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Allison and David swing in the park at midnight.

'That was a great birthday present, Vera. Thanks! You are a great shag!'

Vera was left lying on the floor, sobbing, trickles of sperm on her breast and chin, her vulva oozing with the sperm trickling over her bottom. The men moved away, fastening up their trousers, called out their goodnights and left. Including Bill.

That was the last time she saw her boyfriend. Ex-boyfriend! She had phoned him to tell him what she thought about him and that he was lucky she didn't go to the police.

And now, here she was two weeks later, sat in the car with Johnnie, not really ready for more men groping her body - feeling her vulva.

Johnnie drew up in the tree-lined road in the shadow between two street lamps. He turned to smile at Vera. 'Goodnight darling!' he said.

Her eyes met his in the near darkness, reflecting the street lamp. She waited for him to lean across and kiss her lips. But he made no move towards her all, let alone to take her in his arms. Vera was surprised and, to be truthful, a bit disappointed. Was it possible he didn't fancy her, she wondered? But Johnnie fancied everything in a skirt!

A little disappointed, she smiled back at him and made as if to get out of the car by opening the car door before leaning across to kiss him goodnight. Her lips lingered on his rather longer than she had intended, though. Before she could break away, his hand had reached round her head, pressing her face into his. His tongue pushed between her lips, rubbing against her teeth. Almost without thinking, Vera parted her teeth to allow the tip of his tongue to press against her own. Mouths began to grind gently against each other, tasting, exploring.

To her surprise, Vera was becoming aroused against her inclination and when she felt his other hand slip inside the top of her dress she had no means of preventing it. By the time she had closed the car door again, it was almost too late for her to put a restraining hand on his wrist. Johnnie's fingers had reached their goal. He made no attempt to force his hand any further into her bra. Instead, he gently caressed the stiffening nipple, whilst beginning to fondle her ear lobe as they kissed passionately and long.

'Oh, hell!' she thought to herself, loosening the hold on his wrist. Johnnie responded by sliding the hand over her small breast until it was cupped in his palm, thumb caressing the hardening nipple. Vera enjoyed having her nipples fondled. Although smallish breasted, her areola swelled up like eggcups, thrusting the nipple forward.

Encouraging Johnnie by returning the passion of his kisses, she pushed her tongue into his mouth. Her body was responding with enthusiasm. Little shivers trickled through her belly. She knew her juices were starting to flow. It was an embarrassment to her that they were so copious. They didn't ooze. They trickled! She had to wear knickers with a specially padded gusset. Curiosity overcame her. Johnnie's cock was a legend among her friends. She couldn't resist reaching into his lap to test the stiffness there, to squeeze the hardness beneath the fabric.

So engrossed was she in the enjoyment of the sensation of fondling a hard cock that she hardly noticed her dress buttons being unfastened down the front. A hand reached down the elastic top of her knickers into the tangle of auburn curls below her navel. Even though her slender thighs were tightly closed, hunched up in the front seat of a car, a finger pushed its way between them to pause over her sensitive clitoris before slipping down to sample the honey dribbling from her aroused sex lips. An involuntary gasp escaped her at the touch.

Johnnie would be in no doubt that she was aroused, she thought.

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