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Kelly had found her spot and could feel herself tensing as she rubbed her clit faster. He could hear her breath getting shorter.

"Slow down, sweetheart," Heath said. "If you're gonna cum, I want to be the one to make you do it."

"Then you'd better hurry up and get us to wherever we're going," Kelly told him, panting slightly.

Just then, Heath saw the turn off. It was a hidden drive that led to an entrance to a park and walking trail. Since it was dark, the area was technically closed.

The tires kicked up gravel as he slammed on the brakes. He turned the car off and climbed into the back seat.

Kelly slid over as he came back, still playing with herself. He turned her and laid her back down on the seat, placing himself across from her. He moved her hand away as he lifted her hips into the air and held them in place. He then dragged his tongue along the soft, wet folds of skin, licking off the juices that had gathered there. Kelly gasped and twitched. Heath smiled again and plunged his tongue into the hot opening and began flicking it over her clit and sucking the sweet liquid that coated the sensitive spot he wanted so badly. He had to tighten his hold on her hips as she began bucking into his mouth.

Kelly thought she was going to explode. The sensations coursing through her body were more intense and more passionate than she'd ever felt before. Just when she thought that it couldn't get any better, he began to hum. She'd heard about that before, heard that it was amazing, but had never had it done to her. Amazing didn't even begin to describe it. As if the movement of his tongue and the erotic tug of his sucking weren't enough, the moment he started humming she started screaming.

"OH GOD, HEATH! OH MY GOD! THAT FEELS...OOOH MY GOD!" Kelly tried to brace herself, tried to find something to hold on to. First her hands were in his hair, grasping and tugging as she unconsciously held his mouth to her pussy. When she realized she had pulled a bit of his hair out, she let go and grabbed her own head. After pulling at her own hair, and becoming distracted by that added pain to the pleasure, she dropped her arms down to the seat. Her left arm fell to the top of the seat, and her right to the bottom. She gripped both parts, holding on to the seams, and dug in.

As what felt like bolts of lightning streamed through her body, her screaming became incoherent. All Heath could understand were her cries for more, which he was more than willing to give. As her first orgasm hit, Kelly's grip increased on the seats. Without realizing it, she pulled her arms in, in the process ripping the leather loose from the cushions. She threw her arms over her head and grabbed the door, holding on to the little ledge along the window.

She arched her back, which raised her hips higher, allowing Heath to thrust his tongue deep inside her. He could feel her hot, sticky wetness dripping down his chin. He couldn't get enough of it. She tasted delicious.

She screamed his name again; tears of ecstasy were streaming down her face. Heath was so hard he thought he might cum just from the exchange of passion and fire between them. Her uninhibited response to him, combined with his need to please her like no one else ever had, made for a dangerous combination. He didn't think he could last much longer. Luckily, he didn't have to.

Suddenly Kelly was pleading, "Heath, I need you inside me. Please!" she said over and over. Heath didn't need further encouragement. In one movement, he picked her up and set her on his lap, thrusting up into her swiftly. Kelly's head fell back, her eyes squeezed closed, and her back arched toward him, as she cried out, "FUCK YES!!"

She began bouncing up and down as he drove into her again and again.

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