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Book three start.

Motor and radio still on, he got out, walking towards the girl he had seen. She was half naked! The first thing he thought was maybe she was drunk and wandering the road, then he wondered if she had been raped and dumped out here, but if that was the case, wouldn't she be running towards him wanting his help? Confused and curious, he pursued the girl, calling out to her.

"Hey! I ain't gonna hurt you! Come back!" The girl kept running into the woods.

"Don't go in there, there's snakes and shit! Get back out here or you're gonna get messed up real bad!"

Emily ran until she couldn't hear the man any more, only the fading rumble of the car exhaust. She didn't like this game any more. She wasn't turned on; she was terrified.

With every step, twigs snapped under her feet, and the underbrush scraped and cut at her legs. Deep in the woods, the wind was less severe, but the temperature had dropped, and she was shivering. She finally turned back when the noise had ceased.

Gary had gone about twenty feet into the woods himself, but without a flashlight, he was in no mood to go farther. The beers were making him wobbly and angry, and naked girl or not, he wasn't about to go running into these woods and get snake bit.

"Fuck it," he said, turning back.

As he got into his car, he yelled into the woods one more time, "I wasn't gonna try to fuck ya, I just wanted to help,"

He got into his car and put it on drive. "Dumb bitch." He cursed as he drove away.

Ted ducked down as the car passed. Gary slowed down, but he didn't stop. "Maybe that's her car," he mused, but kept driving. Ted stayed down until he heard the sound fade.

Emily had stumbled back to the road. She reached the ditch as Ted got there with her car. She was shaking; not from the cold, but anger.

Ted stepped out of the car, grinning.

"Well, that was fun," he said.

Emily broke the rules of The Game and spoke out of turn.

"No, it was not fucking fun!" She yelled. "What the hell? Why did you do that?"

Ted wasn't expecting this response. He tried to comfort her, but she turned away.

"Awh, baby, I'm sorry. Game over, I'm sorry."

"Fuck your game!" She was almost crying. "I want to go home."

"Fine," Ted said. He was bordering on being angry now, mainly because he didn't think he was exclusively the one at fault. She knew a car might come; she knew they might stop.

She started to walk to her door, but Ted took her arm. "Just a minute," he said.

"Yeah," the demon added. "Not so fast."

"What?" she half-snapped. No longer running on adrenaline, she was cold again, and wanted very much to get in the car and get her pants on.

"Let's not waste this beautiful sky," he said, leading her to the rear of the car.

Behind the car, Ted took off his jacket and spread it on the trunk. He lifted her onto the trunk lid and started kissing her. She reluctantly allowed him, but said, "I'm really cold, can't we get in the car?"

"Not yet, let's have a quickie," he answered.

Ted already had a hand under her shirt, and was unhooking her bra. Emily lay back on the trunk lid, resigned to let Ted do whatever he wanted, if for no other reason than to get back in the car, to her clothes, and warmth.

Ted had pulled her shirt and sweater up to expose her breasts, and he admired them as he unzipped his pants. "So pretty," he said out loud.

"Am I just pretty?" She asked half-heartedly. "Or am I beautiful?"

"It matters?" Ted asked back. He didn't see a difference.

"Girls are pretty. Women are beautiful." She said it with defiance, despite the fact that she was starting to shiver again, and hoped she didn't make him angry once more.

"She still needs that," Ted thought.

"You're both to me," he said. "But you are definitely a beautiful woman. And you're the only woman I want, and the only one I need."

As always Emily was charmed and weakened by his words, and her defiance melted. She reached for him.

Ted entered her quickly, but gently.

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