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When at sea.

"I can please you sir, I have had many men other than my husband. I know what to do!"

She crawled on her hands and knees toward the demon, her hands fumbling with his kilt when she reached him. She eventually got it off, revealing Gortelesque's pride and joy. His dick was long and thick and it seemed to pulse with power. Aven marveled at it, moving her hand up and down its shaft as it hardened under her attention.

Gortelesque growled in pleasure as she stuck the tip of it into her mouth, moving her tongue around it and stimulating all of the nerves. She began to move her head back and forth, both of her hands now pumping down the shaft as she pleasured the demons penis. She could not fit all of it in her mouth, but she was able to get a good portion of it in there, much to Gortelesque's surprise.

She made gurgling noises as she worked, her spit running down her hands and to the grass and all over the demons cock. The pulsing dick in her mouth began to twitch and Gortelesque groaned in pleasure as he came in her mouth, his seed spilling out of her mouth as he withdrew his dick and soaking her clothes and coating her chest.

"Was that not good lord? Was that not what you wanted?" She asked, a small tremor of fear entering her voice as she saw the other demons around her for the first time.

Gortelesque reached down and pulled up his kilt, relishing the growing fear in the woman's eyes. When he was finished, he reached down and caressed her cheek again and slowly the fear faded from her face.

"You are not special Aven. I have had far better than you." And with a cruel smile Gortelesque turned and walked away.

With this the demon Horde set upon the woman Aven. They stroked their long and forked tongues all over her body, ripping the clothes from her until she was naked. The larger demons came first, as the imps held her to the grass. Two demons at a time shared her, their cocks gurgling in her mouth or slapping into her vagina. When one demon would finish, they would add their seed to her body so that she was sticky with it. At these times she would scream, begging for them to take her children, her parents, anyone but her. That just goaded the demons on and the fact that she moaned in pleasure as the orgasms came only made them more pleased.

The other women in the prisoner line screamed and hid their faces as the men moaned and cried at the torture the poor woman was put through. At one point she was held aloft by two demons, her ass and pussy filled with their cocks as she gagged on the dick of a flying demon all three pulsing in and out of her as she orgasmed almost painfully, the choking sounds causing even more fear among the captives.

After all of the demons shared her she was swarmed with imps, the child sized demons licked all over her, slurping up the larger creatures mess. Aven was too tired to scream at this point, only giving pathetic moans as the barbed tongues of the imps dug into her skin. Then the imps started to bite, the smell of the blood driving them into a frenzy and the woman found the strength to scream again.

The little imps penetrated her flesh with their cocks, seeking out any orifice through which to satisfy themselves and all the while biting and chewing her meat. When the imps were done, she was blind, deaf and bleeding from a hundred bites.

"Please kill me," she said in a voice thick with both blood and semen.

At this the demons swarmed her again, tearing off her flesh and limbs and gobbling down as much as they could hold. When they were done a few bloody bones were all that was left of Aven.

Gortelesque had watched the whole thing with disgust. The Horde usually raped and ate their prizes, but Gortelesque was one of the few that took the time to seduce his women. He had a stable full of them back in the Below, each one willing to do almost anything for a night with him, and the chance to be made into a harpie.

The mounted demon party returned, riding fell wolves, their stringy fur sticky with gobbets of human flesh and blood.

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