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A daring new game gets out of control.

I'd finished chatting with one group and was moving towards another, wandering along on the outskirts of the larger party, so to speak.

That's when Peter popped up again. I bumped into him, literally, as he chanced to step out from behind some of the bushes. That's one thing I liked about the park. As well as the open areas it also had quite a few trees and some decent shrubbery. Anyway, it was a case of suddenly, there was Peter, and I was running into him before I realised it.

He laughed when he saw who had bumped into me. He caught hold of my arm and stepped back into the bushes, taking me with him.

"All alone at last," he said, smiling down at me.

"Uh-huh," I agreed. "All alone, except for fifty or so people standing just over there."

He dismissed the fifty or so people, including one husband, mine, with an airy wave of his hand.

"They don't count," he told me. "They are looking at each other. Here behind this little bush we are invisible to them."

Then he kissed me. Boy, talk about being taken by surprise. I pulled away, frowning at him. Not because he was a lousy kisser, he wasn't by any means. But he shouldn't have just pounced like that, and he knew it.

Was he repentant? Not so that you'd notice. He just laughed at me and told me to put my hands on my knees.

I'm like, "What? Why?" and he just repeated the request.

"Come on," he coaxed. "Hands on knees."

Not sure what was going on I put my hands on my knees. Now, unless you're a gorilla, which I wasn't, you can't put your hands on your knees without bending over. And if you're wearing a shortish skirt, which I was, it rides up your bottom. As soon as I was bent over Peter dropped a hand onto my back and his hand was getting familiar with my panties and what lay beneath them. I froze for a second, before giggling and going to stand up.

"Don't rush," Peter said, holding me in place. "Plenty of time."

I have to admit I didn't really mind him getting a little personal. It actually didn't feel bad getting a surreptitious massage. My eyes did open wide, however, when Peter deftly pushed down my tights and shorts and started massaging me directly.

"Oi, enough is enough," I said, speaking in a great hurry, because while enough may be enough, too much is way too much.

"Just relax and enjoy the moment," Peter told me. "It won't last for ever and time is fleeting."

OK. So I'll admit I might have relaxed and enjoyed the moment. It wasn't really hurting anyone and I was feeling deliciously naughty. Fancy getting groped behind the bushes while the party was in full swing just a few feet away. I felt like I was getting away with something.

Those feelings abruptly changed when Peter suddenly moved my lips apart and shoved his cock between them. Boy, did my eyes and mouth open wide when that cock hit my sensitive places. I went to rear up but found Peter had his hands firmly clamped to my hips and he was pushing in very rapidly.

And what could I do about it? What could I do about this whacking great cock charging up into me? Nothing. That's what. I couldn't try to fight him off, or scream or even yell at him. If I did someone was bound to hear and come to see what the problem was. How the hell could I explain? My reputation would be mud and Mike would be furious.

With the realisation that I was going to have to grin and bear it came another thought. I'd have to stay quiet while I was being fucked. If I started making any noise at all, someone might come.

"You son of a bitch," I gasped out quietly. "You stop that."

"Don't be silly," came the quiet reply. "You wanted it and now you've got it. Just be quiet and start moving your fanny."

With that he banged fully home, and I was making the personal acquaintance of a strange cock. Then he started moving, pulling out and banging back nice and hard. To my mortification I found I was doing precisely what he'd ordered me to do. I was staying quiet and moving my fanny.

Seriously, I had no choice about the being quiet part of it, but you'd have thought I could choose where moving

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