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His friend's wife wants to fool around.

The zipper ran to the top of her ass, low enough to reveal to her colleagues that she was in fact not wearing any bra or panties. As she started to slip her first arm out of the sleeve, she looked around and chuckled at the stares she was getting. "I guess some of haven't been watching our Friday night specials. I just assumed everyone had already seen this side of me." And with that she pushed her dress down to her waist, her firm, perky B-cup breasts popping into view. "Now, can we all get to work?" she added a laugh that seemed to break the tension in the room.

Cast and crew returned to their marks on the floor, although many still managed to steal a glance sideways at Lisa as she stepped out of her dress and handed it to the wardrobe assistant. With the anchor desk at waist height, most could only catch a fleeting glimpse of the light color tufts of neatly trimmed hair that covered her pubic mound. Bill and Tim, always the gentlemen, made certain to keep their eyes raised but Natalie appeared to feel no such compunction.

Leaning in close to her colleague, she whispered, "You look as beautiful as ever, Lisa." The soft tone of her voice sent a tingle down her spine, and she was certain she felt Natalie's fingertips brush against her ass as she moved toward the anchor desk.

"Can I give you a lift up?" Natalie said almost purring.

"Not today, thanks," Lisa replied in a teasing tone. "Maybe some other time."

As the blonde reporter got into position on the anchor desk, Manuel peered through the camera and motioned her slightly to the left and forward. "That's good, but we'll need to kill the overhead spotlight and add lighting from the side."

The crew responded to his direction, and within a few minutes they were ready to take the shot. "Okay, everyone, same line as before. And when I signal, everyone shout 'Lisa's back!'"

Lisa's position on the anchor desk provided the camera with an unobstructed view of her back with the top of her ass cheeks proudly displayed against the surface of the desktop. "Good thing it's not transparent," Lisa thought to herself, "or Natalie would probably suggest they take a shot from below." She giggled quietly to herself, as Manuel called for another take. She turned to look over her left shoulder at the camera, raising her right arm to wave and keeping her left arm in place to block any view of her breasts.

"That's very good," Manuel pronounced at the end of the scene. "If you'll wait for just a few more minutes, I want to talk to Lisa about some other poses."

He approached the anchor desk to confer with the reporter as her colleagues stepped away. "I'd like to have several options available here. It will then depend on what we're able to get with our shooting tonight. You've read the script?" he asked.

Lisa nodded.

"Good," the director continued. "Then you know that we're basing this on the familiar anxiety dream that a person is naked in front of a crowd but then wakes up to find they are in fact fully clothed. We'll reverse that sequence by showing you dressed in the dream and then waking up nude. So I'd like to try a couple of shots where you're lying on the desk as you wake up." He paused, then continued. "You are much more poised than many so-called professional actors I've worked with. But I know these are your colleagues and I want to be respectful. We need them to still be present, and you will be rather exposed when you're stretched out on the desk."

Lisa thought for a moment. Just in their short time working together today, Lisa had sensed Manuel's talent and creativity. She felt confident in his instincts and decided she could trust him. "I always want what's best for the story," she said. "Let's go for the shots you want and keep our options open."

"Thank you," he nodded and stepped back to confer with his cameraman. Sheila, the lighting director, came over with a light meter and asked Lisa to stretch out face down on the table.

"As if in your bed," she explained, motioning to her colleague to kill one of the overhead spots.

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