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Raised apart from the other sex, their training begins.

My thumbs work the joints of each slender toe in turn, pulling and stretching, gliding my thumbs to each web, feeling the exquisite hollow between each toe and then moving on to the next. I grip her heal, squeezing forcefully, awakening her sexuality while I run my thumb and fingers of my other hand around and around her anklebones and finish hand over hand, squeezing, gliding and twisting over the entire length of her shapely foot until every muscle is relaxed.

I slip Sara's sock back onto her delicate, satin-smooth foot and tuck her leg behind me so that I can begin the massage of her other foot. Once again I am the sculptor....

Satisfied with my work, I slip Sara's other sock back on and place both feet in my lap for warmth and settle back to watch the rest of the movie.

"Mike, honey," Sara said after a few minutes. "are you really that interested in this movie?"

"Not really," I replied. "But I kind of like just sitting here with your feet in my lap."

"I can tell!" she laughed, wiggling her heels around my hardening cock. "Somebody's waking up!"

"Can't help it, honey. You've just got such damn sexy feet!" I replied.

"Awww...! Well, I'm not much into this movie either. Wait here." she said, as she quickly got up and left the room.

Sara soon returned carrying a couple pillows and a stack of towels, her open robe flowing behind her. As she spread one towel on the floor in front of the couch she said, "Lie down, honey, and put your legs up here," patting her hands on the couch.

She tossed me the pillows and said, "Here, put these under your head. And take off that robe!"

"What have you got in mind?" I asked.

"Just watch," she replied as she pulled off her socks and positioned herself on the couch between my legs, each shapely leg over each of mine and each sexy foot planted snugly on the side of my hips.

Her pussy was now spread before me. The light pink outer lips framing the deep rose tulip inside and the moist, scarlet tunnel of her sex. Sara moistened her fingers and began a slow dance around her clit, occasionally dipping into the glistening center and swirling the oily juice up to her clit, giving her entire pussy an iridescent sheen. I love to watch her masturbate and from this position the view was perfect.

After a few minutes of this tantalizing display I started to slowly stroke my now hard cock. I know that Sara also likes to watch me masturbate. But this time she pushed my hand away with her foot and said, "Relax, honey. Just keep those hands behind your head. I'll take care of this."

Sara then placed both feet on my chest, her soft soles massaging my chest and belly in large sweeping circles, tracing the outline of my nipples with her toes, moving up to hold my face between her soles and then moving her feet down towards my straining cock. Spreading her legs even wider, she placed her soles together on either side of my throbbing cock, drumming her toes on the sensitive head. With my cock firmly in the grip of her sexy feet, she reached over to the coffee table for the bottle of oil and poured a generous amount over her feet and my cock. I could feel the oil spread over my balls, trickle down the crack of my ass and onto the waiting towel below.

Her slippery assault on my hard shaft had begun. Sara gripped my cock between both feet, sliding slowly and sensuously up and down its length, her toes spreading to find the perfect fit. My cock slipped between her toes, reveling in the tightness of her grip. I wanted to cum right then, and fill her waiting toes with ropes of sticky juice, but she pulled her feet back towards her, letting my cock slap against my belly. Only after the throbbing of my cock subsided would she resume her sweet attack.

Sara slid one foot down over and then under my sensitive balls, leaving her other foot pressed firmly over my cock, toes curled around the leaking head.

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