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A woman, her little sister, and her lover.

She was on a trip to her own world of ecstasy right there in the diner. I was hard as a rock and couldn't turn away. As she was getting close to her breaking point the waitress interrupted her with her food.

When the waitress walked away she raised her head and looked my way. I gave her a small grin and a nod. Her reaction was that of a schoolgirl getting caught with the intention of getting caught. She bit her lower lip, dropped her eyes and had a little smile on her face. She knew that I had seen her and knew what she was doing.

After I finished my food I motioned to the waitress for the check. When she walked over I asked for the brunettes check and I paid them both. The least I could do for the little show she'd given me. As I walked past her to leave I could smell her sex in the air around her. She reached out and stopped me and thanked me for buying her dinner. I insisted it was my pleasure and began to leave again when she asked, "Are you new in town?"

"Yes I am." I replied.

"May I offer my company to you and show you the site my fine city offers?" she said.

"I'd be honored if you would. My name is Jim." I replied.

"And I am Victoria." she responded.

After walking around for about an hour we stopped in a public park and she brought up the diner and asked what I saw. I explained to her that I saw what she was doing and how much she was enjoying it. She said she'd seen the bulge in my pants and wondered if I enjoyed what I saw.

"Very much so." I told her looking deep into her eyes.

We stared at each other for what seemed a lifetime. As we stared I reached up and grabbed her by the hair with one hand and pulled her toward me. She offered no resistance with the advance. As she came closer I could hear her breathing change. I leaned down and kissed her deeply. She wrapped her arms around me and leaned into me as she melted with out kiss. I could feel the tension leave her body as we kissed as if a weight had been lifted from her mind.

When I finished the kiss I looked into her eyes again and saw a different woman in front of me. She slowly opened her eyes to reveal that a desire had been fulfilled. She began to slowly move her hands over my shoulders and back as she pressed her body into mine. I slowly ran my hands down her back and over her firm round ass. I kneaded her ass with my hands and she let out a little moan. As the petting got heavier I realized she'd undone my pants and was rubbing my cock through my underwear. I lifted her up and walked her over to a set of swings near by. I sat her down on one and she reached up and pulled my cock fully out and began to kiss, lick and suck me. She was giving me so much pleasure I had to brace myself on the chains of the swing. I bent over and hiked her skirt up and started playing with her clit. My fingers were dripping with her juices in a matter of seconds. I lifted my fingers to my mouth to taste her sweetness.

I pulled my cock away from her luscious mouth and lowered myself down to partake of her wet sex. Her scent was sweet and made my cock throb and ache. I licked and sucked her to climax in a matter of moments. As I stood up I lifted her, turned her and bent her over the swing. As I lifted her skirt I could see in the dim lights her ripe wet pussy. It was pulsing with her heartbeat. I slowly pressed the head of my cock against her lips. The feeling of her spread around my cock as I enter her is intense. She moans with pleasure as I slide the full length in her. I reach up and grab the chains of the swing again and begin to stroke my cock in her. As I move faster and harder the sound of our skin slapping together is defining. As I get close to my climax she moans out loudly. I can feel her sex tighten around my shaft. Her back arches and she lets out a whelp as she orgasms. Her wetness is running down my leg as I can't take any more. My body shakes and my muscles go weak as I explode within her.

I reach down and massage her clit as I try to catch my breath.

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