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The game continues.

I turned on the water, not bothering with the warm, activating the shower head. The spray came out with force and I turned it to her, letting it hit her stomach and chest. Madeline put her face out for me to clean, not moving from the strong water spray. I brought the head down to spray her breasts and cunt, seeing her twist in arousal.

"Please, Sir, may I?" she begged and I took the water off her, shutting the flow off.

"No. There will be none until I see you again. You want this, I will show you what is required."

She groaned, but nodded. "Yes, Sir. I will be a good girl." she promised.

"You have much to learn. The collars the girls downstairs wear shock them if their voices are ever over a whisper." I told her. "I haven't decided if I will implement all his discipline down there. I want you to have law books and still be functioning as a lawyer, just on very specific situations."

"Yes, Sir." she replied. I tugged the chain on her nipple clamps, sending waves of pleasure through her. I watched her struggle to keep control from the pain.

"For now, no speaking unless I ask you something specific. Nod if you wish." I explained. She nodded that she understood. I unbound her arms, seeing her rub feeling back into them. "You are not there yet, so dress."

She quickly threw on pants and a shirt, no underwear before coming to kneel before me. I motioned for her to follow, and she did, back down to Chase's domain.

The slaves were all where they had been the day before, all around Worthless's bound body. The new male, I hadn't asked his name, was busy pounding Worthless's ass, seeing her struggle before him. The two other girls and one other guy knelt patiently on the floor, the male prepared to take his turn, cock throbbing in need.

"I am seeing you more and more recently." Chase came to me, ignoring the girl who was transfixed with the scene in front of her. "I see your slave might have learned her place."

"She is getting there." I commented. Madeline didn't even hear me, watching the male explode into the bound slave's ass. "Like what you see, girl?"

"Oh yes, Sir." her voice was quiet, not wanting to disturb the other slaves. As the male sank away from the girl, the second flew up, immediately pounding the slave at a break-neck pace.

"Worthless is being punished for breaking my rules. She has twenty more hours of being fucked before she is finished. My slaves are about spent. I was going to invite the staff next." Chase told my slave, then turned to me. "Would she like a turn?"

I paused to see if Madeline would speak out of turn. Her lips parted, but then remembered what I had told her and shut them.

"Not this time. She is on the denial phase." I explained seeing the disappointment flooding her face. "Maybe I'll have her down here when I work over your last female."

"Maybe she will get to participate in that punishment...if you manage to break her."

"After two, you still have doubts?"

"She is my oldest. I'd like to think my best behaved, but I thought that of my other two." Chase sighed.

The male slave thrust once more into the hole he was pounding before wailing his release. When he fell back the girl that Chase claimed was his oldest moved to take his place.

"May I take one upstairs to show mine what can be required?"

"Of course. Take Worthless. She's done for now. While you are up there, tell Lars to tell the others we have open season. Worthless!" Chase snapped and the girl sprang to her feet. "You will go with him. If you do not make me proud, you will take Useless's place."

The girl didn't reply, but nodded and came to stand next to me. She was naked except for the thick collar around her neck.

"Take this." Chase handed me a small remote. "It will allow you to get past the stairs. If it misbehaves, push the button once. If it continues push and hold. It will stop."


"Shouldn't need it. It should be about three feet behind you."

I turned toward the stairs, Madeline just behind me, Chase's girl behind her.

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