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A small indiscretion... and decisions to be taken.

I hadn't blocked her throat completely yet and she struggled to get breath in and out, her breasts rising and falling. I turned up the intensity of the trainer a notch and she jerked, inhaling sharply, trying to squeeze her abdomen.

"I think she's close, Master Rick." Loren kept the soft motions of the probe against her, her fingers toying with her clit. "She's so erect. Do I get that stiff?"

I couldn't see, and wasn't paying much attention, pulling my cock out to give her a little relief. She moaned, long and drawn out, and I started the cycle again, her moans changing to protests, or whatever they were.

"We're going to go all the way in, now cunteater. I know you're up for it. And I'll tell you what. Just as soon as you cum, I'll pull out. Is that a deal?"

She grunted around my cock as I slipped it back up to the point I'd had it before, and pushed in further, the top of my sac resting on her upper lip. I was as far in as I dared, although I knew I could push another 1/2 inch if wanted. Another time, perhaps. This was good.

Her chest was heaving, as she struggled to get air and I pulled out slowly, watching as her panic calmed. Again, I pushed in, the feeling of her throat contracting against me, her tongue useless in its attempt to push me out. As I kept my slow motion fucking of her throat, I saw her body stiffen, her protests changing frequency to something else and she froze, her hands opening and closing, her toes curling.

"I think she's done it Master Rick. I think we've done it." Loren was continuing her soft motions, pulling the orgasm from her, with each light pinch on her clit, Shelly's yelps would get sharper, her body would spasm. I pulled out enough for her to feel safe breathing, but left my cock on her tongue, ready to shoot any moment.

"Come over here cunt. I want you to help me shoot into this cunteating, cocksucking whore's mouth."

Loren jumped up, abandoning the probe and Shelly's clit, to grab the base of my cock and squeeze it gently.

"Oh yeah. Oh fuck. Oh yeah. Cunteater? You're about to have a sperm chaser." And I felt the liquid shoot up my shaft and spurt against the roof of her mouth. She couldn't close her lips, her tongue tried to swallow it, and I was concerned for a second she would choke on it. Most of it slid down her throat, the remainder coming to rest on the inside of her cheek.

She was sobbing, but still no tune. No stopping the scene. I stayed there, letting my dick go limp as she continue to vibrate against her bonds, attempting to swallow the accumulated saliva and sperm.

Loren cupped my balls and reached down to kiss me. It was an awkward position, which we held for a few heartbeats before we pulled back.

I opened Shelly's eye flaps and looked at her - tears flowing, eyes puffy, but no trace of anguish - just pure bliss and confusion. Twisting the ring slowly, I let her lips and jaw relax.

"What... the... fuck... was... that...???" She repeated it over and over again. "Is that what all the... fuss... about?"

I kissed Loren properly, running my hands over her breasts, down to feel her bush, and how sloppy wet she was. I gave her ass a quick slap and she jumped, not breaking the kiss, moaning into me.

"Fuck... fuck... fuckkkkk...." Shelly was completely limp, a subtle change given the restraints.

I undid the ropes letting her head come back flat on the carpet and carefully pulled the head gear off, knowing she must be boiling inside.

It took a few more minutes to get her completely undone and she just lay there, breathing and letting her muscles uncramp.

"Holy fuck, you two..." She looked at the two of us sitting against the couch, Loren's legs splayed open, her pussy inches from the top of Shelly's head. "Fuck..."

She lay there for several minutes gently moving her arms and legs, her fingers exploring her slit, trying to find that spot. We watched, our hands playing with each other's body, calming down.


"Anybody hungry?" I asked, grinning.

"Oddly," Shelly said weakly, scraping her tongue with her teeth.

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