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Daughter dares daddy to cross the line.

I quickly unbutton my jeans and step out of them, which frees my rock hard cock, smacking my abs.

I crawl on top of you on all fours. One hand on either side of your neck, with my knees along your sides. I lower my cock to your pussy. It is purple and throbbing and ready to enter you from behind. I see that you are still rhythmically tightening and then relaxing your thighs and i see your cute little butt tighten and then relax yet again, and i can see that this rhythm is imperceptibly increasing in tempo as you begin to ever so slightly gyrate your hips with this rhythm you have created. I see your nude body in the dim light, the oily reflection of flickering candle light.

I pleasantly startle you as the mushroom tip of my dick brushes against the back of your upper thighs. You tense, before completely relaxing in order to allow me entrance in to your wanton pussy. I feel my balls slide against your oiled up thighs.

You feel me getting closer. With your arms still resting above your head you tighten your thighs once again so as to tease my pulsing cock which waits patiently at the gate of your sex. I decide to make myself more comfortable, sliding one arm and then the other under your shoulders and then around your neck to hold you there so that I can rest my weight on my elbows as we continue.

I feel your thighs and ass tighten around the head of my swollen cock, and it feels delicious. As if your thighs and butt cheeks are a hand guiding my pole to its mast. The pleasure is too much. Uncontrollably, my body tightens causing me to push slightly deeper into you. Immediately I sense the tight wet pleasure of your sex, but again, only around the plump head of my engorged dick.

Again, I feel your thighs squeeze together, and in unison with your butt cheeks, and to your same slowly increasing tempo. My blood is beginning to boil. My heart is beginning to pump faster. It is everything I can do, it takes all of my strength and will power not to take you in this way as long and as hard and as fast as I can ravishing and demanding from you what is mine, to conquer you. I hold back, and chuckle to myself how easily you make my blood boil with so much anger and emotion in this way as I focus on slowly entering your pussy from behind with my still growing cock while you tighten and squeeze with your thighs and ass. You let out a deep breath.

As you exhale, it seems as if you raise your hips slightly, which pushes the tip of my dick slightly deeper inside of you. The oil and our combined wetness mean that as tight as you feel and as hard as I am, there is little resistance. Clenching your thighs and butt cheeks once again, you lower hips and then release. I hold fast. And now the head of my cock is fully buried inside your tight snatch as you continue with your tempo, tightening before release, release before breath. I feel my balls sliding with our breath between your slick legs, as well as the warmth of your pussy radiating out and along my cock. I reach down with my lips to kiss the back of your neck.

Again, you relax, ever so slightly raising your hips and tightening your pelvic floor once again. A flood of raw strength overcomes me and it is everything I can do not to carnally thrust and fuck you hard, harder, hardest while roughly holding you down and with my grip tight on your neck the way you love so much until I deposit my seed deep within your womb.

But I am able to hold back, taking a deep breath as you tighten and relax, pulling me down gently with your hips by the grip your tightened thighs have on my still hardening cock ever so slightly deeper within your pussy.

I feel a bead of sweat glide down my temple and then drip onto the back of your neck a moment ago I resisted the urge to command.

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