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A surburban wife and mother has her world turned upside down.

when your friend came back?"

I took a deep breath and continued," When he got back in the room he climbed on the bed next to us and started stroking his cock back to full staff. After he watched our little oral show, he moved in front of April, spread her legs and began to aim his dick at her hot little hole. I stopped licking her slit so I could let him start fucking her. He told me to go back down and eat her pussy. At this point I still wasn't really sure about going down on her while he fucked her. Stroking his dick was one thing, but having his cock pounding away in front of my face was a whole other story. April spit my cock out of her mouth while Danny was fucking her and begged me to lick on her clit while she was taking his dick. I slowly lowered my head back down on her box. Danny slowed his pace down once I was back down there. It was weird to be so close to a pussy while it was being fucked. I watched Danny's dick inside of April's pussy while I nibbled on her clit. After a few minutes the inevitable happened and his cock slipped out and hit me in the mouth."

"You must've died." Josh laughed," Bet that was the end of that."

"Nope. I was so fucking horny that right then and there I grabbed his cock and starting sucking on it like a crazy person. He must've have liked it because he grabbed the back of my head and basically starting fucking my mouth. It was so fucking hot, having my cock sucked by a chick while sucking my best friends dick. We continued on for a awhile this way with April watching and furiously fingering herself. Eventually she must've felt a little left out because she basically ordered us to start fucking her again."

Josh took a sip of his beer and adjusted himself on the cooler.

"That's a hell of a story man. I've never done anything like that. I don't know if I could let a guy suck my dick, although it sounds like you'd do a damn fine job." Josh instigated.

"Danny never complains!!" I shot back.

"Wait, you've sucked his cock more than once?" asked Josh.

I told him that after the threesome I had blown him a couple of other times when we were drunk and he was horny. It wasn't bad, I liked sucking his cock. The look on his eyes when he would cum was amazing.

Josh just stared at me from his cooler and I could see the question forming in his eyes. Just as I was about to speak he finally popped the question.

"Would you suck my cock for me? Your story has me hard as all hell and I don't want to go back over there in this condition." He stammered.

There was no doubt in my mind. I've always thought about sucking cock. Since the time I first started jerking off I would fantasize about sucking a nice stiff piece of meat. I guess I sort of just packed away the impulse in highschool and college where it was less acceptable to have such an impulse. But it was true. I liked sucking dick. I am a dirty cocksucker. I loved it when Danny would fuck my mouth with his hands firmly on the back of my head and when he would slap my face with his long, hard cock. My cock twitches when I have cock in my hands.

I told him that I had been thinking about sucking his cock since the minute I met him and that I'd love to blow him. He motioned me over to the cooler. As I was finishing my beer and moving closer to him he pulled his cock out of his jeans and began to stroke it to full length. I couldn't help but to stare at his dick while he jerked it. It was such a brazen act for someone who basically stuttered his request that I was stunned. It was a good looking piece of meat. About seven inches long, with good thickness and with two nice, big balls hanging from his sack. The sight of his thick, veiny cock instantly sent some blood rushing into mine. Maybe it was the booze or maybe it was the situation, but I was horny as fuck and couldn't wait to get this guy's dick into my throat.

I moved to where Josh's cooler and dropped to my knees between his spread legs.

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