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The girls endure Agent Dmitri's sexual torments.

Danna hesitated, her demeanor changing from casual and friendly to slightly confused and lost. She crossed her legs, as if trying to scratch some sort of itch without using her hands.

"Danna?" I asked, heading for the steps, when she didn't reply.

"Yeah? Oh right, yeah I'll tell him." she replied as she remembered where she was. "But you don't have to leave right now do you? I mean, I was just going to go for a swim, did you want to join me?"

"Oh, but I don't have any board shorts" I retorted, confused as to why she wanted to swim with me.

"That's okay, just go in your undies. I don't mind." she stated, smiling slightly.

"Um, okay sure." I said back as I followed her inside.

"I'll meet you down there, I just have to get changed." she told me with a smile.

I went down to the pool area and stripped off, diving in with only my final layer of clothing on my body. I swam around for a while waiting for Danna to emerge, all the while trying to figure out what was happening, was this something to do with the 'unwanted side affects' from the remote? Was the side affect the need to drown others, surely not, maybe it is, maybe I'm a dead man swimming.

Just as the thought brushed my mind, Danna emerged onto the steps, wearing a plain white bikini and carrying a white towel over her shoulder. The bikini showed of her great hips, but something that drew my attention even further was a great pair of breasts. I had seen her in a revealing outfit before but her chest was never that large was it? No it can't have been, it didn't take a genius to figure out that had something to do with the milk producing remote. However along with the larger chest I also noticed her nipples were lightly poking at the fabric of the bikini and there was a distinct wet mark around her crotch area.

In no time I had a huge hard on, so I decided to stay submerged and try and hide it as best as I could. But looking at this exquisite shape of a woman, slowly submerge herself in the warm water was doing far more harm than good.

We swam for a while, making light conversation about the weather and the temperature of the water. But just as I finally thought my erection was subsiding she lifted herself to a standing position in the shallow end, revealing a dripping wet pair of tits that I could have sworn were getting larger by the minute.

She seemed burdened for a moment whilst adjusting the top half of the bikini before asking me "This is really uncomfortable. Do you mind if I take it off?"

"Not at all." I could barely get out quick enough, very eager to see her enormous tits.

She turned around and asked "Could you give me a hand please?"

"Uhhhh, yeah" was all I could manage as I drifted over, and lightly pulled at the string anticipating the release of her huge chest.

Just before the bikini exposed her tits, she caught it in front of her, and no sooner had she caught it, Danna submerged herself under the water. When she resurfaced, not only was she facing me but also the bikini top was nowhere to be seen. I couldn't help but gawk at her massive breasts.

"You like them?" Danna asked.

"Definitely! I mean, sorry for starring." I replied, embarrassed by my reaction.

"No, don't worry they love attention." She replied coyly, with a newfound sexiness in her voice "Actually, there really sore, do you think you could massage them for me?"

"Are you sure? What if someone finds us?"

"Well Caleb doesn't come home till later tonight, and besides it's just a massage don't worry about it." she replied whilst lightly weighing her giant boobs.

I slowly swam over to her, trying my best to keep my boner out of sight.

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