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Sister and brother want more that a family relationship.

God, they were huge. For a brief, wild moment, a fantasy of sliding my hard cock between them filled my mind, her cute little mouth open wide in anticipation. I dispelled the image immediately, but it was too late. My cock throbbed painfully, begging for release.

"I'm flattered," Caitlin said, and her voice was thick and unsteady. She shifted uncomfortably where she stood, her legs pressed together. "I think it's time I handled your initiation," she grinned.

"Wha-?" My protest was cut off as she swiftly leant down and clamped her lips onto mine. My eyes widened as she kissed me with a fire that belied our status as near-strangers. Her lips were soft and sweet, but her kiss was hard. Her lips parted, and I felt the warm wetness of her tongue against my lips. Her breasts pressed against me as I opened my own mouth to allow her access.

In a sudden, quick movement, she pushed me back onto the bed so I lay full-length, then climbed up to straddle me and continued to kiss me, her tongue probing and exploring my mouth. My head was whirling with a million questions -- foremost being 'What the fuck is going on?' -- but the slippery dance of our combined tongues foiled my half-hearted attempts to ask them.

Unbearably, her crotch was pressed right up against mine. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life, feeling the hot pressure of her groin against it. Somewhere there, separated by just a few thin layers of material, was her pussy. As if noticing my shift in focus, she pushed herself closer against me, rubbing back and forth across the tent in my shorts. Her breasts weighed heavily on my chest, and they were just as heavenly soft as I could have imagined. I wanted to touch her directly, but right now I was too much in shock to do anything significant.

"Mmm..." Her lips vibrated against mine, creating a newly unique sensation as her tongue ran along the back of my front teeth. She finally broke the lip lock and pulled back with a smile, licking her lips with the gorgeous tongue that had until recently been exploring behind my lips.

"Caitlin..." I said after taking a couple of huge gulps of air. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Don't you like it?" she purred, bringing her lips close to my ear.

"I guess, but-"

"Gooooood." She drew the word out seductively, letting her body settle against mine as she did so. Her full weight rested on me now, but she wasn't heavy. I was intoxicated with the feeling of her body against mine, closer than I had ever held a woman before.

I was just glad the door was locked.

Rather than return to kiss me again, Caitlin put her lips to my ear, nibbling softly and continuing to whisper as she did so. "Welcome to Jackie Midlands, Tim. I'm so very glad you're here. I think you and I are going to get along just fine. I may be a little forward right now, but let me tell you . . . the summer has been long, and I have been dying to touch someone new." Her voice, low and sultry, sent shivers down my spine, which made her giggle. She left my ear alone and worked her way down my jawline, planting kisses as she went. The movement made her body shift against mine, and I couldn't resist a little grunt as my hard cock was caught between her thighs.

"Mmm..." Caitlin growled again as she noticed the contact, clenching her thighs tighter and moving her hips up and down to stimulate my cock. I was close to bursting, and I just about lost it when I felt the wet heat of her tongue against my neck. She ran her tongue up in a vertical line from my collarbone, over my Adam's apple and up to my chin. Then she kissed her way back down again, her lips like fire against my skin.

"Jesus Christ, Caitlin," I groaned. "That is so fucking hot."

At that, Caitlin drew back, sitting up to her full height while keeping herself pressed firmly against my cock. I opened my mouth to complain, but I realised what she was doing as she reached down for the hem of her shirt.

"Fuck," I said simply as she pulled it over her head and let her glorio

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