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She did have lovely legs and now she was wearing the shift dress they were uncovered and there was nothing on her feet. He watched her shapely legs moving in the air. Her dress had risen up quite a bit showing she had no underwear on. Stephen for the first time had a great view of her bare ass and it was a great view. Still she continued calmly blowing him, seemingly unfazed by anything that he had just said. Stephen wondered if she knew they had been talking about her.

"Sorry," he mouthed to Leanne, but of course her head was down, and she was not aware of what he was saying. He tapped her on her head and she looked up. "Sorry," he mouthed to her again, but she just shrugged as if she did not care or was unsure what he meant. She quietly asked if she should carry on what she was doing and when Stephen nodded, she did exactly that, servicing his cock in the same unhurried way as before.

It had been difficult firing Leanne, but she was too distracting and yet here she was blowing him. The sort of thing he had tried to avoid happening in the first place, although he had never imagined she would make the first move. He began to regret that tonight, however far it went, it would be just be a one-off. If he had kept her on then perhaps they could have had quite an affair he thought.

He closed his eyes, god that felt so good.

Now she was off to their main competitor, a repeat was very unlikely, she would be on the other side of the country. Finally, the call was coming to an end and he could find out how far she was prepared to go to say sorry, although in his heart he knew it should be him making the apologies.

"Okay guys have a good weekend I will catch up with you next week." He said out loud. Probably too loud to sound completely natural.

He placed the phone down clumsily on the receiver and he was impressed to see Leanne check that he had done it properly. Before he could say anything, she reached forward and began to undo the buttons of his shirt. He pushed her hair off her face.

"What are you doing?" He said in a firm voice, but the look on his face betrayed the fact that he was pretty pleased with what had been happening.

"Thought I would come and say sorry for the way I acted," she said casually. "It was unprofessional of me to behave that way." He laughed to himself, it was of course not professional what they were doing now, but he was not about to lose this opportunity by making that observation.

"It's okay," he started to say, but then he stopped. Action would be better than wasting time talking he thought. Stephen placed a hand firmly under Leanne's chin and lifting her head he kissed her. It was a long, slow, noisy kiss which he repeated and then when he pulled away she asked him if he liked what she had been doing. She had made it obvious she had enjoyed his kisses.

When he said he had, she replied softly, "Good," and immediately she reached down and took his cock in her mouth again.

"Oh god," he moaned, now freed from the restriction of the phone call. He opened the rest of his shirt as she continued to suck on his dick. He began to stroke her soft silkily hair, keeping it out of her way of her mouth, as they both began to breathe heavily and sigh.

"You are so good at that," he murmured as her head bobbed up and down in front of him. She paused, looked at him and then dryly commented.

"A skill not on my CV," before she returned her attention to his dick. She paused, slowly dribbled some salvia onto his cock and then using her hand she ensured she spread it all over his shaft. Her eyes fixed on his as she once again resumed blowing him. For several more wonderful moments he lay back in the chair losing himself in the wonderful feeling of her wet, warm mouth wrapped around his dick. It occurred to him that this was the longest blow job he had ever had and by far the best. At that moment, she paused and looked at him

"I think it's my turn," she said quietly.

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