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JM101 - Caitlin.

I was spellbound, both from learning the information and from the fact she was revealing this information right before she was going out of town, leaving Laken and me alone. Which of course got my imagination going again.

Laken was not just beautiful she also has a great body. Her short dark hair frames her adorable face well. All this plus her large breasts and a tight yoga-made waist were paired with nice firm legs.

The rest of my day and night continued pretty much as normal. My wife left for the airport early that evening. Laken was due to arrive just before her son's bedtime so we could get them settled together.

Laken arrived right on time, as I was putting my son down for the night. She went and started getting her son settled in the other room. I could hear them reading a book.

After about a half hour we both headed downstairs with our baby monitors.

Laken asked where the remote was, she was a huge sports fan and there was a good Thursday night football game about to start. I tossed the controller to her which she caught with athletic ease.

"Want some wine while we watch the game?" I asked.

She found the game and answered, "of course, I'm going to change into something more comfortable as you pour and get us some blankets for the couch."

I poured us two glasses of an expensive red wine, set out some cheese and warm bread and set them next to the couch, I grabbed a couple thick comfy blankets and cuddled into a corner of the couch with them. I figured I'd watch the game with Laken and then go to bed.

I'd kind of shook away the awkwardness of there being sexual intimacy. In fact, at this stage, everything was quite normal.

Laken came back downstairs wearing a soft yellow pair of short shorts and a loose fitting tank top. Her boobs looked perfect in the tank and her exposed waist was sexy. So much for normal.

Laken grabbed some cheese and bread, took a sip of her wine and got under the covers right next to me. She sighed deeply and said she was so happy this scenario happened. "I honestly didn't want to spend three days on my own."

After that, we settled in and watched some of the game. After about a quarter of the game, I got up and poured us some more wine.

I handed Laken her glass and climbed back under the blankets.

As I got back under the covers next to Laken's warm body, she set her hand on my leg. She turned towards me slightly and propped a leg over mine. I was immediately turned on by this.

A few moments later she cleared her throat and said, "don't be shocked and hear me out - here's the deal, your wife and I had a few great makeout sessions in college. And we really enjoyed it."

I nodded, prompting her to continue, "so I've been told."

"Well before I get further into that story, her and I were out the other night as you know and while we were out she mentioned the possibility of a threesome. She was actually considering the idea."

My eyes must have gotten about twice as big as I considered the possibilities of this. We'd jokingly talked about it before but it never seemed all that serious. I guess I should have taken more notice of those conversations!

She continued, "So when this trip came up she actually had the idea that I spend a few days with you as sort of a warm up to the threesome," Laken was acting a bit shy as she said this.

"Meaning," was my way of getting her to continue and process all this new information.

"Ha, meaning, she is open to you and I having an intimate few days together. I'll state exactly what she said to me - as long as it does not involve intercourse - then she paused and added - at least until the three of us are together."

My mind was absolutely spinning. This was all completely new information. My wife wanted to share me with Laken? In a way, it made sense now why my wife was so interested in Laken staying here. She had already planted the seed with Laken.

Laken then continued, "wait, she actually had two requests, no intercourse and she would get to spend a night or two with me with me at a future

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