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Computer nerd has run-in with a wild wolf.

Becky naively hung on every word until she started to believe the tales of immoral romance and adventure. EveL had become Becky's self appointed tour guide on her descent into debauchery.

Hearing she might be receptive Campbell invited Becky to a lunch to "talk about her future with the company." He placed his hand on her nylon clad knee the moment she sat down. Becky foolishly let him keep it there. After that Campbell started patting her ass whenever no one was looking. Becky never objected. On Friday nights he would gallantly offer to escort her to her car. What began as a friendly peck on the cheek quickly escalated to a full onslaught of Becky's mouth by his tongue. He soon was groping her like a sophomore behind the bleachers.

Looking back I should have questioned why Becky was always in the mood for amore when she came home after unwinding with her colleagues. But what married man wants to risk ruining the moment when his beautiful wife comes home and treats him like a newlywed on his honeymoon. I loved my wife and our family and would never do anything to jeopardize it...too bad my self proclaimed partner for life no longer felt the same.

The wall had been reached. Barring a miracle, come Saturday, my wife would no longer have forsaken all others. Her body would be defiled. Fortunately I had an ally who had planned our defense like a chess master.

Earlier in the week Danni had taken the liberty of scheduling an appointment for me with her attorney. 'Nothing gets a wayward spouses attention like being served with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage."

The only time I ever hired an attorney was to buy a house so I had no idea what this was going to cost. I cried when I took out the metal box I had hidden in my workshop; the money was going to be used to surprise the family with a trip to Disney; now I felt dead as I unlocked the padlock. Inside was every last dime I had been able to squirrel away through skipped lunches, getting haircuts at the barber college, and just plain being cheap.

I counted out $521.66, mostly in singles and fives; I would have to stop at the bank because I would look too pathetic pouring out my shattered dreams on his desk.

Step one was complete. Barring a miracle step two would be taken in three days.

This brings you up to date.

It was another beautiful Saturday morning; a perfect day for a marathon. Before leaving for the city Becky dressed our twin daughters in their Girl Scout Daisy uniforms and apologized again for missing Discovery Day. She kissed both and promised to bring them something from the city.

Becky was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt with Guaranteed Insurance emblazoned across it. While she was taking a shower I checked the trunk of her car and found an overnight bag and a new red cocktail dress still wrapped in plastic. I was tempted to dump her clothes in the garbage and fill it with shop rags but remembered what Danni said, 'delaying the inevitable is no victory...they must be caught, humiliated, and punished to keep this from ever happening again.' I had to agree she was right.

As I closed the trunk all I kept thinking was how could a mother look at her innocent daughters' sad eyes then blow off their big day to have an affair with her boss.

Up until the moment Becky left I kept praying she would change her mind and go with us to the Scout event because nothing was more important than her family. My prayers weren't answered. Instead she casually said, "Today's going to be a long day. Karen from actuarial invited a few of us girls for a sleep over at her apartment in the city. It sounds like fun. You wouldn't mind if I went, would you?"

I almost lost control. This was the closest I have ever come to hitting my wife. She gave me her stupid grin and said, "I'll make it up to you tomorrow."

I clenched my fists, bit my tongue, then nodded my head.

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