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Christopher meets woman who angers him.

I caught her in an embrace and as we kissed I fingered her pussy. "Hmm, some ones nice and wet." Leaning her back against the wooden doors I started to suck her prominent nipples, my fingers still squelching in and out. "Please Tony, I want to get my dress."

"Not before I fuck you in the barn." Before she could protest any more a beam of light hit us.

"Stay where you are and don't move, I've got a gun." Cass froze. The light blinded us but we could hear footsteps approaching and as the beam from the torch was angled downwards could make out the large figure of a man carrying a shotgun. "This is private property, what the hell do you think you are doing."

"I'm sorry mate, we were only having a bit of fun," I replied, acting the part. "Yeah, well lets see what the police make of your fun." Cass turned and looked towards her dress. She was standing with her arms folded across her tits but her juicy cunt was glistening in the moonlight. "Don't even think about it lady, your going nowhere until the police arrive."

Jim took out a mobile phone. "Please," stuttered Cass, "what are you doing, we haven't done anything wrong, please don't call the police, oh God, now look what you've done," she said turning on me. "Listen lady, I'm fed up with people like you, think they can trespass on peoples property doing what they like. I've had loads of equipment damaged and nicked this year, for all I know it could be you and your boyfriend here."

"We haven't stolen anything, please, look I'll do anything only please don't call the police." She was in tears now. Jim stood back and shone the torch all over her body from the boots upwards. "Anything?" he enquired, she stared at him through tear filled eyes, the implication of what he said slowly dawning on her, "anything," she said quietly looking down at the ground. "Well, looks like your dressed for some serious sex to me, what about you?" Jim asked looking at me. "It's up to her," I replied, my cock trying hard to form a tent in my jeans.

Jim led us into the barn and placed the torch on a shelf casting a soft light on the area. He moved close to Cass and taking her hands made her lower her arms by her side. She stood still looking at the floor. "Well now, these are nice," said Jim playing with both tits, "nice and soft." He lent forward and sucked her nipples while running his hands all over her arse and cunt. "Spread your legs," he commanded forcing his big hand between her thighs. "Oh yeah, I love a smooth cunt." Cass always kept her cunt shaved; I liked it that way. "OK," said Jim, "here's the deal, you do whatever I say and I'll let you go without calling the police, fuck up and I'm on the phone, deal?"

"Deal," she answered meekly. ""OK with you?" he asked me, "its her body," I said trying to avoid eye contact with Cass.

I can't describe the feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was sexually excited and so aroused I thought I would cum in my jeans. My stuck up snooty wife was standing there with everything on display, cunt, tits, arse, dressed like a slut, agreeing to be a sexual play thing for a complete stranger. For the next few hours she would be a whore, a slut, doing exactly what he commanded. It just couldn't get better then this.

Jim ran his hands over every part of Cass's body.

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