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Julie goes old school Werewolf to resolve a beef.

He bucked like mad and his mouth on my pussy went into overdrive, he didn't cum but I certainly did.

I pulled back from his cock, into a sitting position, screaming like a banshee. The cheer from next door was almost louder than me, fuck em. I was panting away like a steam engine. When I composed myself, I bent down again to Steve's cock. Maybe I could get his kids to move in with me, that way, I could keep him chained to my bed.

How could the man, have such control. I remembered how on that horrible day, he said that he didn't feel any pain. I wondered if that had something, to do with it.

I was not going to give up. I was going to make that man cum, and I was going to suck him dry. I don't know how many times he set me off, but finally I did it, or he did it. He came with a roar into my pussy that set me off. But I had the sucker deep in my throat and I wasn't letting go. I felt his cum, fill my belly and I swallowed with my throat. When his penis started to go a little limp, I backed off and just had the head in my mouth and sucked furiously. I wasn't going to let a drop escape. Everything that I had heard, said that men, love women that swallow. So it wasn't the best tasting thing on the planet. I was going to treat Steve's jizzum as the most precious elixir imaginable.

When nothing more would come out, I started to clean his cock and balls with my mouth and tongue. He was gasping and completely limp, beneath me. I finally took my pussy off his face, time to give Steve some fresh air and make it easier for him to breathe. But I still kept at his dick, with my tongue and mouth. When he was all clean, I started sucking on him again. I was going to return Steve's pocket rocket, to its former glory and I didn't care how long it took. If I could write a story about this night, I would make a mint with lonely women.

All night long, we did it. Finally when I was completely spent, Steve gently washed me and carried me briefly into the guest room. He found some new clean sheets, blue satin, and repaired the bed. He carried me back to my room, cuddled with me and we fell asleep. We slept for a few hours, when Steve awoke me with a kiss. He was already showered and dressed, and looking as handsome as ever. He apologized, but he said that he had to go and pick up his children. I gave him a sleepy smile and said that I understood. He bent down and kissed me again, promising to call. And I knew he would. I was completely wiped out, and I had no energy to see him to the door. I trusted him to make sure the door locked, so I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.


Well, that was a wonderful night with Rosemary. She was a slow starter, but once she got going, wow. I opened the door, looking down at my feet to make sure I didn't stumble and gently pulled it closed, making sure the lock latched into place.

There were flashes of light, going off around me. There were five women, standing there, some with cameras. They were clapping and cheering. I was a bit embarrassed, but I bowed and thanked them gravely. Then as one, they presented all their right hands, like they were royal monarchs. I figured what the hell, they looked clean and I went down the line, kissing their hands.

I strode down the hallway, singing an old Irish tune that my grandfather had taught me. I swear I heard the ladies sigh, behind me.

The next few months were nice. I didn't get to spend too many nights with Rosemary, because of Hope and Luke. But the nights, I did spend were always wonderful. There were just two problems with my relationship with Rosemary. The worse was that she seemed to be holding back emotionally. We would start to make some progress, and then she would retreat mentally behind some mental walls. The sex was always great, but the emotional commitment was lacking.

The other problem, that drove me nuts.

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