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The water now splashing off his chest, she begins kissing her way down his stomach all the while stroking his penis. As her other hand gently cups and massages his balls. Hearing him moan she looks up at him, and continues, taking him into her mouth she feels him grow at the touch of her tongue. "Oh god" groaning he lays his head back to enjoy being consumed by this woman. Returning her mouth to his penis, loving the feeling of him growing in her mouth as she caresses and sucks him. She gently massages his balls and moves her mouth to the head, switching her mouth and her hands she begins to lick and suck his balls while her hand works his shaft with slow movements. She returns her tongue to his cock, which is now fully erect licking her way up and down the sides she slowly takes him deep into her mouth. Feeling his fingers in her hair, she uses her teeth gently as she comes up the shaft. She hears him groan "oh god" as his fingers tighten in her hair. He pulls her to her feet and she sees the passion in his eyes, she kisses him passionately as she wraps her leg around his waist. He positions himself so his cock is against her pussy. He pushes her gently against the tile. Guiding his cock into her hole. She moans loudly as she feels him entering her inch by inch. Wrapping her arms around his neck he drives into her. Feeling her body shake as he continues to drive in and out of her ... moaning she kisses him passionately running her tongue around his lips. He in turn takes her breasts in his hands and massages, running his thumbs over her nipples. He bends his head to take one into his mouth. Using his teeth he gently nips as he hears her moan from the mixture of slight pain and pleasure. All the while he moves easily in and out of her.

Pushing him away she turns around and braces herself with her hands against the shower wall bending over. He groans "Oh god honey ... what are you trying to do to me?" as he positions himself to take her from behind.

Taking his cock he begins to run it up and down her slit, the warm water bouncing off both their bodies he soon finds her hole. He hears "Oh my god Jim" as he eases the head into her. He grabs her gently by the hips as he feels her begin to push back onto him. Soon his cock is buried deep in her pussy and he can feel her muscles contracting around him. She lifts her right leg and places it on the edge of the tub as she straighten slightly, giving him more access to her, he begins pumping in and out of her, he feels bigger to her this way than he did last night, filling her pussy deeper and deeper with each stroke. Stroke after stroke he moves in and out of her with ease. She tightens her muscles around him holding him tightly. She reaches down with one hand and begins fingering her clit. He picks up his pace and begins pounding into her hearing the slapping of skin. Fingering her clit she begins moaning as her body begins to shake with her orgasm. That is all he needs as he strokes a few more times he feels his own release. Pounding into hard as he shoots stream after stream into her.

She leans against the shower wall as his cock slides out of her, both breathing hard she turns and smiles at him. "Hell of a way to say good morning!" She leans forward and kisses him.

"WOW ..." was all he could say. Reaching for her, he pulls her to him. Just holding her close as the water runs over them. He pulls back and leans against the back wall of the shower as she leans back and puts her hair under the shower. Reaching for his shampoo she begins to slowly wash her hair as he watches. Smiling at her as she continues washing and rinsing her hair. "Would you pass me the soap Hun?" She says smiling at him. He takes the soap and begins slowly lathering up her body. Gently reaching between her legs she stops him. "You had better let me do that ... it's a little too sensitive right now!" He hands her the soap and kisses the tip of her nose.

"Well if you insist .

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