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She takes him out for a pleasant afternoon.

Umar loved the way her hour glass shaped body moved with an air of seduction. Her dark brown skin looked tantalizing the gentle candle light. On the edge of the bed she pulled him close to her and untied the drawstring of his gym shorts. They fell immediately to his ankles and covered his size 10 royal blue and black Nike Air Quick Handle basketball shoes. Since he wore no underwear tonight, his long eight inch dick hung between his legs. Annette stroked it with her beautifully manicured fingers and brought it to her lips so she could kiss it tenderly.

The sensation of her mouth on his tool caused Umar's body temperature to rise. He placed his hands on each of her perky B-cup tits and began to massage the mounds of goodness. As she continued sucking, he began to leak precum. Annette pulled back and commented, "I see you've been eating a lot more fruit."

"Yeah," he confirmed the reason for his sweet tasting precum.

Annette resumed work moving up and down the shaft. The head of his cock tickled the back of her throat. They both loved the sensation for the same reason. Umar stepped out of the short and kicked off his shoes. He signaled for her to lie back on the bed. Umar then straddled her legs and pulled down her bra. Her breasts were formed nicely after years of hormone therapy. He never wanted to deal with much more than mouthful and Annette's were perfect. She was 40 with the body of a 20 year old. He ran his fingers over their contours. Then he licked one and then other. He nibbled on her large areolas and puffy chocolate nipples.

"Oh my god, Umar," she cooed.

The preacher's son loved hearing her saying his name with so much passion in her voice. He left a trail of kisses from her chest to her neck before he made it back to her pouty red lips. She held onto his head as they explored one another orally. His hard dick pressed into her stomach and leaked heavily. Her hands ran down his athletic body and gripped his firm buttocks.

"Damn, you're fine," remarked Umar.

"Thank you! You're hot too," she whispered.

"I wanna get in that pussy, girl."

Annette loved when he called her girl. "It's yours," she coaxed him.

"Let me eat it first," he delayed.

Umar lifted her legs and exposed her shapely ass in the air. He pushed the panties aside and stuck his tongue in her hole. He enjoyed the fresh scent that emanated from her private areas. He licked her warm anus and sucked on it with rowdy affection. He blew a cool stream of air on it. Annette could barely hold still. Her body began to twitch and this let Umar know that it was time to enter the sexy vixen lying before him.

He got on his knees and positioned his throbbing member at the entry way to her booty. He spat on the point where the head of his cock met her rectum. Then, he worked his hips in a circular motion to ease it inside of her. Annette, too, gyrated her body to accept the meatiness of the impressive specimen of manhood. The tip broke through and slid fully into her. She winced slightly, but compelled herself to take it. The slight friction felt good on his cock as he began to push it in and out of her tight bottom. Umar angled up and kissed her forcefully.

"Gimme that pussy, baby," he commanded her sweetly.

"Yes sir! It's yours," she confessed.

"This is your dick."

"I love it."

"Oh yeah," he asked as he began humping her with more force.

"You know I do."

"That's wassup, girl. Take this dick!"

Annette willed herself to relax and open up so that Umar could make mad passionate love to her. His favorite position was missionary so that he could look into her large hazel eyes. He placed his hands on her butt cheeks as he continued digging in the depths of her body. Her ass became extremely juicy as he fed her his dick over and over for the next seven minutes.

"Give it to me, Umar!"

"Mmhmm," he moaned.

"You're the best," she cried out.

"Am I? Tell me how much you love it."

"Oh, I love it sooooo much," she lauded him. "Can I have it doggy for a minute?"

"Yeah! Flip over."

Annette got on all fours and instantly Umar was back insid

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