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A date at the lake.

When did you ladies learn the other springboards?" Julie asked.

"We learned them Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday before the elimination competition. Actually, neither of us had ever seen or heard about any higher than the regular springboard." Jenny answered.

"Good grief! Where do you ladies go now?"

"Diving is now over for the tear. But we have 4 golf tourneys to play in, one in the PGA and 3 in the LPGA." Carrie said.

"Our first is next week in Memphis, Tennessee at the St. Jude Classic on the PGA tour. Then after golf is done, we are off to start college at SFS for pre med. As we both are planning to be new born nurses." Jenny finished.

"So, you both mean that you both are going to leave diving?"

"That is something we haven't had the time to discuss yet. But we both are going pro in golf. We are going to college and train for a good career in case we ever need it. And we both plan on living it in the winter months when diving and golf are over." they said.

"Now that is a very wise idea. Good luck to you both in Memphis and in college. Thanks for being here. I'm Julie Andrews and tonight joined in the studio by 'The Hayward Storm' Jennifer and Caroline Hayward. Good night." Those 3 sat around talking for a while afterwards, and then Jenny and Carrie left for home. When they got there, both of them noticed a line of cars out in front of their house. But that no one had used the driveway. So, Carrie pulled in and parked behind Jenny's car and set her parking break. Then both ladies got out, where Carrie locked the car and set the alarm with her remote.

"I wonder who all those cars belong to." Jenny said as they headed for the door.

"I have no idea sis. But, I think we both are about to figure that mystery out." Carrie said as they entered the house, out their jackets in the foyer closet, and walked into the den. This was where both Jenny and Carrie were surprised when

they saw all the people in their den who were waiting for them. It was their whole family, with Victoria, Tobias, Ann, Jason, even Derek, and their 4 coaches, Ann, Janice, Holly and James, and last was Linda. Their sisters all ran over to them. But the big surprise for Jenny was that someone was there that she never thought she would ever see here with the family: Craig. He had brought his wife Elissa and their 2 children with him.

"What's going on in here?" They asked.

"Ladies the whole family wanted to come and spend some time with you both. Plus, everyone here is going with you on your 4 golf tourneys."

"Great! Now how is everyone?" To which everyone replied they all were doing great. Craig got up and went over to Jenny and greeted her.

"It is a big surprise to see you here." She told Craig. "Sis this is your Uncle Craig."

"It's nice to finally get to meet you. I've heard a lot about you." Carrie told him after she returned his hug.

"Jenny dear Come over here a minute. I want you to meet my family." He said leading her over and introduced Jenny to Elissa, Josh, and their new daughter April. Jenny greeted each and hugged Elissa and Josh and leaned over and placed a kiss on April's forehead. Then she and Carrie hugged the rest of their family, their coaches and Linda.

"Dears Your little sisters have saved you both spots on your loveseat." Katherine told Jenny and Carrie and laughed. Both the ladies looked over at Liz, Carole, Jess and Sheryl, seeing them made the ladies smile.

"Those four refused to let anyone get close to it saying it was for their sisters." Victoria added and laughed with everyone else.

"And they are right. It's the only play either or both of you ladies ever sit in here. So, we all decided to leave it for you 6." Leslie said as Jenny and Carrie went over and sat down with their sisters.

"Your mother and dad have been informing us all about you both ladies that you both are very famous divers and golfers, and now becoming very wealthy because of it.

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