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Rules and pampering.

He's tried before, but it always seemed like there would be some one else better I could get. Now I just wanted a worth while cock in me. He convinced me to go back to his place with him; I was still kind of hesitant because I love Joe so much. Fuck it though, I'm a size queen.

We sat down and had a couple of drinks, just two beers and I turn into the biggest slut in Seattle. Next thing I knew his pants were down and I had his huge cock in my mouth. Oh my god, it felt so fucking good, I'm such a dirty little girl when I see a huge cock. I don't know what comes over me, but if I'm with a guy and he pulls out his huge cock I literally cannot say no. I stopped soon enough though and made him fuck my pussy. His cock filled up my little cunt so fucking much, I love so much to feel my pussy get stretched out as much as it will go.

We fucked two times in a row, and I made him cum in my pussy both times. Almost as soon as we were done though, he said that he already had plans to go out to this club. Guys make me so fucking mad, but at least his roommate's friend, Jon, was there to save me. He said that he would drive me home, so of course I accepted, he was hot too!

When we got into his car and he found out how far away I live he didn't seem too happy, so I told him I could stay at his place. Obviously he had no problem with that, and I definitely didn't want to go home to Joe after already fucking someone else. Jon's roommates are definitely not the cleanest people; his place was trashed except for his room. I wasn't about to sleep in that mess, so I told him I was going to sleep in his bed.

We got ready for bed and he stripped down into his boxers and got into bed, so I figured I'd just wear my little thong to bed considering I had no pajamas. I got into his bed and instinctively started rubbing his cock; I thought how much better it felt than Joe's...I had forgotten about Joe! I told him I had to call him, so he gave me his cordless phone. Joe picked up and I started to tell him about how I got stuck at Jon's, when Jon started touching my pussy through my thong. For some reason that made me so horny, and I wanted more. So I made sure not to moan, and I turned Jon over on his back and pulled his nice cock out of his boxers. I got on top and pulled my panties aside and slid my pussy all the way over his cock. Joe was going on telling me about his day at work while I slowly started fucking Jon's cock. Finally it was too much and I told Joe I loved him and I needed to go and hung up. As soon as I hung up I started screaming so load. I felt like such a slut, fucking another guy's huge cock while on the phone with Joe. Jon fucked me so good; it was exactly what I needed. He drove me home today, I know Joe's going to want to fuck me later, I hope he won't be able to tell I've been fucked by 2 huge cocks.

Sept. 25

Last night Joe got drunk and passed out, he didn't even have sex with me or anything. So I did something I probably shouldn't have. I was lying down next to him masturbating when I decided I'd have some fun teasing his roommates. I thought maybe it would make masturbating more fun. So I got up and took off my pajamas, and put on a little mesh thong, and went downstairs. Just my luck they were watching a porno, when I walked by they didn't know what to do, until Mark invited me to sit and watch with them.

A bunch of guys sitting around watching a porn movie is usually a huge turn off, but put me in a tiny thong in the middle and I guess it turns me on a lot.

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