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A new twist gives Shawn his opening.

(don't fight, why are you going on sofa. If you don't want to sleep with him, I have such a big bed, come on this.)

Now sleeping on her comfortable bed was a far better proposition than the stupid old sofa so I looked at Raju for permission, but he said nothing, scowled and turned his back to us and tried to sleep. I looked again at mausi and she said, light bujha do aur idhar aa jao. (switch off the light and come here)

I grabbed the opportunity and switched off the light. Street light was filtering inside, bathing the room in dim light. I climbed on her bed and carefully laid on one side, as far as possible from her. She saw it, laughed softly and said 'arre wahan palang ke baaju per kaise soyega, idhar ko hoja, bahut jagah hai' (how will you sleep on bed's side? Move towards me, there is plenty of space.)

'Ji Aunty' I thankfully muttered and laid near her but careful not to touch her body, because I remembered Raju's words that if she felt offended and complained to Raju's mom, toh hamari gaand per kitne jute padenge. I also prayed to God, to keep in check my night time habit of tossing / turning in bed so no gadbad happens in night.

After praying, I said good night to mausi ji, and turned my back towards her. She also turned her back toward me and I slept with no bad but all the pious intentions so my gaand remains safe in morning.

After some time I suddenly woke up due to some strange sensations. To my horror I found that I had turned towards her and was now hugging her from back. My left hand was over her left arm and lying on her 'moti chuchi' (fat boob) and worse ..........

That idiot lund of mine had woken up earlier than me and was fully awake and was poking between her ass cheeks. My pelvis was pressed in her healthy big hips and was enjoying the solid but spongy feel. All in all the best experience of their lifetime for my hand, my lund and my pelvis. But my mind was terrified in the inverse ratio of their pleasure and was thinking of getting out of this quandary, so as to save my ass. Unable to think of a solution immediately, I simply held my breath and laid motionless for a minute or two, praying that she is asleep and had not noticed my trespass on her precious territory.

Then, horror of horrors, she moved...........

She picked up my hand from her breast and placed it on her tummy. I heaved a sigh of relief but after about a minute of fiddling, she again picked my hand and placed it back on her ... naked breast. She had opened the top buttons of her nighty, bared her boob and presented it to my delighted hand.

My mind was in turmoil and unable to decide what to do. She might be dreaming that I am somebody else or was that a green signal for me to continue. But my palm, while cupping that creamy hard boob, decided on its own to explore further and tentatively squeezed it. I heard a suppressed sigh, then I tickled her perfect nipple with my fingers. She again caught my palm but this time she pressed it more on her boob and she also pressed her hips more on my lund. Emboldened, I also pressed home my advantage (my cock between her ass cheeks) and also continued my exploration of her now solid choochi (boob).

After 2-3 minutes of this foreplay, she again sighed and turned her body to face me and hugged me and kissed me, on my cheeks and lips which I also reciprocated heartily. I was now pressing her boobs and her hand strayed down and ....she caught my lund over the pajama. I was now mad with lust and moved my face down to her boobs and started sucking.

Isss sssssssssss she moaned and opened the nara of my pajama, and caught hold of my naked lund and started masturbating lightly and also measured its size. At that time my cock was about 7" long, but not thick. She pressed my head on her bosom and whispered, dheere dheere dono ko choos aur daant mat lagana. (suck both ones slowly and don't bite)

I obeyed and also placed my hand on her cunt over her nighty.

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