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He was doing pretty good, all things considered. Medically things were looking up. We went to his new room on another floor to wait for him.

By 11:30 Bret had not yet arrived. We decided that I'd take lunch first so I went to the cafeteria alone to grab a quick bite. Over three years and now I get to talk with my ex. What do I say? What will he say? Lunch was pretty tasteless as I slowly played with my food and confronted my fears. Finally, I got up to return to Bret's latest room.

As I approached the room, I heard Bret's voice. It wasn't strong, it wasn't loud, but was clear and a bit hesitant. I turned into the room to see Bret startle when I came into view. There was concern painted all over his face.

Dave broke in with a mischievous smile on his face, "Lucy, I'd like you to meet..."

"Hello Bret" and the room became quiet.

"Hello Lucy." Bret paused, "T-T-Thank you for coming out here for me." He paused again and tried to say more, but the words caught in his throat.

Dave broke in, "Bret started out asking me if I was Dave, so you speaking to him the last couple of days actually worked. He heard part of what you talked to him about."

Bret waved his uncasted left arm for us to be quiet. "I'm still pretty groggy and they still won't know for a while if there is lasting damage. My nurse told me to go slow." He exhaled slowly, then stammered, "I-I-I don't know if it'll take days to find out if there will be permanent damage. OK?"

At that point his nurse came into the room and asked that we give her some time. "Dave and I will be back in what, 30 minutes?" The nurse said "Make that 40 and you got yourself a deal. He'll be finishing lunch then, if you count a liquid diet lunch." She chuckled and Dave groaned. "He'll be on more solid foods for dinner. He has another test that he should be empty for." Dave and I left for the cafeteria to get Dave something to eat.

"Dave, what did he say? What did he ask for? What did..."

"Slow down there missy, we have lots of time. One thing that you may want to do now is schedule John Martin to come in and speak with Bret. That'll be one of the two most important things he needs to talk about. You are the other.

"We had about 25 minutes together, he showed up just after you entered the elevators. After I introduced myself as Dave, he then asked if you were really here. When I said yes and that you'd been here for a couple of days. Then he asked if I was your Dave. Then why you came for him.

"I answered him honestly but I don't think that he believed me at first. After a bit of back and forth I realized that he began to understand.

"I asked him about his father. There was lots of pain in his face when he began talking about Senior. Same story as John Martin told you. Take the time now to get in contact with Martin and see when he can talk with Bret. He needs those answers. Your issues with him should be addressed after that. OK?"

That was Dave. Take care of the most important things first - people in need - and the most hurting people first. While Dave ate I called John Martin and he agreed to talk with Bret after John got off of work this evening. By that time, we started to return to Bret's room.

"Lucy, please take it easy on him. From what I heard from him, he's not exactly the same person he was when you divorced. His words and thoughts are choppy. Just be who you are. By the way, the discharge planner is scheduled to come on by tomorrow morning. I think you should be there for that. I've already changed my flight to 6 AM tomorrow. I hope you don't mind but work calls."

"I'm wondering if I should take the same flight home. Do you think that enough will be accomplished? After all, he can now make his own medical decisions." Dave shrugged his shoulders and then shook his head no. That was the best either of us could do.

Walking into the room, Bret was sitting up drinking some broth with a coffee chaser. He smiled a warm smile when he saw me. I can't remember the last time I saw a warm smile from him. That was a lifetime ago.

"Y-Y-You came for me.

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