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Parent Conference.

I was looking into His eyes, watching them darken as He began the hard thrusts that I knew preceded Him cuming. He was digging His fingers into Suzi's hips, copying Ross's movements as they both speeded up. Suzi was crying out as she came again, her voice muffled as her mouth was pushed hard on my pussy. I had been whimpering for a while, unable to suppress how good it was all making me feel, now I could sense the men building up to cuming. Knowing I had helped to make them feel this good was so intense I stiffened and screamed so hard I felt something in my throat give. My whole body was shaking wildly, I was squeezing hard on Ross's cock, making me yelp with how painful it was, yet it felt so good I wanted to do this forever. My head was thrown back on Ross's shoulder and He bit down on my neck, right at the edge of where it joined my shoulder, causing me to stiffen and shudder again. Then I felt it, that wonderful twitch that cocks give just before they cum, and I heard Sir's voice,

'Cum for me one more time pet, let it go. Let me feel Suzi swallowing all your lovely juices.'

Ross bit me again, twisting my nipples at the same time; I felt Him shoot up inside me, pumping all His hot sticky cum into my pussy. Sir drove hard into Suzi, squashing her face against me as He came. His face had an odd look of pride on it just before He surrendered to the storm. I screamed again, as my body shook, then slumped back, totally wiped out.

I lay in Ross's arms, unable to do anything but twitch gently as the aftershocks ran through me. Sir pulled Suzi back against His body, holding her quietly as she calmed and undoing the cuff from behind her back. She recovered much faster than me. My body was still limp with exhaustion as she was finding her feet and fetching blankets for us all. Sir gathered me up in His arms, lifting me from Ross. He wrapped me in a rug, releasing my wrists then settling me on the floor at His feet. I couldn't think, I just sat there in a fog. I heard them talking about me though it meant nothing to me, their words lost in the haze that surrounded me. I was leaning against Sir's legs, waiting for them to decide what they wanted from me next. Right now I didn't care what happened.

I was lifted to my feet by Suzi and led away to the bedroom. She tucked me into Sir's bed and curled herself around me, just holding me as the aftershocks made me tremble. Finally my body stilled its self and I was able to look up at her.

'Hallo,' she said. 'You back with us now?'

'Yeah, oh wow, that was something.'

'Master was very pleased with you. He told me you are one of the most open subs He's ever had.'

'Open?' I asked, frowning at her in confusion.

'Perhaps accepting would be a better word. There aren't many girls your age who would be willing to play like that on a first meeting.'

'Oh.' I was still confused. 'Didn't Sir want me to play?'

'Of course He did. He just wasn't sure if you would be able to relax enough to enjoy it.'

'But it felt so good, why wouldn't I want to enjoy it?'

'Lets just call you special and leave it at that for now.'

I shrugged and nodded to her. I simply wanted to please Sir. If He had told me to stand in the corner and watch Him playing with Suzi I would have done it. I wouldn't have liked it, but I would have done it. I wanted to clear something up though.

'Suzi, what do I call your Master? I can't call Him Ross, would Sir be ok or does He prefer Master?'

'Would you like me to ask Him for you?'

'Yes please.' I replied gratefully, smiling at her.

She slipped out the bed and padded quietly out of the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

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