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It's a 22 year-old, big-breasted Thai beauty this time.

It put a lot of strain on my arms, but I was so turned on right now that I did not notice so much. It would tell on me later. When Mistress stood from Her kneeling position, Her hair brushed the head of my cock lightly. I moaned into the ball gag and my cock twitched and throbbed with the wonderful sensation that it caused. I think I would have cum had She done this once or twice more. It was so erotic.

"You are enjoying this," She said. Her eyes twinkled as She stood gazing into my eyes. I could have had Her look at me like that for a week and never tired of it. I was totally entranced by this Woman.

Mistress reached Her hand toward my cock and gave the head of it a flick with Her finger. That stung, but I did not lose any of my erection. If anything it grew harder. I did not think that my cock could get that hard. Little did I know what was to come. Each time I wiggled the nipple clamps would bite just a little more. The sharpness of the pain had dulled into an ache. It was the kind of an ache that made me aware that they were there, but not sorry that they were.

Mistress reached on the bed and took the spool of packaging string in Her hand. She pulled a length of the string off the spool and cut it free with the bandage scissors.

"This is going to be tight and I do not want you to cum while I am putting this on you," She said. I did not know what She was talking about. I was going to find out real quick though.

Mistress Q took an end of the string in each hand. The loop that it made at the bottom She brought up under and behind my balls. She made sure that the string was right at the base of my scrotum and then looped each end of the string over the top of my cock making sure that it stayed right at the base of it. By switching hands She could pull the string tighter and tighter. It became painful and I tried to let Her know by moaning into the ball gag. She looked up and smiled. Then She tightened it a little more. She kept looping it around and around and pulling it tight like that until She only had the ends available to tie into a bow like the laces on a pair of shoes.

My cock was even harder than before and seemed to be getting harder by the moment. It was larger than I had ever seen it before and I am usually about 7 --and- a- half inches when fully erect. This thing was enormous to me. It was starting to turn a deep shade of purple and my scrotum was beginning to swell also. It seemed to be stretched to the limit. I wondered if my balls were growing also. It was becoming quite painful and the skin felt like it was cold.

"That should keep you right where I want you," She said with a satisfied look. "This will serve three purposes. The first is that you can't lose that erection. No matter what you do it will stay as hard as a rock. The Cialis__ would keep you hard anyway, but this will keep you hard through anything including pain. The second benefit is that you will not be quite so sensitive. I can play around with it and you will take longer to get to the verge of cumming. The third wonderful thing about this little tie is that you can't cum anyway. You will not be able to cum or piss by accident until it is untied. You may feel like you are cumming at times, but you will not be able to ejaculate. Isn't that wonderful?" She asked me.

"Mmmmmph, Mmmmmph," I replied. This gave me a lot to think about. All these sensations at once were getting to me. It was causing my brain to shut down and go on pure feelings only. I was drawing into myself. It was a marvelous feeling. Things were turning a slightly different color and my ears were starting to ring. I found out later that this was a side effect of the drug. I was still in heaven.

Mistress walked away from me. I closed my eyes and let myself feel all the sensations going through my body. I don't know how long She was gone, but I felt Her near me and opened my eyes to see Her. She was still so beautiful to me.

Mistress Q had an enema bag in Her hand.

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