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A wife and friend reciprocate with first time favours.

If you survived, and not many who get shot at close-range by a Glock .45 do, you will go to jail." Eric explained calmly.

"What are you going to do to me?" Amy asked, scared more now than she ever had been before.

Eric ignored the question but rather released the clasp on Amy's bra, allowing her 36C-sized tits to spill-out into her sweatshirt then he removed the sweat shirt and bra and tossed them both into a heap on the ground. It was cold in the garage and Amy hoped that's why her nipples were so hard.

Next she felt her soft Nylon pants sliding-down off of her ass. Eric, still holding her against the car with one arm now moved her to the front of the car and bent her over the hood.

Amy was left pinned against Eric's wet car, wearing only a pair of pink cotton panties. She whimpered as she felt Eric open his pants and now felt his engorged cock against her ass; only the thin material of her cotton underwear separated her ass from Eric's cock.

Eric roughly pushed the crotch of Amy's panties aside and fingered her, roughly cupping her hairy mound. Amy could feel herself getting wet. She tried to stop the feelings, but it seemed the harder she tried the more her body tried to betray her, preparing it's self for sex.

"Please, I've only ever been with my Husband." Amy stammered.

"Your Husband?! Then today is your lucky day. I'm going to do you a favor and show you how a real man fucks. A man who doesn't have to worry about what school his kids get in to. A man who doesn't care about what the neighbors say or what they drive. A man who doesn't buy into every hair-brained investment scheme he hears about at a neighborhood party. Yes, today is your lucky day sweetie. Today you're going to find-out what it's like to be fucked by a real man!"

Before Amy could respond Eric tugged hard on her panties, snapping the elastic waistband then discarded them onto the ground. A moment later Eric's cock invaded Amy's pussy like an army at war! Amy gasped as for the first time in her life she felt a cock tapping against her Cervix.

Eric fucked Amy hard. He was pissed and didn't care what the ramifications of his actions were. He had up-rooted his whole life and if this little piece of Asian pussy, with her slight love handles and fake tits roughly swinging around was what it took to get him through he was happy to have it.

Amy could feel Eric's cock roughly fucking her pussy. He was larger than her husband. His hands squeezed her firm tits as he mindlessly flicked her stiff nipples. Amy felt disgust and at first tried to take her mind to another place. She tried to conjour-up a happy childhood memory but then she began feeling a sensation from deep within her core.

Suddenly Amy didn't want this assult to stop. She found her self now grinding her Pelvis into her lover, trying to drive him deeper inside of her. A moment later her mouth hung-open, she couldn't produce any words, just a low series of groans as for the first time in her life she felt the sensation of an Orgasm washing-over her body. In a matter of seconds the sensation passed and Amy fell into a heap on to the hood of the wet car, now making no effort to stop Eric's assault.

Eric came a short time later. When he did it felt like a firehouse had let loose inside of her womb! Amy could feel Eric's cock throbbing deep within her as pumped his seed into her waiting pussy. Eric kept going until Amy felt his cum leaking from around his cock and running-down her leg. Eric for the first time now un-pinned her from the rear of the car and Amy fell into a heap on the ground next to the car. Eric stood-over Amy, allowing his cock to drip the last of his cum onto her naked torso.

Amy was stunned. She knew she should be angry but she had to admit, that deep-down that she had enjoyed that; maybe more than she was willing to admit. She watched Eric tuck his now deflated cock back into his Jockey shorts. Now he looked-down at her and said,

"You enjoyed that didn't you bitch!"

Amy nodded.

Amy used her ripped panties to clean herself up as best she could then hur

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