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Inevitable Comparisons and a History Lesson.

Lee hugged her again. "If you put this idea in his head I'm forever grateful."

"No sweetheart, it was all you," Chrissy said. "You put this idea in his head, and the more I get to know you the more I see why it's you he chose."

The party rolled on, and Carol and Julia served up the catered barbecue out at two long picnic tables. We finished up with a couple of delicious scratch made cakes that Margie made, and some bottles of good champagne. It was a wonderful feast. As darkness fell and the mosquitoes came out to play we moved the party indoors.

"Are we allowed to take our clothes off, or is this a fancy party?" Kathy asked and everyone laughed. She was clearly under the influence of the champagne.

"Lee?" I said, looking at my wife to be.

"Take it off baby!" she said with a smile, and everyone cheered.

Kathy's eyes got big when she realized everyone was watching her. Her face blushed a deep red and she started moving to the music that was playing. She closed her eyes and started to strip to growing cat-calls and encouragement from her admiring audience. When she was down to her bra and panties I turned up the music and she really got into it, stripping naked and caressing herself with her hands.

"Mark, I think she needs help buddy," Ron said.

Mark put his beer down and walked to the ridiculously sexy naked woman in the middle of the room. He stood behind her and ran his hands all over her as he kissed her neck. Her eyes closed again and she melted into him as he fondled her tits with one hand and massaged her pussy with the other. He slipped two fingers into her and she started her ascent, moaning deeply.

"Yeah baby, you look so fuckin' hot," Ron said to his wife.

We all stood transfixed at the erotic show in the middle of the room. Kathy looked as sexy as I've ever seen her as Mark worked his magic on her.

"Oh f-f-fuck!" she whimpered quietly.

Her body began to tremble and Mark wrapped his arm around her just below her tits to support her as her legs began to give out.

"OHHH! OOHHHH!" she groaned in a deep dark voice as the big orgasm swept through her trembling, jerking body, every muscle and nerve fiber on fire, then fading to a low smolder as she went limp in Mark's arms.

"Am I married to the sexiest woman in the world or what?" Ron said as everyone cheered again.

We were off and running. Kathy turned to Mark and quickly had his pants down and his cock in her mouth, and Lee and I started stripping each other with our mouths locked together in a hot kiss. I'm sure many folks would think it odd to celebrate an engagement by fucking and being fucked by folks other than their spouse to be, but to Lee and me it was a celebration of beauty, love, trust, and the thing that brought us together in the first place. It was the beginning of a fantastically wonderful evening, a glorious outpouring of sexual love.

As soon as Lee and I were naked Julia pinged her fingernail repeatedly on her cocktail glass the way people do at weddings to get the happy couple to kiss.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck . . ." she said repeatedly with a big smile on her face. I was plenty hard from watching Kathy's show, so I lifted Lee in my arms, she wrapped her legs around my waist, and I slipped my cock into her.

"Oh my God!" she whimpered in my ear.

She held on around my neck so I could get both hands under her ass and I started fucking her. She leaned out enough so I could see her face and it was beaming with love and excitement, the kind of excitement she displayed when we were in front of Carol's art class.

"Oh fuck yeah!" she said as I drilled beautiful pussy hard.

We were the center of attention, the whole group stopping to watch me pummel my sweet wife to be.

"Waaa! Uhhhh! Ohhh fuuucck!" Lee mumbled as I kept up my quick paced thrusts deep into her.

"Yeah! Do it!" Julia said above the throbbing music.

"Oh fuck baby! Oh fuck!" I said to Lee, our bodies slapping together and our eyes locked like laser beams as we climbed toward big orgasms.

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