that fit into her pussy and stimulated her clit when she fucked me. I was happy she picked one that wasn't too large.

Having had the real thing in my ass the strap-on would have been a disappointment if not for her reaction. She came repeatedly while she was fucking me with her cock. Since I wasn't really much of a bottom the plastic dick was more of a discomforted compared to a real cock then a pleasure. But giving her the experience of fucking someone and hearing her cum while she mounted me was exciting. The blow job she gave me after she finished was one of the best I ever had. After the strap on day I wondered how accepting she would be of some of my wilder fantasies. The strongest of which was to have a threesome with her and another guy.

There was a guy available too. I had all but ignored Doug Thompson for most of the break. I had been too busy fucking Donna to do much of anything with anyone else. My friend accepted that explanation, but made it clear that he would like to play with me too. I was pretty sure that I could have gotten him to do a threesome. I wasn't so sure about her reaction so I let it go. However, a couple days after our strap on session Donna had to spend the day doing things with her mother. That left me free to spend the day with Doug.

I wasn't in his house ten minutes before we were in his rec room making out on the old sofa.

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