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Paying the piper.

At one point, I had trouble concentrating on stroking two cocks and relaxing my throat not to gag. Sure enough, I did gag, and I accidentally bit my teeth slightly into one of the huge cocks. I was immediately treated to an open-handed slap across the cheek that I knew would leave a red mark for some time. Unfortunately, I gagged again because of the surprise, and was slapped once more the other side. Luckily, this time I was prepared for it, and I did not gag a third time.

I managed to open my eyes, and through the tears, I saw my fianc__e. Sabrina was watching me, and I could tell her hands were playing with her pussy. I could tell she loved me by the way her eyes were glazed over, watching me service her Master and His friends. I was so mesmerized by her face that I lost track of the time. The cocks kept pushing into my mouth and into my fists, seeming to change positions on their own accord. I saw Sabrina mouth the words, "I love you," to me as she had a powerful, but quiet orgasm. The men using my mouth did not see her, instead concentrating on their own orgasms.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, I felt one of the guys slam hard into my mouth, and with a loud and primal grunt, release his seed directly into my throat. I did not have time to register the hot and salty taste, as I felt it slide down my esophagus and into my stomach. He continued to pump into my mouth as I clamped hard on Raymond's cock and the other man's cock with my fists.

After he finished cumming, the second man quickly took over, but he did not slam his cock deep into my mouth. Instead, he pulled my hair so my neck was arched backward, my mouth open. He pressed the head of his cock into my mouth, and using my lips, tongue, and teeth, he did miniature but very fast strokes until he too started to cum. I caught a glimpse of Sabrina as she maneuvered for a closer look, watching the white sperm explode out of the huge purple head and slam against the roof of my mouth, hot spurt after another. I could feel the cum quickly pool into my mouth, the salty taste almost welcome. I was still surprised how much I had begun to actually savor the taste of a man's cum.

I started to swallow the cum, just as Raymond pulled his friend off. Unfortunately, his friend had not finished cumming, and the last few spurts hit my face and hair. Raymond did not like anything less than seeing all of his cum used, so he slammed his cock in hard and deep, cumming down my throat like his first friend. My Master came hard and a lot, but I simply swallowed every last drop. He pulled his still mostly-hard cock and slapped my face with it, then made me suck a little more, before finally retiring.

I was finally let go, and the three men pulled their boxers and trousers up. I could feel the streams of cum beginning to dry on my cheek, forehead, and hair. I started to get up and go to the bathroom, when I was stopped cold.

"Bitchboy, you better get them bags in the car now!" I knew I could not argue with Master Raymond. So I rubbed my fingers into my hair, trying to blend the sperm into my hair as best as I could. I grabbed the bags and walked outside. The driver was kind enough to open the trunk, but let me do all the packing. I think Raymond had talked to him prior. He seemed to really enjoy watching me do all the work. I also sensed he was amused by the fact that I had drying cum in my hair.

Once the bags were packed, the two friends went inside to do some last-minute things. Raymond walked over to me and put his arm around my shoulder, almost in a friendly manner. "Bob," he started to speak to me. I knew this was going to be bad, because he never addressed me by my first name.

Raymond continued, "I know you think I'm mean sometimes." That was an understatement. "But I want you to know that we are both doing this because of your lovely fianc__e. She loves you, and I know you love her too, right?" I merely nodded.

"Just to show you there are no hard feelings, and that she doesn't *only* have to fuck black guys, I am going to let her fuck a white guy o

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