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A young teacher meets with a student's father.

But instead gripped the steering wheel tighter.

He could see the different changes moving over her face from desire to hardness. He smiled and she lost it, dropping her head against the steering wheel groaning. He has perfect white teeth that she could see biting her skin and smiling up at her from his lower position on her body. She was losing this battle with her body and she did not know what to do but sit and groan. She finally lifts her head to look in his eyes again. He backs up opening her door. Get out of the car. this is what she did not want to do, considering he is a cop she gets out to stand by the door, standing in her shorts which were soaked from earlier this evening and they were sticking to her thighs with more cum leaking from them.

She shivers as she stands with her head down embarrassed to be standing like this in his path. He places his finger under her chin, bringing her head up to look at him. She watches, as his nose flares, breathing in deeply. She knows he can smell the sex and arousal of her body. He steps up very close to her whispering in her ear as he bites down on it,I told you soon today and that time is now. I have your address and this is what you will do. I want you to get clean and showered for me. Await for me on your bed spread eagle and naked. I will punish you should this not be done. She trembles unable to answer him right away when she suddenly feels a hard stinging slap on her ass cheek, making her jump, looking up at him. Yes, I understand Sir. "That is better" he says. One hour Caria no more. She nods as he opens her door for her to get back in the car. He hands her driver license and Insurance cards back. She holds them to her tightly before, putting them back in her wallet.

Pulling into her driveway fifteen minutes later, realizing she has only forty-five minutes left to get ready. She stops when she sees her self in the mirror, looking herself over, as she shakes her head and just gets things done to be ready. She leaves the front door unlocked so he can walk in to the house, as she lights a candle in the bedroom to draw his attention to the room. She dried her body and then applied her favorite perfume on when he wraps his arms around her waist from behind, walking with her to the bed. He feels the shivers travel down her body from the effect of his voice in which he did enjoy so much. She squeezed his arms, nodding yes, as she walked to the bed to lay down on it, knowing that is where he wanted her to be. He Smiled softly when she laid down reading him very well.

He walked over to where he had a bag. She shivered in unsure awareness of what he was reaching for until he pulled out rope,causing her to sigh in relief. He walks over to her, grabbing her by her hair, pulling her to a sitting position, bringing her arms behind her as he ties her arms with the rope, moving it down to tie her ankles together. He then brings more rope over after walking back to the bag. He intertwines the rope around her body to cross over her breasts, ending at her neck. He whispers in her ear: this rope will tighten itself if you should start struggling against it. She trembles as icy fingers of excitement rushes to pulse upon her clit, allowing her wetness to drip and run down to her ass.

He growls as her musky scent hits his nose in a sudden rush of her arousal.

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