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When anger and sorrow collide.

k your ass while you type about it!"

I stop typing in shock! "You can't be serious!," I reply.

"Come on, you love it when I finger you, you get off and have the hardest orgasms. Let me, please?" He cajoles.

He's still fucking my pussy with his fingers, and my ass too, and it feels SO good, "Oh baby, ooo, yeah, like that, yeah, yeah," I'm moaning and loving the feel of it.

"Mmm, you really want to fuck my ass," I ask, moaning in pleasure as he fucks away?

"I'm ready to explode just thinking about sliding my dick into that super tight little hole," he groans in my ear! "I promise to go slow and easy...unless you beg for fast and hard," he says wickedly. He knows I like to be fucked good and hard in my pussy.

I agree. I won't be saying if I stop or not anymore, I'll just type. Makes it easier on you the reader and me the one being fucked! <grin>

I've still got 3 fingers in my holes, still loving it. As the finger in my ass slides out, so do the ones in my pussy. Grabbing the bottle of gel again, he puts a big glob on 2 fingers. I spread my ass ready for the cold. As he rubs it in, he slides one finger in again, bending it at the knuckle, wiggling it like a worm, back and forth, up and down, as he fucks my ass in and out.

"Oh, oh, yeah baby, oh yeah, yeah, uuhh, uuhh," I'm moanig, panting.

He pulls out of my ass. Fucks my pussy a few times with his 2 fingers then slides up to rub my clit.

"Aahh, yeah, yeah, oooo, mmmmmmmmm, yes, more!" I'm begging, moaning.

He knows I like it a little on the rough side, not too much, just a little. And he loves to see my round ass shake when he spanks me. I feel the slap, hard and solid on the underside of my ass. I squeal, "Yeah, again, more baby!"

He's rubbing my clit between 2 fingers as he spanks my ass, slow, hard, loud slaps! After 6 good slaps on each cheek, he dips his fingers back into my pussy. I'm dripping juices down my thighs. His hand slides to my ass, rubbing where he just spanked me.

I spread, "Please, try me again," I plead.

Fucking my pussy, he uses the other hand to slowly put in one finger, and fuck my ass. He slides it all the way in (not small hands on my man, long, thick fingers!)

"Yeah, oh yeah, fuck me baby, please," I cry!

Fucking my ass slowly at first, then faster, I feel him keeping time with both hands, in and out at the same time.

"Oh God, aawwhh, baby, oooohh, aaww, yeah, yeah, more, please, more!" I'm moaning loudly. Begging, pleading.

I feel a second finger slide in, feel a slight burn, "Aawwhh, ooww, no, ooww, please, aaahhh, oooohh, ooooo, mmmmmmmmmmm!"

It hurts, but the hurt isn't too bad. It's actually starting to feel, really good, oh god! uummm, I'm gonna cum!

"Baby, I'm gonna cum, oh god, oh oh oh" I'm panting, moaning. He's fucking 4 fingers into me, 2 in my pussy and 2 in my ass, oh god I'm so full!

"Yeah, cum baby, cum. you like that don't you, you like your ass fucked fast and hard. cum baby, cum while I fuck your ass!" He's talking dirty to me, egging me on.

I can't take it, the feel, the words, oh god, "OH GOD! fuck yeah, oh yea!" I cum, feeling my juices erupt from my pussy, I'm shuddering, I can't stop. WOW! OH WOW! He's still fucking me! Oh GOD! He's putting a third finger in my ass! oh god! And a third in my pussy!

"Stop, oh god! stop, please!" Holy shit that hurts! Oh god, oh fuck! I'm still cumming, I can't stop, the pain, the pleasure, oh god! It's so good, I need more! I gotta feel his dick in my ass, oh god I have to be fucked!

"No, I'm not stopping, keep cumming," he tells me.

He rubs my clit to get me close again, "I gotta stretch your ass so my dick will fit. You need more talk? Want me to tell you how tight your little ass is? huh, wanna hear how I'm gonna stretch it with my big dick?" He slides his fingers back into my pussy.

"Oooohhh, yeah, ooooooooo, uuuuhhhh, yeah, fuck me, oh fuck me, aaawwwwhh, ooww, oh, faster, yeah, fuck my pussy hard and fast, please!" I'm begging, pleading, moaning.

Getting behind me, I feel him between my legs.

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