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Alicia enjoys even more adventures.

She blushed a furious red as she pressed her knees together and crossed her arms over her breasts.

"We'll see about that," John responded, taking up the challenge. He put his knee on the bed and crawled to her. "Open your legs," he commanded. Elizabeth hesitantly obeyed, forcing herself to lower her knees and then open them ever so slightly. His big hands clasped her legs, behind the knees and dragged her down further on the bed and opened her legs wider. Embarrassed, her hand instinctively shot between her legs to cover herself there.

"Move your hand, Elizabeth."

She did. She kept telling herself that it was just sex...that she would tune him out, pretend that she was somewhere else.

But from his very first touch, she knew that would not be possible. He lowered himself to his elbows between her legs, ducked his head and sniffed loudly. "Mmm, your pussy smells good." He hooked a finger into the edge of her panties and slid the material open, revealing a pretty cunt with a light covering of auburn curls.

"I'm glad you haven't shaved her bald," he whispered against pussylips that resembled a tulip shaped flower bud about to bloom. "Lift up." When she did, he slid her panties down her legs and off.

Elizabeth watched as he put his face in the crotch of her panties and inhaled. "Mmmm." The sensual fragrance of her body's natural musk blended intoxicatingly with the perfume of her lavender body gel. His gaze clouded with lust and he tossed the panties aside and began kissing the inside of her thighs, very close to her crotch.

She did her best to ignore the way her skin tingled everywhere his lips touched. She felt his warm breath just before he kissed her slit and sent his tongue past her lips to explore her pussy. He used his fingers to spread her lips wide as his tongue swirled all around and inside her cunt. With his hands under her thighs, he lifted her legs to her belly and nibbled her sensitive lips.

Licking and kissing the sensitive skin between her pussy and her ass-button. His lips surrounded her swollen clit and then drew the stiff nub between his teeth and into his warm wet mouth. She bucked and jerked against his lips, her pleasure so intense tears ran down her cheeks.

He hummed a long, deep moan and the vibrations radiated on her clit. She screamed and her nectar flowed heavily into his mouth. He kissed his way up the inside of her thighs, and then kissed her mons, her belly and her breasts.

"I love the taste of pussy and yours taste delicious."

As Elizabeth lay shuddering from her wild orgasm, John kissed his way up to her breasts, his tongue swirling around a pebbled nipple before drawing it into his mouth. He moved to the other breast, his teeth and tongue and mouth suckling her until she moaned.

When he tried to kiss her, she wrenched her head away. He wasn't deterred. He licked along the shell of ear and then sucked on her earlobe. She tingled anew. He lifted his head and she looked right into his eyes. "Are you ready?"

"No wait!" she exclaimed, and for a second she thought that he wouldn't. "Please, use a condom," she begged staring at the monstrous cock he was about to ram into her body.

"Only if you have one," came his mocking reply.

"You know I don't," she huffed, "And I'm not on the pill."

"Then you have your answer."

"What if I get pregnant?" she cried, truly alarmed.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there," he replied unconcerned.

Reflexively, she tried to close her legs, but they only tightened around his waist. "Please don't cum inside me, the last thing I want from this nightmare is a baby." She shivered at the thought of some man fathering an unwanted child on her.

Her words angered him and he let her see that. "I'll take care of any babies I plant in your belly. And if I give you one, you'll fucking carry it!" He loomed over her, pressing her down into the mattress with his heavy body. "You were made for this. Tell me how much you want my cock," he grunted like a caveman.

When she refused to say the words, he wrapped his fist in

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