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I'm very proud of you. Inviting you over was the least I could do."

Myriam bowed. Dana cast a furtive glance at Tom, then she pushed Myriam back onto the couch.

"Oooh!" Myriam let out.

Without hesitation, Dana climbed over Myriam, straddling her as she leaned in to kiss her. Tom watched with trepidation the oral exchange between his former mentor and former student.

"You have certainly earned a reward," Dana said.

"Wow," Myriam mumbled. "You're on fire."

"I've been thinking of this all day," Dana commented. "You know... I haven't done anything with a girl since Fall break. I could do with a refresher."

"I'm happy to help," Myriam said before returning to the kisses.

Tom pulled off his shirt, admiring his tighter core and muscles. Following Dana's training had certainly improved his physique and health; he contemplated the sight of the women kissing even as Myriam pulled off Dana's t-shirt, revealing that she wore nothing underneath. Instinctively, Myriam's mouth went to the puffy nipples of the older woman and she gently bit on them, making Dana moan in the process. As a response, Dana also lifted Myriam's top, revealing a lacy pink bra that provided gorgeous curves. A moment later, that bra was on the floor, and it was Dana licking and biting Myriam's nipples.

Tom unbuckled his pants and dropped them; a tent was forming in his underwear.
Dana pushed Myriam onto her back, pressing their chests together even as their embrace ignited in delicious fire. Myriam was awkwardly trying to fumble with Dana's pants. The older woman helped her in the process and everything came off. Not to be outdone, Dana flipped Myriam onto her front and pulled down her dress and panties. Both women now wore nothing but socks: short for Dana, long for Myriam.

Dana was the first to take charge, burying her mouth on Myriam's sex; her quick licks sent shivers up Myriam's spine and make her shake and moan.

Tom took off his socks and dropped his trousers. He walked back to the door and made sure it was locked. Then, he merely stared intensely as his girlfriend orally pleasured the younger woman.

"...oh fuck... I didn't think I'd get... so soon..."

"Enjoy it," Tom said. "You earned it for the whole of your work. We told you if you stayed in class and worked hard, we'd reward you for it."

"Oh Tom... let me suck you."

Tom walked over to the couch. With her head tilted sideways, Myriam happily welcomed the erection in her mouth and tried, as best she could given the stimulation happening between her legs, to service her former teacher. Dana looked up, pleased to see that Tom was now also taking part in the scene. It was their arrangement, after all, to share everything. It merely needed to be discussed and agreed upon beforehand.

After a short moment, Myriam pulled her mouth away and replaced it with her hand; this allowed her to keep jerking Tom off while vocalizing her pleasure from Dana.

"Aah... yes... fuck yes... I've missed this... ugh... please make me come..."

Dana hadn't practiced but she was willing to take it as far as it went; she ran her tongue in and around the opening the way she figured she would enjoy it, driving a finger between her own legs to feel for her own flesh. It obviously worked because Myriam's breathing skipped a beat, an orgasm striking her vulnerable spots.

"Aaahh... yesssss!"

The sound dragged on for a while even as Dana kept tasting between Myriam's legs; as the passion dwindled, Myriam let go of Tom and rose, pushing Dana off the couch and on the carpet, onto her back. She didn't hesitate to bury her mouth on the older woman's pussy, ready to return the glorious favor she had just been given. Tom stared for a moment; on all fours, Myriam was presenting her rear end to him. Tom cast a glance at Dana; she gave him the go-ahead.

Bending his knees and leaning into Myriam, Tom pushed his shaft into her welcoming orifice.

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