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Henry must take in his kid sister and her new baby.

One of the Moroccan guys was a cameraman. The auction was relayed on the internet for overseas bidders. The other man was the auctioneer. Julia was the first on line. She was quite afraid by the cheers of the assistance. The auctioneer has organized a little show to excite the bidders. A white silk sheet was placed on Julia's head, completely hiding her from view. A white fur collar kept it in place. A heavy metallic chain was attached to it and Abbie, wearing a slave outfit with just a white loincloth covering his hips, led the girl to the podium. It could have been a scene from some old peplum film from Hollywood!

The auctioneer commented on Julia's beauty and emphasized about her virginity, lifting the hem of the silk sheet to exhibit her perfect legs, then her lithe arms, her pert buttocks and her lovely pussy. Each time, the bids climbed quite fast. When they reached twenty thousand dollars, the auctioneer told Abbie to take off the collar. Abbie complied immediately. The auctioneer resumed his emphatic praise. He again lifted the hem of the silk sheet to expose Julia's most pleasant parts to the general view but this time he threw the hem of the sheet above Julia's head. The crowd was cheering louder and louder as Julia's s body was more completely revealed.

Finally in a theatrical gesture, the auctioneer pulled away completely the sheet, uncovering Julia's breasts. They were gorgeous with the nipples quite erect. It betrayed her rising excitation ; she had resisted her enslavement but now it was about to become complete, she found it more and more enjoyable and desirable. She couldn't wait now to be utterly possessed by a man, to become a complete woman, to be shamefully bred in public! The only thing that seemed unnatural for her was that her cunt was never used by any man while her eldest sister was heavily pounded daily by many paying customers : it was just unfair!

The biddings had reached fifty thousand dollars and it was ostensibly a fight between two rival gang bosses. One of them, named Don Jose, suddenly lifted the game to unusual levels, proposing one hundred thousand dollars! Every discussion stopped, every one realizing that no one had ever paid such a sum to pop the cherry of a young girl and breed her in public : it was the perfect demonstration of the macho man, ready for anything to overcome his opponent! No one tried to outbid that sum. The atmosphere was electric... The Moroccan auctioneer announced that the winner was Don Jose. He should exercise his rights two days later. Abbie led Julia to Don Jose. He was entitled to fondle her body and explore her ass and mouth for the whole day with the price he had paid for her. Julia was quite proud that her virginity had been auctioned at such a price! She followed Abbie smiling broadly. She would do her best to please Don Jose!

Champagne cups were offered to all the persons present. The high price of the auction induced gossips. Rumors already spread out that Don Jose had paid millions of dollars to have the girl all for himself for life or that Don Garcia, Jose's rival had offered two million dollars to have Julia raped before the defloration day...

When everyone had regained their wits, it was the moment for Emily's auction... The auctioneer wanted the second show to be different. Emily arrived on the podium wearing a virginal white skirt suit. The skirt fell to her ankles, perfectly covering her body. Emily walked through the aisles in front of the bidding people. She moved to the place the highest bidder was. If no one proposed immediately a higher bid, she knelt in front of the winner for the moment and kissed his shoe. The auctioneer then teased the other persons present.

- Wouldn't you like having this beautiful young girl kissing your shoe, too before pushing your big cock into her pussy? Wouldn't you like you to unload your spunk in her fertile twat? Would you like to breed her, to give her twins or maybe triplets? Personally, I would die to soak her eggs in my sp

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