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Raul discovers something unexpected while at the office.

Now she was looking somewhat flustered. Her eyes jerked back up to me and she opened her mouth again.

A finger on her lips told her to stay quiet while I moved closer. I brushed my erection against her mound, just moving it along her slit. Her eyes dropped and she watched what I was doing. She barely seemed to be breathing and I idly wondered if she was holding her breath.

My cock settled at one point and I gently pressed forward, feeling her lips yield to that slight pressure. Entering her I moved deeper, her passage hot and wet, tight and clinging, yielding reluctantly to me but still yielding. I kept up a steady pressure, wanting nothing more than to be fully inside her.

Groin pressing against groin, I leaned heavily over her, our only real point of contact being where my cock pressed so deep into her. It was time to start moving and my hands captured her breasts, rubbing them in gentle circles, feeling her nipples, hard little nubs pressing against my palms.

I started moving within her, pulling back and returning firmly, our groins slapping lightly together. Melanie, I was happy to note, was not backwards about thrusting herself forward, pushing herself firmly against my cock, helping to drive it deep.

I have to say she felt just fine wrapped around my cock the way she was. I slowly increased the speed, finally settling into a nice rhythm, trying my best to make this last. Melanie was gasping and making cute little sounds of pleasure and I did my best to keep her satisfied.

Eventually I had to start putting more effort into what I was doing. While thoroughly enjoyable, there was something missing, and a little extra friction would help produce that missing something. Melanie adjusted to the change with remarkable ease, and it seemed to me that there was a new urgency to the way she was moving. I picked up on that urgency, providing my own sense of need, and we fed off each other's passion.

I wasn't surprised when Melanie climaxed, a climaxed announced by a loud hissing sound as she clamped her mouth closed against any screams. While she shuddered through her climax I added my own note to the action, climaxing myself with a sudden jerking motion, relief rushing through me as I flooded her.

- - -

I was as nervous as a kitten when I headed off to work in the morning. Yesterday Mr Harris had returned to the office unexpectedly and had caught me at a most unfortunate moment. I won't go into details about what happened but I will say he took advantage of the situation. I was determined that such a thing wouldn't happen again and I was going to make that clear to him as soon as he arrived.

I arrived at the office early. I wanted to be sure I was sitting behind my desk working when Mr Harris finally arrived. I always feel more in control of a situation when I'm behind my desk. I took off my jacket and hung it up, turned around, and found myself facing Mr Harris. For a big man he certainly moves quietly. I hadn't even heard him come in.

My first instinct was to back away from him. Saner councils prevailed, reminding me of just what had happened when I'd backed away from him the day before. I stood my ground, even though I was blushing slightly.

"Mr Harris, I feel we should discuss what happened yesterday," I told him in a voice that wasn't nearly as firm as I'd imagined it would be.

"Certainly, if you feel this is necessary," he told me, smiling at me.

Before I could say anything he had my elbow and used it to have me turn around, edging me towards my desk.

"I want to stress that what happened was an aberration and it mustn't happen again," I told him.

I found that he'd moved me too close to my desk and I had to put my hands out to stop myself tripping and falling over it.

"You do understand that that sort of behaviour can affect the work environment," I told him, and found he was lifting up the back of my skirt.

"Will you stop that and listen to me," I snapped at him.

"Mm-hmm," he murmured, sounding as though he was agreeing, but if he was agreeing why was he pulling down my panties?

"Are you

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