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The conclusion of Hayden and Anna's story.

We revealed our cunts too, for that matter. We were now naked.

Jake whistled his appreciation. In the silence while we were removing our tops, we heard my Mom start to moan again. Was Matt taking her a second time? And where was Sam? Beating off in the bathroom?

I looked Jake up and down. He looked good, quite muscular, and not too hairy, but hairy enough, just the way I like it. He had a nice erect cock, too. I made myself comfortable, kneeling down, and took his cock in my mouth. He groaned in pleasure. I licked it all around, and began to suck on his balls.

Sarah, now naked, slowly lowered her cunt onto Jake's face. He took the hint and began to eat her out. I'm sure he had never imagined being pleasured by two girls at once, let alone two sexy sisters like Sarah and me. Well, maybe: I idly wondered if this was one of his own adolescent fantasies?

Our mother's cries upstairs got louder and louder, and Sarah began to moan, too. I began to finger myself as my mouth went up and down furiously on Jake's cock. Then I heard our Mom scream out; she was having orgasm number two. Sam had still not returned, and I began to put two and two together.

Jake groaned loudly and shot his loud in my mouth. I saved some of it, wanting to kiss Jake and transfer his cum into his mouth, but Sarah's cunt still covered his mouth as she ground away on his face. So I went over to her, opened my mouth to show her Jake's cum, and kissed her. She eagerly accepted a share of Jake's cum and swallowed it. I swallowed the rest.

I put the tee shirt back on and left the two of them, knowing Jake would probably try to fuck her, and she would probably let him, once she came. If she took long enough to cum, he would be hard again. I saw Jake's flaccid cock was already stirring, beginning to grow.

I went upstairs and was greeted with the sight of Sam and my Mom fucking doggy style, while my Mom had Matt's cock in her mouth. I could not handle all of this: it was too much. So I put on sneakers and left the house for a walk.

I quickly found our neighbors, the Phillips brothers, our local peeping Toms, who used to watch Sarah sunbathing topless and more, took pictures, and then blackmailed her into fucking both of them in exchange for deleting the pictures. I had a low opinion of them both, to say the least.

There were the Phillips boys, and they had been watching Matt and Sam ravish our Mom. They were still watching the action when I snuck up behind them and told them to get the hell out of our yard. I started hitting the older one. Their names are George (the older one) and Jason. George is my age, and we went to high school together, and I knew him from computer science class. Jason is the age of my sister Sarah.

As I was hitting George, Jason snuck up behind me and grabbed me, immobilizing my arms. As he did so, he realized I was not wearing a bra. George now got an evil smile and lifted my tee shirt, exposing my cunt to them. Then George snuck up behind me, and Jason let go of me, but now George got the same grip on me. He was strong; too, there was no hope of escape.

Jason had his camera bag with him and reached in and took out a huge knife, with a glistening blade. I became terrified. "Stay quiet," he said, brandishing the knife. I nodded compliance. They led me, at knifepoint, through the woods behind our house. They took me up to the rocks where Sarah used to sunbathe topless, and sometimes nude. It was out of earshot of the house.

George then reached into Jason's camera bag and found some rope and tied me up. They lay me down, and tied each arm to a tree, so I could not escape. Jason then took his knife, and sliced off my tee shirt. The knife cut through the cotton as if it were butter. I knew their plan. Anyone would have known their plan at this point.

I was now laying naked on the flat rock at the top of the hill in the woods.

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