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A rocky start at Stanford.

As she told me her story she rode me slowly and carefully, taking me to the edge of orgasm and then easing back to keep me on the boil. By the time she had finished I was all revved up and ready to unload three days of spunk in her pussy. She started to ride me harder and faster, and it wasn't long before my cock erupted inside her and flooded her pussy with my hot spunk.

She collapsed on top of me as she orgasmed as well, and for a while we lay there wrapped in each others arms.

Normally we'd probably have drifted off to sleep, but tonight, after hearing about her escapades, I wanted something for myself, some raw sex that was all about me and had nothing to do with bringing Jenny pleasure.

Jenny was still laid on top of me, and I rolled over and round until she was beneath me, then I quickly got up, moved her until her head was hanging off the side of the bed, and as she opened her mouth to ask what I was doing I stuffed my wet, sticky, flaccid cock into her mouth, and pressed down on her shoulders to hold her in place.

"Suck my cock clean," I said. "You've told me all about your sex-filled nights in Scotland with the guys from work. Well while you were up there getting a nightly helping of rampant sex I was here waiting patiently for you to come home and make love to me, so now I'm going to help myself to some catch-up sex."

Of course with my cock in her mouth she couldn't really reply could she. I started to move my cock slowly in and out of her mouth, and could feel it growing harder. So I pushed it as deep in as I could, until my balled banged against her nose, and I held it there as I imagined her face being fucked by Derek, Steve, and Mark.

Jenny gagged a couple of times as my cock hardened and grew in length. I could feel her head moving from side to side as she tried to dislodge it's head from the back of her throat to breather more easily.

"Breathe through your nose," I told her. "Your mouth is mine until I've filled it with spunk, don't you dare try and spit it out."

Then I started to fuck her mouth. Not hard and fast, and not long and deep. Just pulling out far enough so the head go my cock was in the middle of her mouth, and then pushing it back in to get that wonderful feeling of her throat against the head of my cock.

I kept one hand on her shoulder to stop her rolling away from me, and reached for her tits with the other. I could see the three men gently playing with her beautiful breasts and incredible nipples in my minds eye, and as I fucked her face I began to squeeze her breasts in turn, and to pulled in her nipples to make the extend.

I fucked her face like this for four or five minutes, and then change tactics, to a long and deep and slow rhythm. Almost pulling my cock completely out of her mouth before plunging it right the way back in until my balls smacked against her nose again.

"Lick it while I fuck your face. Did you think I'd be happy about you shagging your work mates while you were away?"

"Mmm," was the only reply she could make. I don't know whether that meant yes, or no, I just knew that I was going to face fuck her until she swallowed my spunk.

"I love sharing you with other men, you know that, but what you've done wasn't part of me sharing you was it?"

"Mmm." This time she did shake her head a little from side to side as she mmmed over my cock.

"Thirteen times, you let them fuck you thirteen times, and god knows how many times you swallowed their spunk."

I was picking up the pace now, fucking her face harder and faster.

"Do you think they'll keep it to themselves? The fact that they had you every which way they wanted for three days. Of course they won't. They'll all tell someone, and before you know it all the men will know you're game for a good fucking."

"Mmm," was her reply, again.

I was fucking her face furiously by this point, and I was building up tow

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