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The Tasmanian Devil falls from grace.

This had him stuck, he couldn't go on wanking, but with my hand touching him, he was hard as a rock!

So, I just occasionally moved my hand, as if twitching in my sleep, which was obviously driving him mad with frustration. Finally, I gripped his penis gently, pushing his hand out of the way, and started to gently stroke him, he was getting closer and closer, and I stroked slower and slower, and more and more gently, which was driving him even more insane with frustration. Just as I thought he might burst into tears I gripped a little harder and started to pick up the pace, and when I knew he was unable to stop I told him to cum, which he did in seconds, filling my hand with his slippery essence. When he'd calmed down a bit, I put my hand to his mouth and he licked it clean.

He said sorry, again, and again, kissing my hand all the while, but I pulled my hands away and gripped his balls, and squeezed pretty hard, making him draw in his breath, trying not to cry out. I told him that I loved him, but that he must always ask permission before masturbating , and he agreed enthusiastically, relieved to be let off so lightly, and excited that maybe I would let him masturbate when he next gets desperate. I let go and kissed his cheek.

I would never give permission for him to masturbate, of course, or in fact, to cum during the week at all, but saying no will be fun.

Anyway, we got to Saturday evening, and hubby was climbing the walls with frustration again, trying to touch me at every opportunity, trying to look up my skirt, rubbing his crotch against me whenever he got near, so I decided to give him a treat, since he had been such a good boy.

I instructed him to cook us both a nice romantic dinner, and I went upstairs to pamper and prepare myself for a fun evening. I took a long luxurious bath, then painted my nails (toes and fingers, bright red), put on make up, perfume, then finally a fabulous black lace chemise with matching thong, which would leave little to my husband's imagination. I ordered it Thursday, and it arrived Friday, so what good timing.

Well, when hubby saw it, I thought he would faint, but he managed to get through dinner before begging me to let him make love to me. Who could say no to that!

It was so lovely, I made him use his tongue for hours, giving me so many amazing orgasms, then finally, when my bud was beginning to hurt, I told him that he could rub his penis on my foot, for a maximum of 2 minutes, which made him look so crestfallen, but when I looked at my watch he got to it. I had to laugh, he lasted barely 30 secs and then started to cry, perhaps because when he started to cum I kicked his balls! I think that may have spoiled it a bit.

I lifted my foot for him to lick it clean, and then I went to bed, very satisfied with my progress.

Last Friday I made the momentous decision that the coming weekend would be the one where I take the big step of putting hubby into some sort of chastity device. I knew that I could trust my favorite website (from which I've taken my pen name), Pampered Diva Gifts, and sure enough they didn't let me down. They have currently a choice of three cages, the 3000 which I think might be too small, the Spiked Cage, which seems rather cruel, although it got me wet imagining keeping him in that for a week! Finally I settled on The Curve, which seemed ideal.

Friday night, as I was giving my husband his weekly discipline session, with the love paddle, I asked him whether he had masturbated during the week. Ar first he started to lie, but I could tell straight away and gave him a wild volley of blows, and screamed over and over 'Don't Lie!!'. He started blubbering and confessing that he'd had a quick wank one morning when I'd had to leave early.

I thanked him for being honest and informed him that Sunday evening he will face a serious session with the cane, and when I'm too exhausted to hit him again, I'm going to give him something to help him with his masturbation ad

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