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Amy find love in an unlikely place.

I knew I was at least two years away from the level she was getting promoted to. I have to admit it made me a little jealous...but I knew more than anyone how hard she was working. Clearly she deserved all her success.

With the promotion I started working a little longer myself, but still not as much as Shannon. On Fridays we had a tradition. I would get home around 7, make us a nice dinner, then when she got to my place around, 9 - completely exhausted, I would have her meal ready. We'd enjoy dinner and some wine and after we were finished I'd clean up, then rub her feet. She almost always fell asleep as I rubbed them, but I was happy to be her sweet boyfriend.

Shannon was traveling a lot. When she was away she kind of shut everything out, but when she was in town we would talk every day. When we were about to have out 18 month anniversary, I decided to be impetuous. I knew she was the girl for me, and even though I knew she might have misgivings, I was determined to ask her to marry me.

Since I knew there was a chance she might not immediately say yes, I set it up so my proposal was 'private'. I had a chef prepare a meal at my place, which I had decorated nicely for the occasion. The chef left after serving us dessert, and I knew that it was now or never. I knelt down beside her, told her how much I loved her, and, after swallowing hard, asked her to marry me.

As usual Shannon surprised me, smiling brightly.

"I...I want to say yes you really understand what...I mean I've explained...the freedom I need?"

I remembered how much she hated it when I got jealous, how she didn't like to be bothered at work, and especially when she traveled for work.

"Yes...yes Shannon, I understand. I really want you to be my wife!"

Shannon kissed me hard on the lips. She had little tears in her eyes. Soon we were fucking. She told me she didn't think she could have the best of both worlds. I assumed she meant the long hours she spent at work and a husband and assured her she could have everything she wanted. I would be there for her.

I made most of the wedding plans. Shannon was traveling even more with hew new responsibilities. I worked on some things with Sandy, Shannon's sister and Maid of Honor. Well, honestly Sandy often just kept me company while I worked on plans, folded the invitations and considered table arrangements. I have to admit she was good company. Sandy is pretty like her older sister, and with even bigger tits. I never complained when she would end up relaxing and drinking the wine that I brought while I fretted over who should sit next to whom.

It was the night before we were set to send out the invitations that things finally came to a head with Shannon and I.

She reached for my hand across the table and looked me in the eyes.

"Mark, you know I'm happy you asked me to marry you, but you know...I have always put my career first."

I assured her I understood and she continued hesitantly.

"Yes, but,,,I mean, I think you know this but I need to make sure you really understand. I've done very well at work...I mean I am very close with Mick..."

"Sure, of course you..."

Shannon cut me off, "Let me finish. I mean...we've been very close, even before I met you...we..."

I looked at her, confused. I could see she was struggling and squeezed her hand.

"I have been sleeping with him Mark. I sleep with my boss."

I felt like I had been struck in the gut. I breathed heavily. "You...with Mick?"

Shannon nodded, holding my pleading stare.

" many times?" I asked stupidly.

Shannon's eyes widened. "Many times Mark. Every week. All the trips I have taken with him."

"Did you...did you fuck him today?" I wasn't sure why that was important but the words came out.

Shannon sighed, "No...well...honestly...I...I...'took care' of him...orally on the plane coming back."

We were quiet for a while as I tried to process this. Frustratingly, my cock twitched.

"Why...why are you telling me this now?"


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