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Women discover a secret passion between them.

"That I did. Did you enjoy sharing them?" I taunted her back as I cleaned her.

"Very much so. Any other fantasies or thoughts?" Natalie inquired.

"Oh, how to get some payback for the beginning of our little festivities. I was thinking a nice gang-bang, while you're in some kind of restraints and unable to stop it. One groomsman after another, taking your pretty French pussy and ass. You deserve something for what you did, don't you agree?" I winked at her.

"Well, I am yours to command now. Whatever you say goes. Strictly speaking, we arguably raped you, as I admitted on tape. You have all the evidence that you need to damn me ... Oh, wait, that whole thing was recorded, wasn't it?" Natalie blushed, "Oh, rats, there goes your leverage against me! I forgot to turn it off! Sorry. Well, you still have my tape where I confessed to a crime against you."

"Doesn't matter. You won't try to avoid punishment, will you? All of you really should get punished. Your whole family. They were in on it, weren't they? Your friends and family. They were in on it. Every last one of them," I pointed out.

"All the more reason to claim us ... all of us. Make us yours. Use our bodies for your pleasure whenever you want them. Bethany, too. Don't leave her out. She's part of it as well. She wants it, too. You can tell. She wants in on the whole deal. Papa, Daddy, whatever you want to call him, who never bottoms for anyone, wants to bottom for you now and then, though he'll gladly top you as well. Paul loves the idea of being taken by you, tied up, etc. I suspect that he would enjoy cross-dressing, too, from what I can tell of him. We'll all do exactly as you tell us, lover ... or should I call you, Master?" Natalie encouraged me as I caressed her buns during the shower.

"Then you'll all get gang-banged, too. Every last one of you. My groomsmen will come over on our wedding night and any other night that I choose and you'll all let them fuck you fifty ways to Sunday while being filmed for my own home porn movie. A handy thing that none of the bridesmaids has a husband or boyfriend and none of the groomsmen has a wife or girlfriend. Very rare, but handy. I might have to set them up in couples here or there. Not sure what I'll do about Bruce, though. He's as gay as they get. Maybe let him use Henri and Paul while the rest of them use you ladies. Yeah, that works," I remarked as we finished.

"Maybe if we don't mind cutting it close, we can bring them over now. Get it on tape, too. Granted, we'll be behind on the wedding, but we can make up all kinds of excuses, and my family will take the blame, you know they will, gladly," Natalie suggested, which made my cock nice and hard again, "I see that your little soldier down there is at attention. I think that he wants it, just as he wanted what happened this morning. Come one, my love ... we can postpone everything by an hour. Nothing will be harmed by it. We'll make it to the church on time. You know now that the priest is my bitch, anyway."

"Whatever would my folks say?" I thought of my mother and stepfather (Bethany's father), "Anyway, great idea. It's our wedding, damn it! Unforeseen things happen, and as long as the wedding itself takes place at a reasonable hour, alongside the reception, what does it matter? Plus we need to get at least somewhat dirty again for the wedding, so we'll have cum leaking from our holes again as we exchange our vows. Not to mention the smell of pussy or ass on my cock. Don't you agree?"

Coming out of the shower, though we weren't prepared for what happened next. My stepfather, Leroy, stood there, in total shock, seeing such a large group of naked people, including Bethany. The cat was out of the bag, but there was more to it than that, as it turned from the way that my stepfather looked rather uncomfortably at me. It was as if he had something to say, but didn't quite know how to spill it out.

"Well .

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