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The therapist gets pegged.

Later that week they broke up and I was really happy about that. I wanted to ask her out so bad but was so affraid. I mean I had never even kissed anyone up to that point let alone asked anyone out before. I figured that I would tell her how I felt first and see what her reaction was then decide what do do then. Bob brought her over and and we planned that he would leave to get smokes so that way me and her would be together alone. After he left I told her that I thought of her always and I liked her a lot. Her reaction to this went quite well but she didn't quite say how she felt about me. I decided that I would go for it in a few days. After work one day, Bob picked me up from work and we went to Susan's place. I knocked on her door and she was suprised to see me. I told her that I liked her and thought of her always again and asked her if she would go out with me. She said she didn't know and wouldn't give me a reason for her answer. I was upset and went home disappointed. I had figured that she didn't want me.

The next day would be one of the best that I can remember. She came over unannounced that afternoon with a friend. She seemed different which I didn't find suprising since she was with a friend of hers. They came over and we talked for a while but I had to leave cause I had work. She asked if I could call her when I got off of work. I told her that I would call after work.

When I got off of work, I came home and took a shower and changed into sweats for bed. I called and we talked for a while. We had the usual conversation about how was work and all. Then she said the reason she said she didn't know the day before was because she wanted a freind's approval before going out with me. She said that her friend said that she sould. I took the hint. I asked her out then and she said yes. I was so happy. Then shortly after we said goodnight and I went to bed the happiest man in the world.

Well this didn't go over to well with my friends who said I stole her from Paul and they didn't want anything to do with me. Even Bob who helped me by helping us be alone together. Well I didn't talk to them for a while but I didn't care cause I finally had a girlfriend and she was the most important thing in the world to me.

Well our relationship went well. I took things really slow because I didn't know how to approach new things. Hell I didn't even kiss her until we went out for 11 days. As time went on, I became really open and told her about how things were in the past and she helped me in any way she could. Things were like this for a while. In the early spring I realized I was in love with her and told her this. She didn't say how she felt about it but she wasn't negative about it.

I wanted to take things further with her so bad.

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